Fujifilm Launches New GF Lens Deals with up $500 Savings [UPDATE]


Fujifilm has launched new mail-in rebate on Fujinon GF lenses on the following three lenses:

The offer ends July 18. After your purchase, you have time until August 18 to claim your money back. All details in the PDF below or directly at BHphoto (download PDF there).

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Fujifilm Endangers My Marriage with Latest Mega Fujifilm X/GFX Deals – Save up to €2,000

Fujifilm UK made the start, and now the latest X and GFX deals spread all over Europe.

With one difference.

Unlike in UK, in Germany, Italy and other EU countries (but not all, for example not Netherlands), Amazon is included in the “Qualifying Retailers” list when it comes to the X series deals (not GFX deals). Must be shipped and sold by Amazon (no third party).

On a little personal note: in late April I took advantage of the GF lens deals and grabbed the GF32-64mm. When I was at the store, I put my hands on the GF100-200mm and it was much lighter than I expected. At that point I knew that one day I’d grab that lens too, in order to take those more compressed landscape shots I love so much.

But as I wrote a couple of days ago, buying another 2K lens after I already bought the XF80mm, XF27MKII, GFX100S and GF32-64 in 2021 would have been a serious test for my marriage.

Well, it seems Fujifilm took note of that and decided to put my marriage under stress by discounting the GF100-200 massively and tempting me again.

Damn you, Fuji!

So, down below you find a list full of temptations we have to resist. :)

All casback deals, meaning that after your purchase you go to this page, select your country, fill in the cashback form and send it to Fujifilm.

X Gear – ends June 30

GFX Gear – ends June 30

SO IT BEGINS: Big Deal on Fujinon XF200mmF2, Fujifilm X-T4, XF8-16mmF2.8, XF50-140, GF Lenses and More Start in UK

UK makes the start. They are now offering X and GFX deals, including the insane rebate on the XF200mmF2. Other European countries should follow soon.

Here is the overview (AmazonUK is not included in the qualified retailers list):

X Gear – ends June 30

GFX Gear – ends June 30

Last Week to Save $500 on GF Lenses, but Lenses are Running Out of Stock

The Magic of Black & White

Fellow Fujifilm shooter Andrew Gibson has just now published the 11th anniversary edition of his popular book “The Magic of Black & White“. For this occasion, Andrew has completely rewritten it and added new photos and lots of new material. Most of the images inside the book have been taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujifilm X-T2 camera.

The book is now available with a launch discount. You pay $10 instead of $14 until April 30.

Also, you can buy The Magic of Black & White and The Black & White Landscape together for just $14 (normal price $18).

Check out more details at The Magic of Black & White.

GFX Lens Deals

Officially, the $500 rebate on some Fujinon GF lenses ends on April 18. However, the deal is not valid on backorders. Hence, if you place your order now, but you’ll get the lens after April 18, then you won’t be able to access the rebate.

Some lenses already low or running out of stock at some stores. At the time of this post, this is the situation:

* save $500 – ends April 18 – After purchase of your GF lens, go to this page to claim your money back


Sharpen AI version 3.0 has been released and is now 25% off until April 13.

X Deals

All Fujifilm Deals

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