2 new X series cameras could be announced on October 18!

[UDPATE: X-E1 successor confirmed by the trusted Japanese source. Read the first specs here]

Time for a rumor update, but first of all thanks. Thanks to all those readers who shared informations with Fujirumors. Keep it up!

And now the rumors ;)

In the last days I’ve received several rumors from new and/or anonymous sources. Now here is a summary for you:

– New sources told me that 2 new X cameras will be announced in October.
– Anonymous sources said that the X-E1 successor would feature the X-Trans II sensor of the X100S.
– xjrumo confirms the release date around October 20 as already rumored here. The precise date should be October 18! (src-xjrumo)

If true, this could mean that Fuji could make a double announcement on October 18. The X-E2/X-E1S and … ?

These information fits with what I’ve already told you from trusted sources: there will be 2 more X-cameras after the X-A1 this year.

You should definitely stay tuned for more these days and be follow FR on October 18.

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X-E1 successor to be announced already late October? (new source)

 photo X-E2_zps417cfb55.png

Last days for the crazy X-deals (expire SEP 21). Buy 5 XF lenses and save up to 1,150 (almost the price you’d have to pay for the X-PRO1!)… and prepare for the day when a X-PRO2/X-E2 will be released. You’ll already own a lot of XF lenses and you’ll just have to buy the X-E2/X-PRO2 body. You could then sell your X-E1/X-PRO1 or use it as a backup camera… and in the meantime enjoy shooting with the X-series!

AmazonUS: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1BHphoto: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1Pictureline: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1 Adorama: Fuji X-E1 / Fuji X-PRO1

X-E1S/X-E2 on the way?

Has Fuji really stepped up the release of the X-E1 successor? Well, I’ve just received a feedback from another new source who told me that the X-E1 successor will be announced already in late October. The new (and unconfirmed) source told me it should happen around the 20th of October.

There is the photoplus Expo in New York (30th anniversary) starting on the 24th of October. This could be a good event to present the X-E1 successor.

But until now everything we know about the X-E1S / X-E2 comes from new and unconfirmed sources so take it with a grain of salt. Any help to dig up information on the X-E1 successor would be appreciated. You can contact me anonymously via rumor box or drop me an email at fujirumor@gmail.com.

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have a great start in this new week
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UPDATE: In the meantime Fuji announced the most affordable MILC-X camera, the Fuji X-A1! Check out the X-pert corner special here.


X-A1 with XC 16-50 ($599): AmazonUS blackblue /BHphoto blackblue / Adorama blackblue

XC 50-230 ($399): AmazonUS blacksilver / BHphoto blacksilver / Adorama blacksilver


First sample taken with Fuji’s “new X-mount camera” + another leaked X100 press release at Fujifilm Middle East

 photo Teaser_zps7c1a397e.jpg

Coming soon: Rico’s first look at Fujifilm’s “new X-mount camera”. In the meantime enjoy the first official sample image!

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 photo X-mountteaser_zps05e39fb3.jpg

X100 firmware 2.0

Now there is no doubt anymore. Fuji originally planed to announce the X100 firmware together with the XF 23mm and release it on September 10, but they needed more time to fix the last bugs. FR-readers Binz and bulkheads noticed the press release of the firmware at Fujifilm’s Middle East page here. I suppose that Fuji will soon close this page, but don’t worry, I’ve copied the whole press release, and here it is!


Press release

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) will soon release a free, dedicated firmware update which will drastically improve the performance of the FUJIFILM X100, the first model in the premium camera X series, and enable users to more conveniently take photographs.

Since its release in March 2011, FUJIFILM have received various requests from X100 users. In order to respond to such requests, this firmware update drastically improves the performance of autofocus and manual focus and offers more convenience to users who update their FUJIFILM X100 to the latest version.

New Firmware release date:

10th September, 2013

Main contents of the firmware update

1. Improvement of AF function

(1) Improvement of AF speed

Approximately 20% faster AF speed is offered in various conditions such as bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance compared to the previous firmware version.

(2) Improvement of close-up focus performance

The focus distance from the lens surface before switching to macro mode is about 30% shorter compared to previous firmware.

2. Improved manual focus operation

(1) Addition of the “Focus Peak Highlight” function for manual focusing

The “Focus Peak Highlight” function, which features on the FUJIFILM X100S and X20 cameras, has been added via this firmware update. It assists accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of your subject in high contrast.

(2) Improved operability

It has been made easier to capture the peak of the focus by displaying the image with shallow depth of field, using open aperture, when adjusting the focus with the electronic viewfinder or LCD.

3. Improved Operability

(1)Faster start-up time

The camera start-up time has been shortened by approximately 0.2 seconds.*1

(2) Selecting Focus Area operability


Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back. With the new firmware, pressing the AF button toggles the focus area selection screen, and the area of your choice can then be selected.


Firmware version

FUJIFILM X100 : Version 2.0

P.S: And here are the screenshots!

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X-A1 announcement on September 17 + Fujifilm France says that they are developing the X100 firmware

 photo 2013-05-09-10-02-48-646-400-16-1378368168-fujifilm-x-a1_zpsbe2ed84b.jpg

X-A1 announcement

The Fujifilm X-A1 and XC 50-230 will be announced on Tuesday, September 17! It should happen at 5AM GMT. So stay tuned on Fujirumors and you’ll be the first to know everything about the first non X-Trans mirrorless interchangeable – lens camera of Fuji! Follow us via facebook, twitter and RSS feed!

X100 firmware

If you don’t trust me, then trust at least Fujifilm France ;). They just said at their facebook site here that Fuji is currently developing the X100 firmware. Here is their answer to those asking if the firmware will ever come (google translated):… and thanks for the link Alexandre!

“Hello, yes, but in order to best meet the requirements of the owners of X100 is still in development phase. We will inform you as soon as its availability.”

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