Fuji X Weekly Film Simulations Recipes App Now Available for Android

The Fuji X Weekly film simulations recipes app is now available also for Android here.

We reported about the iOS version here.

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This New App Gives You Access to Over 100 Film Simulation Recipes

Fuji X Weekly has launched his free Film Recipes App that gives you access to over 100 Film Simulation Recipes for Fujifilm X cameras! You can get extra features if you pay.

These JPEG settings allow you to get various looks straight out of camera, many based on film stocks, such as Kodachrome, Portra, Tri-X, Superia, Vista, and many more!

If you have a Fujifilm X camera, there are Film Simulation Recipes in this app that are compatible with your gear—it’s a great resource for Fujifilm X photographers!

Simply select the recipe you want, adjust the JPEG settings as required, and shoot!

You can download the Fuji X Weekly App for iPhone here. Android App is in the works.

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The Power of Fujifilm Colors: See Pure Fuji Colors in Action at our New Fujifilm Film Simulations Group

Let’s start with a curiosity:

The same guy at Fujifilm, who crafted the original films like Velvia, is still in charge of developing new film simulations. Yep, he is responsible for Fujifilm’s color science since 50 years now! We reported about Minami-San here. A life devoted to colors.

A devotion, that translates into those lovely film simulations, Fujifilm X and GFX shooters usually appreciate a lot.

Personally, I am at a point, where film simulation are one of the reasons, I would not leave the Fuji system anymore. I mean, it’s nice to know I come home from a 2 weeks holiday with many images, and that those lovely film simulations will save me lots of editing time because they give me great results out of the box.

And then I thought…

Many of you reading this blog, maybe don’t own a Fujifilm camera, maybe you just think to get one, and maybe you wonder what’s all the buzz around these “film simulations”.

Well, in order to show you this, I decided to launch e new facebook group, dedicated to Fujifilm film simulation: Fujifilm Film Simulations Facebook Group.

In this group, images can be edited in all their parts (sharpening, shadow/highlight recovery etc), except for colors. The colors must come purely out of the Fujifilm camera (or be applied in post in Capture One / Lightroom)

So, if you are curious to see the Fujifilm film simulations in action, or if you want to share your own images and display the power of Fuji colors, then feel free to join here.

The Power of Film Simulations – IMAGES

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RAW Power 3.0 Adds Fujifilm Film Simulations LUT

For those, who missed our original RAW Power article of February 2017 here, the RAW Power app brings Aperture style interface and functions to Mac Photos.

A few days ago, Nik Bhatt, former Aperture developer at Apple, has released RAW Power ver. 3.0. Down below the full list of new features and improvements.

Particulary relevant for Fujifilm users:

  • LUTs with Fujifilm Simulations included (and you can import your own)

Fellow FR-reader Fleckintosh did try it out already, and so far it seems to work well.

Remember that back in 2018, Nik also introduced the Lightroom plug-in for RAW Power, which allows you to access RAW Power directly from the Lighroom interface and do non-destructive editing.

See the full list of supported Fujifilm cameras here (no compressed RAW support, only uncompressed).

What’s New
Apr 15, 2020

Version 3.0

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This PDF Lists 80 Fujifilm Film Simulation Custom Profiles You Can Try out Yourself

Here on FujiRumors we have shared quite a few articles about people, sharing their customized Fujifilm film simulation profiles.

From Peter Evans, who was inspired by the masters of the past and present, and fine tuned his film simulations to emulate the look of their images (we reported here), to Ritchie Roesch, who tried to recreate the look of old film stock by adjusting the settings of various film simulations (we reported here).

Then there are the receipts shared by renown photographers, for example Kevin Mullins (we reported here).

And of course there are lots of other Fujifilm X shooters, who played around with the film simulation, trying to achieve a particular look.

In fact, there are so many, that we might have lost a bit the overview.

But luckily over at our fantastic Fujifilm X-Pro group, fellow X shooter David collected 80 film simulation receipts and shared them all in a very practical PDF.

It is an amazing and surely very time consuming effort, that I would like to share with everybody, and not only with the members of the closed X-Pro group. So here is the link to David’s public facebook post and for the direct link to Google Docs click here.

David is still working on the document, so check back regularly for the latest updates.

Great job, David – see his personal facebook pageinstagram page

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