The Ultimate Fujifilm NP-W126S vs Third Party Batteries Battle

Fujifilm Batteries

We have already reported about Dom Varney’s articles “Powering the Fujifilm X-T3” and “Fujifilm NP-W126S Battery Counterfeits – A Visual Guide to Spotting the Fakes“.

He now also published the most comprehensive guide to Fujifilm original and third party batteries I have ever seen on the web so far.

The tested batteries are:

It’s a massive write-up, impossible to sum up quickly. So I’ll just share a short excerpt:

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Nitecore Dual Fujifilm Battery Charger, X-T3 Full Leather Case, Peak Design Fujifilm Strap, Attachable X-E3 Eye Cup & More – Accessories Roundup

Nitecore dual travel battery charger for Fujifilm

Accessories Roundup

fnacpartsaccessories – FUJIFILM Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

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