How I Learned To LOVE The Fujifilm X-Trans Sensor and Get the Most Out of It… and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Film [ X-Trans Roundup ]

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X-Trans Roundup

In our photographic journey, we start, we struggle, we learn, we advance, we re-consider, we get frustrated when things don’t work out and excited when we make a leap forward.

And yes, for us Fujifilm shooters, X-Trans is one of those things we had to learn to handle in our photographic journey.

And since we know that X-Trans is here to stay (the Fujifilm X-H2 will feature an X-Trans sensor – or at least one of the two X-H2’s coming), we better learn to make the most out of its strengths and be aware of possible limitations and how to work around those.

Now, you know what I think about the X-Trans sensor. If not, check out:

So yes, I love it! I love the fact that Fujifilm will keep the X-Trans sensor in their APS-C cameras. And judging from this survey, the vast majority of you guys is happy about this, too.

One of the X shooters happy with the X-Trans sensor is Edward Thomas, who, in the video linked below, explains how he learned to love the Fujifilm X-Trans sensor and what he likes about it. The key points of his video and the video itself can be found down below.

I will also share two additional videos, one about how to make the most out X-Trans files and another one with a Fujifilm film simulation recipe.

Last is a short video of me editing a heavily underexposed image taken with my X-E3 of my wife during our honeymoon in Andalusia (here is Cordoba), while were enjoying the sunset from the wonderful town of Ronda. It’s one of those pictures that should not be possible according to some, as it is only APS-C ;).

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DxO PhotoLab 5 and FilmPack 6 Released with Support for Fujifilm X-Trans Sensor Cameras

DxO has just announced Beta support for Fujifilm cameras sporting an X-Trans sensor with the new DxO PhotoLab 5 and DxO FilmPack 6 (launch discount available).

Down below you’ll find the official press releases.

The supported Fujifilm X-Trans cameras so far are:

All DxO Software

Press Releases for DxO PhotoLab 5 and DxO FilmPack 6

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LOVING X-TRANS: Landslide Victory for Fujifilm X-H2 with X-Trans V vs Bayer in Survey

Recently we reported that the Fujifilm X-E4 will be the last X series camera featuring an X-Trans IV sensor, and that the next camera to come will be the Fujifilm X-H2 in 2022.

However, at this point in time we can’t say if the Fujifilm X-H2 will feature an X-Trans sensor or an Bayer sensor.

To be honest, I have received an anonymous tip about it (thanks a lot!!!), but as usual here on FujiRumors we try to give it a quick double check first before sharing.

Until then, here are a few thoughts.

Personally I love the X-Trans sensor for its better performance at high ISO (better looking grain, less color noise), the sharpness boost it delivers and more.

But I am also not a blind fanboy and I am well aware that also the Bayer sensor has its significant strengths, such as 20 to 30%a lower power consumption which leads to less heat generation, meaning you can push the camera more in terms of recording times for example. Also with Bayer sensors, stuff like digital image stabilization and pixel shift is easier to achieve. And last but not least, Bayer is more affordable!

I have elaborated in depth the Pros and Cons of Bayer and X-Trans in this article.

So, while I am in the group of people, who hopes the Fujifilm X-H2 will get an X-Trans sensor, I would totally understand if Fujifilm would go Bayer instead.

The thing is this: reading the comments, I always thought I am in the minority when it comes to the X-Trans vs Bayer debate, meaning I read more comments of people who want to get rid of X-Trans than comments of those, who want to keep it.

But a recently survey I’ve launched here, shows it is completely the opposite.

Of the Fujifilm X shooters reading FujiRumors

  • 51% want a Fujifilm X-H2 with X-Trans
  • 24% want a Fujifilm X-H2 with Bayer

The rest of the readers are either fine with both options (18%) or have not yet formed a final opinion on this (7%).

That’s a landslide victory for Fujifilm X-Trans!

And while I am with you guys on this one, if Fujifilm decided to go Bayer, it would probably not be the biggest of all drama, if they were able to take the most out of the advantages it offers, not in terms of image quality, were X-Trans is superior, but in terms of implementing new features such as digital image stabilization, pixel shift and more.

Finding out which sensor it will be, is my top priority (thanks again for the anonymous tip at this point).

The answer, my friends, will be shared hopefully sooner rather than later here on FujiRumors.

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Fujifilm X-H2 with X-Trans or Not X-Trans, That is The Question! VOTE NOW if You Prefer X-Trans or Bayer for X-H2

Maybe it’s my bad English, maybe it’s the hurry with which some readers read the articles, maybe it’s a bit of both, but somehow over the last few days the idea spread over the web, that FujiRumors claimed that the Fujifilm X-E4 would be the last camera to feature an X-Trans sensor.

Well, that’s not really what I said (or wanted to say).

What I said is that the Fujifilm X-E4 will be the last X-Trans IV camera and that Fujifilm’s next camera, the Fujifilm X-H2, will have a new sensor. No more and no less than that.

Will it still be X-Trans? Or Bayer? Or anything else?

Well guys, keep trust that FujiRumors will let you know the answer at some point ;).

But until then, I’d love to hear from you guys, which one you consider better overall, Bayer or X-Trans.

If you need something to make up your mind about this very Fuji-centric dilemma, feel free to check out the article I wrote in 2018, where I explain the Pros and Cons of sticking with X-Trans or switching to Bayer.

Feel free to vote the survey down below.

I hope the Fujifilm X-H2 will have

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