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First Look: Fujifilm X-T1

by Rico Pfirstinger

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The retro-styled X-T1 is Fujifilm’s attempt to inject state-of-the-art DSLR performance into its line of mirrorless X-series cameras. With twin multi-functional command dials, five manual dials (ISO, drive mode, shutter speed, photometry & exposure compensation) and an aperture ring on most native lenses, the X-T1 features a blend of classic and modern controls that should appeal to the X-series’ target audience of experienced photographers—enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The X-T1 looks and feels like a DSLR, and yet it’s still a mirrorless live-view camera with a large WYSIWYG real-time viewfinder in a lightweight, compact and weather resistant body. In an ironic twist of events, the X-T1 is pretty much the “hybrid camera” that Nikon promised—but never delivered—in its popular viral Df campaign.

The X-T1 features the same 16 MP X-Trans II sensor and EXR Processor II as the X-E2 (or X100S). However, overall processing speed has been improved through hardware and software changes. There’s no doubt that the X-T1 is Fujifilm’s fastest X-series camera. However, maximum shutter speed is still limited to 1/4000s, and maximum flash sync speed is limited to 1/180s (though many flash units will perfectly work at 1/250s).

Sample Images

I have prepared two sample sets shot with X-T1: a regular set and a set featuring high-speed series with tracking AF.

Real-time EVF (and LCD)

With a display lag of only 0.005 seconds (X-E2: 0.05s, Olympus OM-D E-M1: 0.029s), the X-T1 is ready to capture fast action, including moving objects. The camera’s predictive autofocus encompasses the central nine autofocus frames (there’s a total of 49) and works with bursts of either 3 or 8 frames per second (fps) of continuous shooting. The large electronic viewfinder (EVF) is housed in the “hump” and delivers an impressive magnification of 0.77x (E-M1: 0.74x, X-E2: 0.64x) and a refresh rate of 54 fps (E-M1: 60 fps, X-E2: 50 fps). The X-T1 offers this high refresh rate even in low light: At 1.6 EV, it still clocks 54 fps, while the E-M1 slows down to 30 fps and the X-E2 to 20 fps.

SOOC JPEG (click image for full-size view)

The X-T1 supports ultra-fast UHS-II SD cards (there’s a memory card slot on the right side of the body) with write speeds of 240 MB/s, and its expanded buffer can store up to 23 FINE+RAW images. Data transfer is very swift, but you don’t have to wait till the camera has written the buffer contents to the memory card. Instead, you can immediately review the last 19 images of a series while the camera is still writing data to the card (X-E1: one image, E-M1: zero images). Fuji also specifies the shutter lag at 0.05 seconds and claims a startup time of 0.5 seconds.

The large 2.36 million dot EVF features a revamped, clutter-free user interface. Pressing the DISP/BACK button, you can choose between a “full” wide-screen display and a more conventional “normal” display:

Full mode

Normal mode

When you use the camera in portrait mode, the display automatically rotates and changes the user interface accordingly:

In manual focus mode, there’s a new dual screen display that puts a normal display next to a magnified display along with the focussing aid of your choice: digital split image or focus peaking (now with optional blue or red outlines).

Dual mode

The X-T1 will literally grow on you. You can use it as a tiny, coat-pocketable camera that’s not much larger than an X-E1 or X-E2…

Click image for larger view

…or you can add the included mini-flash (GN 11 at ISO 200) and the optional Vertical Battery Grip to arrive at a more substantial configuration:

Click image for larger view

The choice is all yours.


To activate the included mini-flash, all you have to do is lift it up. It’s powered by the camera’s internal battery.

Unfortunately, the flash cannot be tilted further back to allow bouncing from the ceiling.

The X-T1 features Fuji’s trademark “super-intelligent” TTL flash. Inexplicably, flash compensation is still only available in the camera menu and absent from the Quick Menu or Fn button choices. Generally, flash is still a weak spot of the X-series: High speed sync (HSS) and wireless TTL multi-flash remain high on the wish list.

The Vertical Battery Grip can house a second NP-W126 battery in order to double the number of frames per charge from 350 to 700. The camera will always first use up the battery in the hand grip, so if you remove the grip at any time, the body will still have a charged battery available.

The battery grip mirrors both command dials, the shutter button and buttons for AE-Lock, AF-Lock and Focus Assist. The latter is simply a button that replaces pressing the command dial. Strangely, the order of the AE-L and AF-L buttons is different on the camera body and on the vertical grip.

To successfully weather-seal the X-T1, Fuji had to use command dials that cannot be depressed. For the same reason, the shutter button isn’t threaded and hence can’t be triggered with a mechanical cable release. Instead, there’s a choice of RR-90 compatible remotes for the Micro-USB port, Canon compatible remotes for the 2.5mm mic input, and a wireless remote control/tethering option via wifi using an Android or iOS device and Fujifilm’s free Camera Remote app.

Wifi tethering works surprisingly well. Once you have selected a shooting mode (PASM) in the camera, you can remotely change exposure variables such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO, or add exposure compensation. You can select the focus frame by double-tapping on the smartphone screen, and there are options to set white balance, film simulation, macro mode, flash mode and the self-timer. The app’s feature set is satisfactory for an initial release, with potentially more to come based on customer demand. Fujifilm could also make an SDK available, so third-party developers could develop their own remote tethering solutions.

As you have probably realized by now, the X-T1 may look like a classic SLR design, but it’s not much larger than an X-E1.

