Fujinon XF150-600mm and XF18-120mm Size Comparison with XF18-135 vs XF16-80mm vs XF200mm and More

What you see here is the most accurate size comparison possible based on technical sketches Fujifilm provided during the Fujifilm X summit that took place earlier today.

We compare:

Of course this is based on technical sketches, so don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, as things will change from here to the 2022. But so far, for a lens of that range, it does not look bad at all.

Also, if you read FujiRumors regulary, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that the Fujinon XF18-135mm lens is one of my favorite lenses. You can see samples I took with the XF18-135 on my instagram here and here and here and even more. Well, at the Fujifilm X summit, which we covered in detail here, Fujifilm announced the Fujinon XF18-120mm.

So based on the technical sketched delivered during the event, I have made an accurate size comparison between the following lenses:

Yes, it is longer than the XF18-135mm, but keep it mind that we don’t know its aperture now, and that Fujifilm said during the Fujifilm X Summit that this will be lenses that are suitable also for video, so I guess they will be designed with minimal focus breathing, silent autofocus, clickless aperutre ring and other features that are needed for video creators.

But if you shoot stills mainly (like me), I guess the XF18-135 or XF16-80 are still the better pick for you.

How Fujifilm Could Improve their Fujinon XF Lens Roadmap

FR-reader Roberto contacted me with a long and very interesting email regarding on how Fujifilm should develop their lens lineup in future. In fact, I thought it is a pity if I’d discuss this topic only via email with him, so I’d love to extend the conversation to the entire FujiRumors community.

Also, it is a known fact that Fujifilm reads FujiRumors, not only thanks to the fact that high ranked Japanese manager “love” Fujirumors, but also because they look at our survey and use them internally, in some cases even implemented 1:1 the lens wishes the FujiRumors community wanted in their official roadmap.

No wonder, as there is no place on the web that connects so many Fujifilm shooters like here on FujiRumors.

FujiRumors is the best place for Fujifilm to get online feedback from their customers, and knowing this, we take full advantage of it, also by sharing articles like the one Roberto wrote for us, which I think contains some interesting feedback that will end up discussed internally by Fujifilm, and who knows, maybe at some point will also become reality.

So, Roberto did his job wonderfully, I do mine and share it here… but now it’s your time to do yours, by reading the article and discussing it in the comments.

How Fujifilm Could Improved their X Mount Lens Roadmap

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Fujifilm Product Timeline 2021/2022: About X-H2, GFX50SII, XF150-600 and More (And What Will NOT Come)

FUJIFILM 2021/2022

Time to update our previous X and GFX gear timeline, which was not only limited to 2021, but lacked of some gear we rumored in the following months.

Also, I’ll include a list of products that will not come as the fake rumors keep spreading and I notice a tendency in forums to believe just everything that is written or talked about somewhere, may it be a monochrome camera, and X-T40 with IBIS coming very soon, the X-H2 coming 2021 and totally random stuff like that.

But luckily there is a 100% efficient anti-fake-rumors-vaccine called FujiRumors, so check out the list down below to know what Fujifilm really plans and when it will come.

And it won’t end here.

In fact, I have a skype call scheduled with the Japanese source in very near future. After the last call a few weeks ago, we dropped a couple of rumor-bombs (X-H2 details, the end of X-Trans IV, no more X cameras in 2021, the new GF zoom to come second half 2021 and more stuff I am not allowed to share just yet).

I expect that also our next call will be very interesting.

In case you’d like to know what it shared with us, feel free to follow FujiRumors and get updates via Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter.

But until then, here is the most updated list of gear to come (and gear that won’t come).

X Series Gear

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Fujinon X Mount Roadmap Updated, Fujifilm X-H2 with 8K, Fujinon XF23/56 MKII & More – Top 10 Posts for April

April was quite rich on rumors. So let’s sum it up by sharing the top 10 articles for April.

And who knows, maybe May will be just as interesting or even more ;)

  1. Fujinon X Mount Roadmap 2021/2022 Updated with Latest Rumored Lenses
  2. Fujifilm X-H2 with 8K DCI/UHD Video Coming 2022
  3. Fujifilm Working on Fujinon XF23mm f/1.4 MKII
  4. Fujifilm Manager: XF18mmF1.4 Resolution Beast (Ready for Fujifilm X-H2?), Why No Focus Clutch, Better than XF16/1.4 and More
  5. Fujifilm Working on Fujinon XF56mm f/1.2 MKII
  6. VISION 2023: Fujifilm’s New Medium-Term Management Plan Gives Up Dreams to Beat SONY and CANON?
  7. Fujinon XF18mm f/1.4 R LM WR Announced: Reviews, Samples, Pre-orders and More
  8. DPReview Fujinon XF70-300mmF4-5.6 Field Review and Silver Award
  9. DPR Fujifilm X-E4 Review
  10. COMING 2022: Fujinon XF56mm f/1.2 MKII and XF23mm f/1.4 MKII

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Fujinon X Mount Roadmap 2021/2022 Updated with Latest Rumored Lenses

The Hidden X Mount Roadmap

Many people complain that Fujifilm is not updating its lens roadmap.

And since I love my community to be happy, let me take over the job that Fujifilm refuses to do.

Also, in the comments to our earlier posts some fellow FR-readers asked me if, in the light of the latest rumors, the timeline for other lenses is still confirmed or if something changed.

So let me sum it up clearly in a sort of unofficial roadmap today, by listing all future X mount lenses that we rumored so far on FujiRumors.

Of course I am working to add more lenses to the list. So definitely stay tuned on FujiRumors.

The Future Looks Good

It’s a couple of years that Fujifilm hasn’t been so active on the Fujinon X mount lens front.

Look at what we got in the last few months (late 2020 / early 2021)

And that’s not even all for 2021. In fact, surely we will get the XF33mm F1.4 R WR. But will there be even more in 2021? FujiRumors is investigating and will let you know.

Also 2022 seems interesting, thanks to two highly desired MKII lenses and an intriguing Fujinon XF150-600mm. Plus, also for 2022 I am working on more, so expect updates.

The Latest Fujinon Lenses:

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