Fujifilm announces “X-Lovers Festival” on 18 OCT: new products will come (X-E2 and XQ1)!

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Let’s say that this comes from an absolutely trusted source! Fujifilm announces an X-lovers festival and the launch of new X-series cameras on October 18. This confirms the rumors previously shared on Fujirumors about 2 new cameras coming on that day. The trusted Japanese source told me of the X-E2 and a compact camera with a 2/3 X-Trans sensor (XQ1).

Follow Fujirumors on October 18. I’ll live blogging on that day, and one never knows if there will be other surprises ;)

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XQ1: compact camera with X20 sensor to be launched too! (trusted Japanese source)

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the Indoesian site now removed the X-E2 and XQ1 from the list

This comes again from the trusted Japanese source, so do NOT take it with a grain of salt :)

Fuji will launch a compact camera with the same sensor of the X20 but smaller body. The name could be the one spotted by a FR-reader at the Indonesian registration site: XQ1!

Looks like the next 2 X-series cameras announced on October 18th will be:

1) X-E2
2) compact camera with 2/3 X-Trans sensor II. (XQ1)

Compact size and amazing IQ! Sound a bit like an XF1 replacement to me, which I suppose didn’t sell well because of the relative complex handling of the camera. But as you can imagine I’m tirelessly working to find out more.

One more thing: no trusted source could confirm the rumor (of an anonymous source) about the X70 until now.

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X-E2 (or X-E1S) will come and price of the X-E1 with kit lens will fall again on October 1: save $100

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The X-E1 is ready to be replaced soon (announcement October 18) and it seems that just before the announcement there will be one more price drop… at least according to the source who shared the following information via rumor box:

There will be a $100 instant rebate on the X-E1 with kit lens that starts October 1st.

I remind you that the X-E1 successor will feature the X-Trans sensor II, better LCD and WiFi.

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New rumors about the second X-camera: X-E2 and … X70?

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As you know, the trusted Japanese source confirmed the launch of the X-E2 in October (the precise date should be October 18). But what about the second camera that should be announced too (according to a new source)?

Well, it’s still a mystery… but I’ve received the first rumors from an anonymous source about it. It’s still unconfirmed, but I thought you should know what I know. Here we go:

The anonymous source told me that the second camera would be a cheaper and smaller X100S without viewfinder, smaller body and 23mm f/2.8 lens. The name could be X70.

But, you know it, it’s still unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

That’s it for now! But I’m sure that October will be a hot rumor month. I’ll use every short break I have at work to keep you posted on the latest rumors (as I’m doing now ;))

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RUMOR UDPATE: The trusted Japanese source confirms now: The X-E1 successor will come in October!

I’ve just received confirmation from the trusted Japanese source. Fuji stepped on the gas and is ready to release the X-E1 successor in October.

It will have the X-Trans sensor II of the X100S (16MP), a better LCD, Lens Modulation Optimizer and WiFi.

It’s said to come on October 18, so stay tuned and follow Fujirumors via facebook, twitter and RSS feed.

Remember that new sources told me that there will be one more camera released the same day.