If you have big hands and don’t want to attach the hefty (but quite ergonomical) vertical battery grip, you might be interested in a more conventional grip. Like the battery grip, the Arca Swiss plate compatible MHG-XT aligns the tripod mounting screw with the optical axis of the camera.

The grip also provides full access to the battery compartment…

…but you could also use two new power supply accessories: An AC adapter…

…and a DC coupler that fits into the battery compartment:

These accessories may be quite useful for photographers with time lapse or long exposure applications. Speaking of: The X-T1 features a built-in intervalometer that allows you to set the interval, the number of frames and the initial delay until the camera starts shooting.

Here’s an overview showing the complete X-T1 system with lenses and accessories:

Click on the illustration for a larger view

In June 2014, Fuji will add a weather-sealed 18-135mm zoom lens to this lineup. I assume that these lens will also be available as a kit lens. Two bright (F2.8) weather-sealed zoom lenses will follow suit.

Ergonomics, Dials and Controls

The 3 inch, 1040K LCD display on the back of the X-T1 is basically the same 3:2 aspect ratio screen as in the X-E2. However, it’s a tiltable display in order to facilitate overhead and ground shots.

While the sheer number of buttons and controls of the X-T1 is very pleasing to an “old-school” shooter, I found some of the buttons more difficult to operate than on my X-E2. This appears to be a tribute to the body’s weather sealing. I’m also not very impressed with the dedicated ISO dial: It has to be unlocked in order to change it, which can be a little awkward.

Featuring a manual ISO dial means that different ISO settings (including different Auto-ISO configurations when the dial is set to “A”) can’t be stored in custom user profiles. There’s only one Auto-ISO configuration, and the only way to change it semi-quickly is to put Auto-ISO on one of the camera’s six Fn buttons and then dive into the Auto-ISO menu when it pops up.

Speaking of ISO: The X-T1 offers a new (JPEG-only) expanded ISO mode of 51200. I tried it once, but will never use it again. It’s a marketing gimmick. Fuji claims it’s unique to the X-T1 and can’t be put into the X-E2 via a firmware upgrade due to different electronic circuits. X-E2 users can relax, though, as ISO 51200 is really nothing to write home about.

One Fn button is located at the front and one on top of the camera, and the four selector buttons on the back also serve as Fn buttons. This is nice, but it could be better: Fuji should also offer an option to use the four selector buttons to immediately change the active autofocus (or manual focus) frame. Sure, this option would reduce the number of available Fn buttons from six to two, but Fuji could mitigate this loss by allowing the video recording button to also serve as a Fn button. Video in the X-T1 is pretty much the same as in the X-E2, so there’s a fair chance that many users wouldn’t care about it, anyway.

Face Detection can now be controlled with any Fn button or in the Quick Menu, and there’s a dedicated View Mode button on the right side of the “hump”. Like the X-E2, the X-T1 features separate buttons for AE-Lock and AF-Lock. AF-Lock finally works as expected: When you press it, the camera will take a new AF measurement and lock it (instead of simply locking the most recent AF measurement).

It’s now also possible to change the exposure with the exposure compensation dial (± 3 EV) when AF-L or AE-L are active. However, exposure compensation is still useless in manual mode with active Auto-ISO.

The drive mode dial that’s located directly under the ISO dial is a welcome addition to the feature set. By default, the Fn1 button at the front is in charge of changing drive mode sub-settings, such as picking a particular bracketing mode or a specific advanced filter mode. As far as bracketing is concerned, there’s a new White Balance Bracketing option. Like ISO, film simulation and DR bracketing, it’s a JPEG-only function. It simply produces three JPEGs with different white-balance settings.

Sadly, exposure bracketing hasn’t been enhanced. It’s still limited to 3 shots and ± 1 EV variation. I wonder how much longer it’s going to take for Fuji to finally enhance this function to better facilitate HDR applications.

By default, the front command dial takes care of fine-tuning shutter speed, while the rear command dial is used to change the aperture of lenses that don’t feature a built-in aperture ring. If you’d like to have things differently, you can reverse the function of both dials with a menu option. For the most part, both dials serve the same function, anyway, so you can use either of them. I found the rear dial harder to turn than the front dial, it’s a little bit too stiff for my taste.

Predictive Hybrid Autofocus

Like the X-E2 and X100S, the X-T1 uses a hybrid autofocus system that combines traditional (and slow but very accurate) contrast detect autofocus (CDAF) with fast phase detect autofocus (PDAF). PDAF works with roughly 100,000 sensor pixels that are distributed throughout the central nine of the camera’s 49 autofocus frames. However, this is where the similarities end, because the X-T1 offers predictive object tracking not only at 3 fps, but also at 8 fps: It calculates speed, acceleration and deceleration of an object in order to predict how far away it will be from the camera when the image is actually exposed. By pre-focusing on this calculated/predicted distance, the camera can compensate for shutter lag and similar delays.

Can the X-T1 follow a running child? Let’s see… As usual, click on the images for larger views:

DSCF1160 – JPEG & Aperture

DSCF1161 – JPEG & Aperture

DSCF1162 – JPEG & Aperture

DSCF1163 – JPEG & Aperture

Wow, that actually works!
Hard to believe?
I’m with you.

That’s why I have prepared a series of 15 consecutive 8 fps AF tracking shots. Just click on the overview below to see them all:


Want more? Here’s the Maria running towards the camera at even closer range:


Not yet satisfied? Here’s another series of 17 consecutive AF-C shots at 8 fps:











All these shots were taken with the XF56mmF1.2 R lens, either wide open or at f/1.4. The girls loved it…


And so did I.

