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Imagine FUJIFILM would go FULL FRAME Tomorrow Morning…


If Fujifilm Would go Full Frame….

So, top Fujifilm manager Toshi Ilda said it clearly here: “We will NEVER go Full Frame!”

NOTE: this is not an article against full frame. I just try to put myself in Fujifilm’s shoes and see what it would mean for them to go full frame.

Now, apart from the fact that I 100% agree with what CanonWatch said:

Never say never, even if you’re making the best APS-C mirrorless cameras on the market

Remember when Fujifilm said they will never be able to offer IBIS on Fuji X Mount cameras?

Anyway, Fuji says. there won’t be any full frame camera, and according to this huge FujiRumors poll, most of you guys agree with Mr. Toshi.

But imagine…

Imagine Fujifilm would go full frame tomorrow morning.

Mostly due to the slower full frame sensor readout compared to APS-C (as listed in our advantages of APS-C over Full Frame), it would be a Full Frame Fujifilm that:

  • can’t shoot 30 fps blackoutless without need of very expensive stacked sensor technology
  • can’t shoot 4K 60p 10 bit internally with no line skipping
  • can’t shoot at 400 Mbps
  • can’t control rolling shutter as good as the X-T3
  • can’t contain low light banding in silent electronic shutter mode as well as APS-C
  • can’t use eye tracking during video recording
  • can’t be so affordable, not even if you do like on the Sony A7III and save on important components like a worst quality EVF, slow UHS-I slots and bad weather sealing
  • can’t….

I Want a Fuji Full Frame, If…

I have nothing against Fujifilm going full frame.

But the point is, that if Fujifilm comes out with a full frame camera, then I want this Full Frame Fujifilm to be better in all areas (or at least equal in some) to their APS-C cameras.

However, right now, with the currently available technology at Fujifilm, a full frame Fujifilm would be worst than the Fujifilm X-T3 in various, for some even crucial areas.

And I can see Fuji’s marketing having a hard time to promote a Full Frame Fujifilm that:

  • is worst in quite some areas compared to their more affordable APS-C line-up
  • is worst in terms of IQ to their medium format cameras

With all that said, I know I have readers, who think that not going Full Frame is a big error, and I can’t say they are wrong. They bring strong arguments in favor of full frame, and time will soon tell, if they are right.

Getting Full Frame Look on APS-C

Fujifilm has made decisions in the past, that makes going full frame very complicated.

Hence, at this point, maybe it’s just easier for Fujifilm to release a series of super fast glass, like the XF33mmF1.0 and XF200mmF2 to compensate for some of the full frame advantages (shallow DOF and high ISO noise).

But hey, you guys can let me know what you think in the comments.

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