X-PRO2 will feature an APS-C sensor! (trusted source)

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On December 16th Fuji Manager Mr. Kawahara said in this interviewif user demand FF, really, I want to hear the reason why.” Well, it seems that the reasons to put an FF sensor in the X-PRO2 did not convince the company.

In fact, the trusted Japanese source just told me that the X-PRO2 will feature an APS-C sensor. At the moment, I do not have more details about it.

That’s a good news for all those, who invested in the excellent Fujinon lenses.

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Weather Sealed XF 18-135 to be announced on 26th of May (Memorial Day) – (new source)

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I’ve got this information from a new source. Take it with a grain of salt… but we will very soon be able to see if the source is correct:

The new XF 18-135 will be officially announced on Memorial day (26th of May).

The price, as spotted by FR-reader MJr, could be $/€200 above the XF 18-55mm (at least as listed at the Dutch store artencraft).

If true, stay tuned for a live blogging session on that day here on Fujirumors.

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X30 coming on July 3rd? (via dpreview)

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silver X20 discontinued at BHphoto

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Hi all!

There is a forum member over at dpr, who claims to have the following information:

The X30 will be annonced on July 3rd. It will have a 1″ X-Trans sensor. There will also be a “cheaper compact based on the X100.” (the X70 rumored by Fujirumos already months ago here).

The source of the rumor? Well, the author (“labe”) gives different sources for his information (at one point saying “XJR china” (xjrumo) and another point saying “PM from a friend”).

I have to agree with FR-reader John (who passed me the link, thanks): „I guess it might be slightly more reliable (but only slightly) if there’s some photography event that day.“

The X30 was rumored to come in February/March by digicame-info. A FR-source corrected it and said that it was to early, as it will come in “summer”.

HOLD ON! Do NOT buy the $139 discounted X-E2 now! Bigger savings start May 25th ($200 off)

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This is a reminder to all those, who are tempted to grab the $139 discounted X-E2 at BHphoto, AmazonUS and Adorama. The price is tempting ($1259 for the black kit and other combinations $100 off too), but, according to my sources, the price will drop even further to $1199 (kit $200 off / body $150 off).

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Digital Medium Format Camera from Fujifilm coming by the end of summer? (new + anonymous source)

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Tell me, why go “just” Full Frame? According to a new and also an anonymous source, Fujifilm will launch a digital medium format mirrorless camera.

Of course, for now, be very careful with this information and take it with the usual grain of salt. That said, here is what the 2 sources told me:

New Source

Fuji will launch a digital Medium Format camera by the end of summer.

Anonymous Source

Fuji is working on a digital medium format mirrorless camera. The prototype is said to look like a X-PRO1, with hybrid viewfinder, but more of a size of the Fuji GF670. The prototype is using the same Sony CMOS sensor present in the Pentax 645z.

_ _ _

It’s a tough battle in the fiercly contested mirrorless market! Latest rumors suggest that also Sony will launch a Mamiya 7 style MF camera (source-SAR). But, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! And Fuji seems to be ready to face the challenge.

Keep in mind that the Sony and the Fuji rumor are both still NOT confirmed by trusted sources.

However, if the rumors are true, then also Fujifilm has some trump cards to pull out of its sleeve. A Medium Format digital mirrorless camera, the rumored X200, X30 and the X-PRO2. (OMG, lots of rumors I have to work on! ;-) )

Ok, I’ll put my best also into this rumor and see if I can confirm the MF Fuji ASAP. Of course, feel free to help me and to make my work a bit easier. If you decide to share some information, you can do it completely anonymously via rumor box (if you don’t mind, use a nickname, so that I can eventually recognize you in future), or contact me via email at fujirumor [at] gmail.com.

stay tuned for more
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