In order to achieve good AF tracking results, I set the camera’s AF-C to “focus priority” (as opposed to “release priority”). Fuji’s PDAF loves vertical lines (or horizontal ones in portrait format), so it’s a bonus to offer the camera just that. Obviously, it’s essential to focus with one of the central nine AF frames. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sensor that offered PDAF over the entire viewing area? Oh well, one can dream.

Back to reality: Even at 8 fps, the X-T1 still adapts the exposure between shots, but it won’t change white balance or dynamic range settings. If you want to keep the exposure constant throughout a high-speed series, I recommend shooting in manual mode.

X-T1 and XF56mmF1.2 R

As mentioned in my First Look at the XF56mmF1.2 R lens, this “portrait lens” becomes a quite capable action lens on the Fujifilm X-T1. I have added several new images to the  XF56mm sample set, including a selection of full-size straight-out-of-camera JPEGs. Here’s an appetizer…

DSCF1445 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)

DSCF1436 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)

DSCF1457 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)

DSCF1479 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)

DSCF1489 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)

DSCF1506 – SOOC JPEG (full-size)


I have also added more SOOC portrait shots, such as…

DSCF1153 – SOOC JPEG (crop)




Key Differences Between X-T1 and X-E2

  • Fast, almost delay-free EVF with a constant 54 fps refresh rate even in low light
  • Large viewfinder with new, clutter-free user interface
  • Tiltable LCD display and flash sync terminal
  • Dust, water and freeze resistant (down to -10˚C)
  • DSLR-style shooting: Viewfinder is located on the optical axis
  • Great for left-eyed shooters: no display smearing, right eye can remain open and scan the surroundings of the scene
  • UHS-II SD card support for ultra-fast performance
  • Predictive tracking AF with speeds of up to 8 fps
  • Wireless remote tethering with Android and iOS

I’m confident that features like wifi tethering will eventually also appear in the X-E2 via a firmware upgrade. However, predictive AF may or may not be in store for the X-E2 due to hardware constraints on the memory and processing side.


The X-T1 has immediately become my favorite X-series camera. It’s fast and flexible, and its real-time viewfinder combines the advantages of a WYSIWYG live-view with those of a delay-free optical finder. This is a mature camera for mature photographers who want the DSLR experience in a mirrorless system camera.

The X-T1 is also a convincing proof of concept, as it indicates that mirrorless system cameras can eventually replace DSLRs. Fujifilm has come a long way in the past two years, and with the X-T1, it certainly delivers.

What’s left are rather minor firmware issues that Fuji can (and hopefully will) iron out throughout this year. The essentials are already in place: great image quality, versatile operation (including predictive autofocus), a robust and weather-resistant body (with at least three matching zooms to complement it) and plenty of manual controls. Plus, I hear that Adobe may soon have an announcement regarding improved X-series support.

By the way: According to Fujifilm, the “T” in the camera’s name means “tough” and “trust”.

What’s Next?

I’m busy finishing my eBook on the X-E2 (and yes, I will also write one on the X-T1), but I may still chime-in with additional findings, like a writing speed comparison between UHS-I and UHS-II cards.

Have a nice remaining week!


X-T1 body only ($1,299): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 with 18-55 ($1,699): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 Vertical Battery Grip ($ 249,99): NORTH AMERICA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / EUROPE: wexDE / wexUK /

For your convenience, here’s a TOC with links to my previous X-PERT CORNER articles:

Rico Pfirstinger studied communications and has been working as journalist, publicist, and photographer since the mid-80s. He has written a number of books on topics as diverse as Adobe PageMaker and sled dogs, and produced a beautiful book of photographs titled Huskies in Action (German version). He has spent time working as the head of a department with the German Burda-Publishing Company and served as chief editor for a winter sports website. After eight years as a freelance film critic and entertainment writer in Los Angeles, Rico now lives in Germany and devotes his time to digital photography and compact camera systems. His book “Mastering the FUJIFILM X-Pro1” (Kindle Edition) (Apple iBook Store) (German version) is available on Amazon and offers a plethora of tips, secrets and background information on successfully using Fuji’s X-Pro1 and X-E1 system cameras, lenses and key accessories.

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    Thanks so much for the article Rico!! Can’t believe you were hiding this camera from all of us :)

    • I wasn’t really hiding it. I shot with it in public, w/o camouflage or anything. I always do. It’s great, because where I live, nobody cares.

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        The fake pentaprism on mirrorless camera is like a saddle on a cow. The 30 y.o. controls is a dead evolutionary branch, discarded in DSLRs many years ago. Fuji would have better return on investment if they finally made a good grip, which wouldn’t require attachments, and touch screen LCD wouldn’t hurt either.

        • Raz

          I know you guys are trolls but…

          Wait so nice physical controls you can use without even looking at them are bad, but a touch screen where you have to take your eyes off the subject and camera away from your face to poke at is good?

          No one ever asked camera manufacturers to remove top dials so it hardly a dead evolution branch, it’s just the way things worked since the advent of photography, the X-T1 offers the best of both worlds here for those that want DSLR style controls.

          Perhaps you weren’t aware, but everyone has different size hands, there’s no one size fits all camera. Extra grips make it possible to suit more than one hand size. Shocking stuff I know.

          • magnus

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            I can not wait to see how bad is the af in poor light=no dslr replacement

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            Well unfortunately I have to agree that all those retro buttons are the way of the past. I’m an old fart that worked with them35 years ago.
            Today we have digital and buttons in strategic places are better than dials. When photographing you need to be able to keep your eye to the viewfinder and not have to take it off.
            Samsung and Olympus have the correct way to even put programmable buttons on the lenses so you can select what function is used when pressing it after which a turn of the wheel is sufficient for adjustments that you can see throught the EVF.

