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Profoto A1 vs Godox V1: Serious Troubles for Profoto?


Profoto A1 vs Godox V1

Robert Hall compared the Profoto A1 with the Godox V1 (video above):

Given pricing and performance, it looks like the only real reason to buy the Profoto, is if you already bought into the Profoto system.

On the long run, though, I don’t think Profoto can compete with gear that costs 4 times the Godox pricing, since the higher price is not justified by a better performance and not even build quality.

Profoto has a terrific competitor now, and they will have to substantially lower their prices, or customers will run to Godox.

Here are Robert’s findings:

  • absolutely identical in terms of power capabilities
  • big difference in light pattern: Profoto A1 light pattern is very even, very smooth transition from edge to edge, but Godox V1 is even better and definitely wins
  • in a blind test, over 90% prefered the light pattern of the Godox V1
  • in test conditions, the light pattern is more pleasing on the Godox V1, but in real life use, you won’t see the difference
  • recycle time very similar
  • Profoto can sustain the recycle time without running in thermal issues, whereas the Godox V1 after 30 full power flashes goes into thermal protection mode
  • Profoto A1 has less battery life compared to Godox V1 and one of the worst standby times. Godox outshines Profoto
  • Profoto has phenomenal color accuracy and consistency throughout the various power ranges, going from 5873 to 5613 Kelvin, hence difference of 260K and always right around daylight, which is 5500. The colors moved even less on the Godox, with a difference of 94 Kelvin, but between 6180 and 6274 K, so more on the blue side and cooler than typical daylight standard
  • flash duration similar (with very slight advantage for Godox V1), but at lowest power, the Godox V1 has the shortest flash duration he has ever seen on every light he has ever tested. The more power, the more Profoto catches up. But at low power, the Godox is much better
  • build quality: Godox V1 is solid build. Profoto has a bit of play in the head (but it was a rented flash, so who knows if somebody smacked it around)
  • The magnitic connection on the Godox feel more secure with stronger pull

Godox V1: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, AmazonDE, AmazonUK
Profoto A1: BHphoto, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonUS