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Long Time Sony Wedding Photographer Tries Fujifilm X-T3, Falls in Love, and Sells All his Sony Gear – Here is Why!


Leaving Sony for Fujifilm

Wedding photographer Javi Reyes left Sony for Fujifilm. In his case, he switched from Sony A7III to Fujifilm X-T3.

In a 23 minutes video he explains his switch. Here is why:

  • he is still pretty shocked that he sold all of his Sony gear
  • he basically only owned Sony since he started photography
  • he was loyal to Sony, and over time got 7 different Sony cameras
  • he started to get more interested in video. But he needed a hybrid camera
  • at some point he wanted 4K/60 and 10bit
  • he looked at the GH5. But autofocus was not good, that was the deal breaker
  • he took a look into Fujifilm X-T3
  • X-T3 shoots 4K/60, 10bit, F Log, lots of frame rate options
  • X-T3 has big features for a good pricing point
  • he kept his Sony A7III and added X-T3
  • he started using X-T3 everywhere
  • using both, he was starting to fall out of love with his Sony cameras, because it didn’t match the video specs of the X-T3
  • he had no proper portrait lens for his Fujifilm system. He knew he just needs proper glass for that
  • awesome autofocus on X-T3
  • he can live with APS-C size sensor
  • he sold one of his Sony’s, and bought another Fujifilm and put it on a rig
  • despite initial struggles, at the end he didn’t regret selling his Sony
  • Fujifilm battery life was OK. Only needed to change battery twice in a wedding
  • once he started editing pictures, it was just so much easier editing the Fujifilm files and to get the desired colors
  • he lost hope of Sony, also from the video side of things
  • he honestly does not need full frame
  • now he sold all his Sony cameras and lenses, and is Fujifilm only
  • Fujifilm is developing new cameras at a good price point

Now it’s Sony time to move: invite this guy to some press event, let him ride on a Quad-bike over some sand dunes, offer a few nights in a high class hotel, and you might win him back ;).

Just kidding… but surely I think I can say that from the influencer marketing point of view, Sony is way ahead to Fujifilm.