            So yes these so called analog dials are redundant!

        • I guess I just don’t understand why you are even on this website in the first place? If the first thing you are going to say after having never handled the camera for yourself is that it’s going to suck, why waste your time searching this site? You obviously have it in your mind before hand that it’s not going to be any good, and then a strong review/first impressions article comes out and you’re crying foul. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, and you don’t have to like anything fuji puts out, but this kind of logic just blows my mind.

          • Armanius

            It is amusing — trolls.

        • jimmy

          Once you shoot with the camera more than every other Saturday afternoon, (like in every day) your hands get to know intuitively each dial you would use ‘while-shooting’, so no need to look away.

          And it’s a lot easier to just look down and change dial sometimes, or set it ahead of time, than dig around in a menu when subjects are moving. “Choice” is good.

          This camera is clearly designed for photographers, not weekend casual shooter who would not know these things. And the “crap raw support” is nonsense. If you ever used Photoninja, there would also not make such ridiculous comments. Why brand-trolls feel need to bash a camera they’ve never held I’ll never comprehend.

        • X100s

          There’s a reason why cameras are built the way they are. There’s a reason why controls are placed where they are. Some smart people have dedicated many hours thinking and experimenting during the last decades. One notices that alternatives that appear every now and then are soon rejected and designs seem to converge to two or three general layouts. And it doesn’t happen because designers and engineers are not creative or not intelligent.

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            When and if sony decides to release some lenses equivilant to the XF primes I may glance over…

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          • You better glance over now.

            The A7 has better primes at launch than Fuji did and a nice 24-70 Zeiss coming next month. Oh, and then there are all the amazing Minolta and Zeiss A-Mount lenses that you can use TODAY with fast PDAF autofocus.

            Ever hear of the Zeiss 135/1.8, the legendary Minolta 35/2 or the 200mm/2.8 High Speed APO?

            I guess ignorance is bliss for some.

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            Anyway, thanks Rico for the great preview and thanks to Patrick as well for the great coverage. I’ll look to add this as the third X-camera in my collection and will def pick up the 56mm (and weather sealed 2.8 zooms) but will have to wait till after tax season…but when I do will def support FR, thanks again!

          • Armanius

            @Chad – Even though I love my A7, let’s be honest here, the Sony launch lens lineup was a kit zoom and 35/2.8 — hardly a strong initial offering. Fuji launched with three fast primes available immediately. Sony finally got the 55/1.8 right before new year.

            As for Alpha lenses, I have the LAEA4, and that monstrosity adds length and weight to the already large Alpha lenses. Thankfully, the 85/2.8 isn’t too large, but my Zeiss 24/2 + adapter makes the whole point of having a mirrorless camera moot.

          • Armanius – I counted the 55mm as a launch lens – close enough in my book. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but that lens has just been awarded the second highest score at DXO, right behind the $4,000 Otus.

            If you want to call that shabby, go ahead.


          • Apparantly DXO included the lens in their launch tally as well –
            “Debuted alongside the Sony Alpha A7 and A7R, the Sonnar T* FE 55mm f1.8 may sound rather conventional and unexciting on paper, but with a Zeiss badge and at close to $1,000, is it capable of offering extraordinary image quality? Read on to find out.
            The Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm f1.8 ZA was one of five new lenses launched alongside Sony’s full-frame mirrorless 36-Mpix Alpha 7R and 24-Mpix Alpha 7. It’s a premium model weighing 9.9 oz (281g) and adopting a dust and moisture resistant construction and metal outer shell.”

          • @Armanius

            RE: the size of the LAEA4. Slap on the 50/1.4 or 35/2 and it is no bigger than the FE 55mm. I compared that setup to my old Contax 139 and 50mm and they are the practically the same and worlds smaller than a modern DSLR, even the Nikon dF.

            Some of the upcoming Fuji Zooms are relatively large – so what? There will be big lenses and small lenses for all mirrorless systems. The main point is that there is flexibility to use a large range of excellent lenses, right out of the gate, something that Fuji did not have on day one, although they certainly built it up quickly!

            I shoot both systems so, like yourself, not a Sony troll but I get tired of the uninformed talking about “no good lenses” for the A7(r).

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    • Give it a few months.

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      the official fuji site demos blue and red peaking colours:

      • digifan

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  • I just ordered an X-T1 through FR at Amazon with the lens. Glad it came with the 18-55mm zoom. I’ve been enjoying the X100s for some time, so it should be a thrill to get back to a camera I can change lens on. Both cameras should complement each other. Amazon said it was expecting a March 7 shipping date. I got rid of all my DSLR cameras and lenses last year and haven’t looked back. But, I may look forward to a FF camera from Fuji in the future.

    • TAZ

      with the lens, its coming in March??

  • Jon

    Thanks for the review. The predictive AF part is very encouraging.

    I preordered. Now it’s the long wait until it ships.

    • Shouldn’t take that long. I am already shooting with a final mass-production camera, no pre-production hardware. The firmware may still get a few tweaks, of course.

  • Nils Jakob Clemmensen

    Thanks for a great preview. Much more informative and well written than those found on competing sites.

    On question. Are there any differences to high ISO performance in the RAW compatible range?

    • I only compared ISO 25600 with an X-E2 and didn’t see any notable difference. As mentioned, ISO 51200 is joke.

