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Fujifilm to Announce More Cameras in First Months of 2024 than in the Entire Year 2023 – Which Cameras Do You Think will Come? VOTE NOW


Fujifilm Future Poll

INSANE DEAL (only for Black Friday)

We just told you that Fujifilm will announce more cameras in the first months of 2024 than in the entire year of 2023.

All the answers will follow on FujiRumors. But in the meantime I thought it could be fun to vote on which cameras you think will come.

But note a few things:

  • this is a survey on gear that you THINK will come, not what you wish will come
  • this is why I stayed rather “conservative” with my poll options and mainly only include successors to current camera lines

Regarding the successors, a very important note:

  • it is not clear if all current X/GFX the lines will get a successor. Will there ever be a GFX50RII or GFX100RII or GFX100SII or X80 or X-E5 etc?
  • I will include them anyway in this survey, just to see how much demand there is for such cameras among the FR community

And now a quick explanation on the survey itself.

  • recently refreshed cameras will not be included in the survey (no Fujifilm X-T6 or Fujifilm X-H3/S)
  • X100V successor is not included in the list, as that one will come for sure in early 2024

And if you Need to go Wild… ;)

There is always a possibility that Fujifilm will launch something new, hence a new type of camera or new camera line.

And while you can’t vote on it, you can still express your wildest wishes in the comments below. At a later stage we can make a separate survey if it’s something you’d like to vote on.

Which Fujifilm Cameras do You THINK will be Announced in the First Months of 2024 (max 1 pick)

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