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The Ultimate Fujifilm NP-W126S vs Third Party Batteries Battle


Fujifilm Batteries

We have already reported about Dom Varney’s articles “Powering the Fujifilm X-T3” and “Fujifilm NP-W126S Battery Counterfeits – A Visual Guide to Spotting the Fakes“.

He now also published the most comprehensive guide to Fujifilm original and third party batteries I have ever seen on the web so far.

The tested batteries are:

It’s a massive write-up, impossible to sum up quickly. So I’ll just share a short excerpt:

Highly respected 3rd Party batteries like Watson and Patona, quote capacities that are very similar to the OEM battery’s capacity. My own experience, and that of many others, is that the best 3rd Party batteries can deliver a capacity similar to the OEM batteries

However, even with a genuinely equivalent capacity to the OEM battery, there may still be differences in power delivery rate, self-discharge rate, and ultimate rate of decline in battery’s SoH (State of Health).

So, although capacity need not be a deal breaker issue for the OEM vs 3rd Party decision, it is not the only performance specification that needs to be considered.

Read Dom’s article “Fuji versus 3rd Party NP-W126/S in a 12 Round Contest” at domvarney here.

Personally I have a couple of Fujifilm OEM batteries, but I am also satisfied with my Patona batteries (I think they are Watson branded in North America).

Which one do you guys recommed?

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