    • Mguel

      I was going to say almost the same words regarding the quality of the review! Thanks a lot Rico!!! On your review you answered many questions I couldn’t find other places, and you give lots of useful info not mentioned elsewhere.

      Loved the predictive autofocus BTW!

      I’m a Nikon back button focus guy. I believe if you put the focus in manual, you can use AF-L to focus as back button focus… but will this work as a AF-C and able to track/predict moving objects if left pressed during CT (constant high) shooting?
      Which button is handier to press (closer to natural position of the thumb when holding the camera) AE-L or AF-L? (they seem to not be interchangeable? or is there a menu option to switch them?)


  • Daniel C.

    Hi Rico,

    great, thank you very much for your efforts.

    Regarding FW: Wouldn’t it be great if it would be possible to set the flash-compensation to the front or back wheel?


    • Yep, that would be great, but that dial is already occupied with intermediate shutter speed selection. I’d settle with a Fn button option or the quick menu.

  • calxn

    Wait, does this camera have a touch screen. I didn’t see it in the specs.

    • That’s because there isn’t one. ;)

      • Tommaso

        IMHO, This is a big lack of this camera….touch to focus could be really helpfull for just a few money more (compared to it’s price)

        • Raz

          Why? In what way is touching a screen easier than using physical controls? Fuji sure could improve fast access to changing the AF point as Rico says in his review, but holding a camera of any size steady in one hand while you peck at the screen with another while keeping it trained on your subject is just going to be a lousy experience. It’s also slow and unless your subject is posed (in which case focus and recompose will be faster 99% of the time than changing the AF point by any method) you’re obscuring your subject on the screen with your finger. Consider how tiny an AF point is versus the size of your finger tip.

          • DonTom

            @Raz…..a few months ago, I would have agreed with you. In fat, I would have been happy to buy a camera without a screen, just a good tiltable EVF.
            But since I bought my E-M1, I’ve found myself using the touch screen a lot, to take images, as well as adjust settings etc. Not to say “I couldn’t live without it”, but it’s more useful than I imagined.

          • valentin

            u r too lazy, maybe part of the generation everything is by touch, “what this button do?” type like guy…maybe u should stick to iphone to take pictures…

          • ronin

            Yes, Tommaso how dare you have a preference for the option of touch screen controls in a toy you are about to spend a ton of money on? As Raz and Valentin say, You are everything that is wrong with this world.

          • MJr

            DonTom is right. Ronin is being funny.

            I’m amazed at how much one can be in denial of innovation (yes you Raz).

            I agree on the direct controls part of course, but how can you say the opposite just minutes later about the touchscreen, how much more direct can it be !? With aperture and shutter-speed dials you don’t have select a mode beforehand, just like you don’t have to drag any focus point around when you can press the position that you want on a touchscreen. How can you honestly say that is not faster. I too hate to say it, but it is.

            But it seems you don’t realize it doesn’t have to take a picture immediately, the E-M1 etc. have two options, to simply use it for focus point selection, or to take a shot immediately.

            Innovation can be a pain when it doesn’t add anything and only gets in the way. But here that’s not the case, there are no downsides whatsoever as you could turn it off and use it however you prefer. But .. no touchscreen on the X-T1 of course, maybe next time.

            I’m glad that at least people are beginning to see the many benefits of a EVF, especially now Fuji’s new view modes. :)

          • grant torres

            I would rather have a touch-point-focus capability on a screen when I’m using a tripod! But I could forego that annoyance for a model that is as exciting as this one!

          • Raz

            @MJr I’m all for new technologies, and perhaps touch autofocus works better in practice than I’m imagining. If and when it does come to Fuji cameras as long as it’s not at the expense of physical controls then that’s fine. What makes me wary is we often see a rush to adopt new in vogue technologies, which are often poorly implemented by manufacturers who are either adding functionality to add another bullet point to a spec sheet or who don’t have the competence to do it well. I’m still amazed how few consumer electronics companies have the faintest idea about how to design usable software interfaces for example.

        • David H Dennis

          Rico, thanks for an excellent review and your exceptional responsiveness to this massive question barrage :).

          I’ve had trouble with the autofocus on the XE2 with the 55-200 lens – does the XT1 AF work better with that lens?

          My XE2 got lost so I have a great excuse to get XT1 – looks like another great effort from Fuji :)


          • TAZ

            You lost your X-E2?!
            Sorry for your loss.. >_<

          • I’m confident tracking works better with all lenses.

          • David H Dennis

            I’m afraid so, Taz. I was careless. I had just shot a bunch of photos of Coral Gables open houses, and I stopped by the local Barnes & Noble to check it out. I used the bathroom and removed the camera from my neck. Alas, I forgot I had it and left the bathroom with the XE2 still there :(. Naturally, by the time I remembered it was gone, and it had not been turned in. I placed a Lost & Found ad on Craigslist, but honestly I didn’t really expect to get it back, and of course I did not.

            I had owned it about two months, and I’d taken over 13,000 pictures with it. One reason I bought it was that I didn’t want to expose my Nikon D4, which costs about as much as a half-decent used car, to risky situations. I guess it worked …

            I really enjoyed the XE2 and am looking forward to getting the XT1, since it seems like a bit better match for my needs.

            So if this slightly embarrassing confession saves just one XE2 owner from losing his camera I will count it as worthwhile. Please, guys, don’t forget your camera even though it’s small and light enough to be forgotten much of the time! :)

  • Well, written and informative, thanks.

  • John

    Great review. Can you comment on the shutter noise relative to the X-E2? Does the tougher housing exaggerate or suppress the shutter noise? I would love to use an ILC instead of the X100s (in order to get this new focus tracking, for example, or a different focal length) but in many situations I find myself needing a silent or quiet shutter.

