Fujinon XF400mm f/4 and Fujinon XF550mm f/5.6 Patents Surfaced

There is a lack of long and fast primes in the Fujinon world. A lack on the market, but not on paper, as Fujifilm has patented a few of them:

Now we have new additions in terms of patents, as Fujifilm patented:

  • Fujinon XF400mm f/4
  • Fujinon XF550mm f/5.6

Particularly the Fujinon XF400mm f/4 seems interesting to FujiRumors readers, as it won our huge telephoto primes survey.

99% of patents remain forever on paper. But it’s good to know Fujifilm keeps looking at long prime options.

Down below you can find the details on both lenses.

If you want to, you can check out our previous “long telephoto primes” related articles.

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MEGA DEAL on Fujinon XF200mmF2 and More Coming also to USA (but It’s Ridiculous if You Ask Me)

The Mega Deals

Fujifilm Europe launched an absolutely stunning deal on the Fujinon XF200mmF2 with a €2,000 discount, as well as huge deals on other lenses.

I have been now told (thanks), that similar deals will start also in USA. The deals will include a massive rebate on the XF200mmF2, too.

I don’t know if also the Fujifilm X-T4 will be included, but the fact that there is a first $100 rebate popping up on the X-T4 body only, might indicate that the X-T4 will be included.

XF200mmF2 – Fit for Fujifilm X-H2

When Fujifilm developed the Fujinon XF200mmF2, they indication to engineers was simple: achieve best image quality, no matter what!

And I can tell you from my own experience with this lens, that you’ll get a ridiculous sharpness out of it. So now wonder it gets only 5 star ratings!

The XF200mmF2 is clearly underperforming on current Fujifilm cameras, and once the high resolution Fujifilm X-H2 drops on the market in 2022, it will finally unlock its full potential.

Considering the image quality and the fact that it comes with a newly designed 1.4x teleconverter, I always thought that 6K is actually a fair price for how it performs. And soon, with such a big rebate, I definitely call it a steal.

The Ridiculous Thing is…

Ok, so Fujifilm is going to drop a massive deal on the Fujinon XF200mmF2 all over the world.

But the ridiculous thing is that Fujifilm is launching a massive rebate on a lens, the XF200mmF2, that right now is mostly out of stock.

I mean, I’d understand if they’d launched a deal on a lens that is getting dust in the warehouses and they can’t get rid of. But adding a huge rebate on a lens that clearly is short on stock, well, I am afraid that will lead to biblical waiting times for those, who order it.

So, in any case, if you are interested in one, definitely order quickly as soon as the deals are available. At the moment there are some availabe at BHphoto here and one single sample at AmazonUS here.


X Gear – ends June 30

GFX Gear – ends June 30

Focus On Glass: “Higher Megapixel Cameras May Come in Near Future and XF200mmF2 Will Satisfy Increased Resolution Requirement”

Focus on Glass

Fujifilm continues to launch dedicated “Focus On Glass” promo videos to their lenses, new and old ones.

Today I’d like to highlight the one they released about the Fujinon XF200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR, a lens that belongs to the very best ones Fujifilm ever made, and is hard to beat in terms of IQ also by similar lenses of other brands. You do get what you pay for!

So how did Fujifilm achieve this tremendous image quality? In the Promo video, managers and engineers explain:

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Wildlife Photography with Fujifilm Gear

Wildlife with Fujifilm gear

guest post by Michal Krause – website@mkrause InstagramFacebook

Some time ago, I read with interest the article in which photographers discussed what gear they miss for photographing wildlife in existing Fujifilm offer. They mostly mentioned various lenses of different focal lengths and apertures, which could give some people the impression that it is almost not possible to photograph wildlife with the Fujifilm X system. Therefore, I decided to summarize my almost five years of experience in this field. I hope to inspire and encourage some photographers who consider getting into wildlife photography with Fujifilm gear.

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Fujifilm Officially Recommends to Turn On OIS for Tripod Use on Fujinon XF 16-80mm F4 and XF 200mm F2

Best Friends: OIS and Tripod

We have all grown up with the idea (some call it “myth”), that we always should turn off OIS when working on a tripod.

Also Fuji X guru Rico Pfirstinger recommends this in his top rated Fuji X eBooks (at least the ones I have read).

And indeed, I feel like it’s still a good idea to switch off OIS. And in the comments Bob Cooley tells you why you should definitely switch it off for video.

But, looking at the owner’s manuals for all X and G mount lenses, I’ve noticed that Fujifilm officially recommends to keep OIS on, even when working on a tripod, on the following two lenses:

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