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Fujifilm GFX100 II Additional Specs & Full Recap: 8fps, Full Size HDMI, Ethernet Port


FujiRumors is always happy to bring you exclusively the latest leaks about the Fujifilm GFX100 II.

And yes, I see our rumors are popular everywhere, often without attribution to FujiRumors.

But that’s not a problem, because while elsewhere you’ll find only rumors previously shared on FujIRumors, we just leap ahead with more rumors. So here is the next bunch ;)

  • 8 fps mechanical shutter
  • full size HDMI
  • Ethernet Port

Down below you’ll find the most accurate and comprehensive list of GFX100 II rumors.

Oh… and I am working on more GFX100II related rumors of course, but also other good stuff. You don’t want to miss it, trust me ;).

Oh, and trust me… it has an angled top plate. That rumor is 100% accurate (thanks to our sources for confirming it).

Fujifilm X Summit September 12 at 5 AM New York Time

GFX100II Rumors & More