    • If anything, the sound is softer than the X-E2.

      • MJr

        That is good to hear. Because it could just as easily have been louder. (man, as if i needed any more reasons to like this camera..)

  • codeNsnap

    Thanks for the awesome review Rico.

    Quick question – can you please confirm the use of AF Assist botton ? Is it like AF-ON on Nikons? Also is AF-L to be used for focus tracking or AF-Assist ? If AF-L is for focus tracking then my worry is its location – AF-E or AF-Assist are better placed for focus tracking IMO. Can the function of all these buttons be customized ?

    Many thanks.

  • codeNsnap

    [Sorry, typos corrected below]
    Quick questions – can you please confirm the use of AF Assist button ? Is it like AF-ON on Nikons? Also is AF-L to be used for focus tracking or AF-Assist ? If AF-L is for focus tracking then my worry is its location – AF-L or AF-Assist are better placed for focus tracking IMO. Can the function of all these buttons be customized ?

    Many thanks.

    • “The battery grip mirrors both command dials, the shutter button and buttons for AE-Lock, AF-Lock and Focus Assist. The latter is simply a button that replaces pressing the command dial.”

      There’s no customization of these buttons.

      • Fuji X-Fan

        Wouldn’t it be nice if you could engage Face Detect in AF-modes by pressing the Focus Assist button? That would give it something to do in AF-mode…

        • Nah, it already magnifies the image in AF mode.

          • Fuji X-Fan

            But do you need magnification in AF-mode? since you can’t make manual focus adjustments with fly-by-wire lenses…?

          • Sure do.

    • You can use AF-L to track focus in MF mode. You can configure this Instant Focus as either AF-S or AF-C.

      • Mguel

        Great, so that will mimic the AF-On on Nikon…

        The only issue would be the AF-L position, or is not that far away from the thumb natural positions when holding the camera? If it was a full size DSLR it would definitely be in a bad position, but as the size is so different, maybe the AF-L button is not so bad to be used always for focusing (I’m so used to AF-On, that I don’t want to go back)

        • That was my first impression when I saw the early images several weeks ago. I hope it doesn’t prove to be difficult to press in real life.

          • codeNsnap

            Exactly ! I have been worrying about it ever since I first saw it. The AF-Assist button’s position was perfect to do focus tracking (like with AF-ON). AF-L is too much to the right to do focus tracking. I really hope they make the buttons configurable. Even reversing AF-E and AF-L could have made AE-L more accessible for focus tracking.

          • codeNsnap

            OK the Fuji guys clarified on the video that the AF-L and AE-L buttons can be customized. So I believe the AE-L button can be configured to act as AF-L and do focus tracking. It could be nice to have a confirmation on this before pre-ordering it.

          • The only customizing of AF-L is wrt Instant Focus, as described on the article.

            You can of course put AE-L&AF-L together on just the AF-L button, just like in the X-E2. Nothing new to report here, I guess.

          • codeNsnap

            OK, I think I get it. AF-L is simply to statically lock focus. And this could be used either in Manual Focus mode or Static Focus mode. I guess the way to track focus (present only AF-C mode) is to change the mode to AF-C and keep pressing the shutter release half way. Right?

            If my understanding is right, then there is no AF-ON mode where the focusing is done by a back button.


          • AF-L is the back button.

          • codeNsnap

            AF-L is on the back, but it cannot be used to actually focus. Its use is to only _lock_ the focus once the subject is in focus. Not a deal breaker for me, but just want to understand before I place the preorder.

            I was initally under the impression that either AF-L or Focus Assist could be used to do focus tracking (AF-ON or ‘back button focussing’). AF-ON is pretty handy for birders/action and sports photography –

            More on AF-ON/back button focussing/focus tracking (people seem to call the same thing by different names). More on AF-ON


  • Renato S.

    I don’t think the video codec would get much better, but can you have full manual control in video mode? Let’s say I want to have the shutter at 1/60 to record a 1080p30 video and I want to shoot it at a specific aperture and let the ISO on Auto and control it via exposure compensation, can I do that?

    • You can probably do that with the next X-Mount camera.

      As stated in the article, video is just like in the X-E2.

      • Renato S.

        What’s the next camera? I had hopes that by having the dedicated record button and mic input, it would have this option – and possibly 24fps.

        And what’s up with the odd 54fps? Does it have something to do with avoiding flickering?


        • Raz

          X-E1 has a mic input but it’s still a lousy video camera. Given the target market for the high X series cameras video just isn’t a high priority for Fuji, there’s plenty of other core areas that still need their attention.

          24fps is meaningless without manual controls in video, if you can’t peg the shutter speed to 1/25 or 1/50 it will be a total judderfest. Then you’ll need to have a ready supply of ND filters if you want to shoot with shallow DOF in daylight… really the cost of making a DSLR or mirrorless camera designed primarily for photography into a competent video camera isn’t worth it for non-videographers. Use a smartphone or a GoPro.

      • Adrian

        Rico, so you’re saying that the next X-mount is the X-Pro2, right? :)

        • No, I am not saying that. But it looks clear to me that a successor of the Pro1 is up next. It’s the only model that is left upgrading.

