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“RAW Power” App Brings Aperture Style Interface & Functions to Mac Photos… for just $10 (Limited Time Offer)


A fellow FR-reader just dropped me a link to a RAW converter software that might be interesting for some fellow X-shooters out there. It’s called RAW Power.

RAW Power is a Photos extension plug-in (but can be used also as standalone app), that gives you complete access to the macOS RAW engine in an intuitive interface that will feel very familiar to Aperture users largely because of who wrote it, Nik Bhatt, who was the man behind Apples Aperture. Nik Bhatt has left Apple and today creates Apps such as RAW Power.

RAW Power uses the same technology that sits underneath Photos, but this plug-in gives you access to all the controls to devolop the RAW images. You can make fixes and improvements that are simply impossible to make in Photos. It also has some features that were not present even in Aperture.

You can now grab RAW Power for $10 bucks (limited time offer), and use it as standalone App or embedd it into Apples Photos Application.

UPDATE: As Ben noted in the comments:

Uses Apple’s macOS built-in RAW support… so it doesn’t work with compressed RAF

I’ll share 2 videos below, the first one is a short introduction to RAW Power, and the second one is a video 34 minutes chat at TWiP with Nik Bhatt.