  • zweitfoto

    Hi Rico!
    Thank you for your effort and the best (p)review so far – and you were right: finally the “action lens” (hope not only this one) is here for all the wedding and kids photographers ;-)
    Now that’s an impressive camera – I think I have to try it (you know: E-M1 or X-T1), especially if Adobe is doing it right with the X-Trans in the future as you indicate.
    BTW, what’s the quickest way to change the focus point? Customize the button on the front for Focus Area and then change with the four-way controller I guess?!
    And finally – any idea whether the fast zoom (especially the 18-55/2,8) will come as a kit lens too?
    LG Robert

    • No idea about kit offerings, it’s at least 6-9 months away. We are probably talking Photokina. I know that the fast zooms will have a few great new features, though. They also won’t come cheap.

      • zweitfoto

        That was to be expected ;-)

    • mh

      While not the fast zoom, The Canadian Fuji site states this:

      The FUJIFILM X-T1 (body only) will be available in March for a suggested retail of $1,299.95, and the X-T1 with the XF18mm-135mm (27-203mm equiv.) F3.5-5.6 lens (kit) will be available in June for a suggested retail of $1899.95

      I wonder how many different kits will be available…

  • Tim

    Oh $%#@! This is seriously tempting me away from my m4/3rds system of EM5 and three lenses. Looks like they fixed the three things that kept me away from Fuji until now, 1. weather resistant body 2. improved AF 3. a good portrait lens to match my amazing Oly 75mm 1.8, sigh…

    Must stay away from this website from now on.

    • patrick

      Oscar Wilde said: “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it…” :-)

      • Spyro

        well it’s Oly’s move now, I’m sure they’ll have something in the bag
        Mirrorless wars are getting interesting :)

        • MJr

          Sure they make awesome camera’s (and lenses) technically, but there is so much more to Fuji camera’s than that. Of course, not necessarily to everyone’s liking, but their ways are certainly one of a kind. And also the small things like the live-view layout, menu’s and image playback. Screen size that actually matches the image size, the built-in raw converter options and actually very useful film simulation, the quick-menu etc etc etc. Some similarities from others just don’t cut it compared to Fuji’s (hate to say it:) ‘vision’, not to my taste at least. :)

  • Hightower

    Thumbs up for Fuji, well done – keep on Kai Zenning!
    Superb article, Rico ;-)

  • Dima

    Rico, thank you for great nd smart practical review!

  • Excellent review……. the info on the new AF tracking is amazing, I can’t believe how well that works at 8fps. Did you try this with any other X Lenses? How did it compare. Deciding on whether to add a 56mm to the pack? This has to be the most exciting X camera release yet. They seem to have really upped the stacks here. As you say, this could be the first one to start challenging DSLR’s.

    • Yeah, I did some high-speed horses with the telezoom, but the light was so terrible that I had to use ISO 6400 to get 1/1000s. AF worked, though.

      So I simply took the 56mm and shot away at f/1.2, never expecting it to work with that little DOF. But it did.

      • Great news. I’m trying to decide whether I will need the 56mm for capturing shots of dogs running. When you say Telezoom, are you referring to the 55-200? I have that, the 18-55, 14,35 and 60.

        Did you try the 60 by any chance? I use that in the studio a lot as I can get close up to subjects and if that can perform well with the 8fps AF I might give that a try first. Otherwise the 56mm will go on order :-) Cheers

      • DonTom

        @Rico, what’s it like to use at 8fps with losing live view? Trying to imagine what it is like tracking action or using a zoom with this…do you get an occasional image to let you know you’re on track?

        • Yes, the EVF remains usable, so you can still see what you are shooting.

  • ste747

    march 7, we will soon find out if fujifilm fixed their pathetic focusing system, which satisfy everyone and not just the fanboys who think they are very skillful and head bigger than ET.

  • toby

    Wow!!! I will be ditching Nikon very soon for this beast!

  • justintime

    Thanks for the review Rico. Just pre-ordering from Wex UK. EVF sounds great & AF is the clincher. Just a shame the ISI dial locking can’t be fixed in firmware. Hopefully Fuji will refine the firmware. As well has the improvements mentioned in Rico’s review I would like to see Q menu customisable.

    • Yep, I really pressed for a second, custom Q menu at my last meeting with Fujifilm developers. I think they got the message. The ISO dial is fubar. Sadly, you can’t really test these things with mockups or CAD sketches.

      • Spyro

        Great to know fuji is using actual photographers at the development stage.
        I guess we owe you a thanks for pushing for the right things :)

        • I meet about 3-4 times per year, and I write feedbacks at least twice per month. The majority of it is eventually implemented, it just takes time, one has to be patient.

          • zweitfoto

            Please can you tell them, that it is high time for an update of the flash system (off-camera TTL would be fine)!

          • I already did at least 5 times. Now it’s your turn to tell them. ;)

          • Phil

            Totally agreed. We owe you, Rico, for constantly pushing Fuji engrs to innovate. Yes, I also tried to tell Fuji over 10 times about the “flash”.

  • Soonjae

    I supported FR with X-T1 body!

  • Ricky

    Rico, I think you just might have swayed me to purchase the X-T1. I hate you and love you.

    • BTW, this is after I read your article months back of the X-E2 and purchased that too. Sigh.

    • I get that a lot… ;)

  • Wow, by far the best preview anywhere so far !! Thanks for the great job. As someone who shoots mainly both kids AND horses, of course you made a very strong impression on me !! I’m a NEX7/A7 shooter so far, but I think the XT might easily sway me away from Sony.. Trying to find a pre-order link with delivery to France, no such luck so far…

  • What are the available Peaking colors !? We have three for the NEX system, which is very useful… Can you tweak intensity as well ??

    • Jonas

      White, red, blue, in varying strengths.

  • Plextor

    Hi Rico,

    Nive (p)review as usual.

    One question though, I sold my X-E1 because of slowness and bad AF in low-light.
    Did you test besides the AF-tracking, normal AF too?
    I really would like that it can focus fast and reliable in low-light…

    Thanks in advance!

    • R4p70r

      Yeah, that’s also my question. The X-E2 autofocus is during daylight pretty good but in low light it’s another story…

    • CDAF was already faster in the X-E2, and PDAF comes in an instant. Just make sure to focus with the PDAF frames, and use a bright lens.

  • yc

    can you explain how the AF-L works in manual mode with the prime lenses with manual clutch?
    i’m not sure i understand how do these lenses work in MF mode in the camera. they seem to be some conflict with the AF setting son the camera, no?

    • I don’t see anything new or different for clutch lenses.

      • yc

        since i don’t own yet an X body, can u elaborate on how the clutch lenses behave on the different modes on the AF dial? if MF is controlled by the lenses, what does the dial on the body do?

        • With old X-bodies the af-l button activates single af when clutch is closed/in af-mode.

          If clutch is open/in mf-mode body is set to mf-mode but of course you can not activate af with af-l button.

          Basically you af four different af-modes with the clutch lenses:
          AF, single touch AF (with af-l button), MF and CF

        • This is explained in my First Look on clutch lenses like the 23mm.

  • Anthony

    Hello Rico,

    Thank you very much for this great article. Tiltable screen and smoother EVF in low light thann X-E2… I won’t resist very much longer…

    I was wondering however how big is the difference between the XT-1 “predicive AF” you tested and the “subject motion predictive AF (in Low-speed Continuous Shooting Mode with auto focus set to AF-C)” of the X-E2 as read on Fuji’s X-E2 website…

    Have a nice day !

  • Great…
    But as usual with Fuji :

    – no control of manual settings in video
    – and no 25P

    Why ??????????

    • Probably because it is a photographers camera. Video has always been secondary with the X Camera’s. This may change in the future but they seem to be concentrating on getting things right with stills photography first as this is their main cliental.

  • Jonas

    The predictive AF was the most impressive part here, and also a new feature I didn’t even know it had. Seems to hit bull’s eye for what the Fujifilm X system needed and has the ability to transform the usefuleness of lenses especially like the 56/1.2, with a short depth of field (I just can’t tire of seeing the full-frame “look” from that lens).

    • Yeah…. it was an expensive preview this. The X-T1 was a guaranteed buy but after seeing how well that 56mm worked at 8fps I ended up ordering that as well…. phew…. the wallet is feeling :-( while I’m thinking :-)

  • No indication about AF improvements for the X-E2?
    Maybe even at 3fps if there is indeed different electronics?
    If the sensor is the same and the CPU is the same what is different to allow better AF?

    • More memory, higher clock rate, more parallel processing… pick your choice!

      • I see… I do hope that it will still get to the X-E2, even if it’s at the L (3fps) level.
        I hope to see Fuji continue to refine the X-E2 with firmware and add at least the UI features like improved Face recognition on/off, colored focus peak, at least some of the viewfinder tricks, use all 4 cross buttons as Fn buttons, view mode, etc.
        Thanks for the preview!

  • catflap

    have they fixed the plastic skin / high iso problem? If so preordering today.

    • I simply increase sharpness and decrease NR to recover skin detail in SOOC JPEGs

      • flesix

        So are you implying that the internal JPEG-converter is exactly the same as in the X-E2?

        • I assume it, but I haven’t made any head-to-head comparisons. That would take extra time, I only had the camera for 50 hours before I had to start writing.

          At least at ISO 25600, I didn’t see much of a difference in a sample shot I took with both cameras.

  • Hakan

    Rico, thanks for the preview! Could you comment on the shutter lag? Faster than the X-E2? The same? 8 fps is not so useful unless the shutter reacts instantly.

  • Calxn

    Out of curiosity, how easy is it to set AF points? Great news on the Adobe rumors. If true, it removes the biggest hurdle about people had about Fuji. Well done, Fuji. Looks like you guys have been hard at work.

    • Just as easy as with the X-Pro1, X-E1, X-E2, X-M1, X-A1, X100 and X100S.

      • flesix

        First of all, thank you Rico for the elaborate and informative first look.
        I’m having two questions with respect to this subject:
        a) Does the X-T1 offer the AF-frame-tracking available in the X-M1?
        b) Does the predictive autofocus tracking also include AF-frame-tracking or is it limited to one (preselected) AF-frame?

        • It’s limited to the selected frame. Object tracking throughout frames is the next thing I asked them to implement. You should do the same. It’s not impossible to add this via firmware.

          • flesix

            So it’s also not available for selecting the AF-frame like in the X-M1?
            And I certainly will ask them to implement this, since I already didn’t understand why it wasn’t available in the X-E2.

          • The M1 offers no AF tracking, only frame tracking. We need a combination of both functions.

          • flesix

            Right, but I found the AF-frame-tracking available in the X-M1 a great help. I almost never had to move the AF-frame around manually with the arrow-keys, just leave it in the middle, point at my target, engage subject-tracking, reframe and I’d have the AF-frame where I wanted it to be. Very nice feature, available in the X-M1, X20 and maybe X-A1 (never tried that one), but unfortunately not in the X-E2 or X100s, and for no good reason that I can imagine :-(

  • S.P

    Rico, thank you for a great preview!
    I’m going to switch my X-E1 for a X-T1… Did you test AF and EVF in low-light? Main reason I’ve kept my Canon 6D after purchasing X-E1 is the concert photography, for which X-E1’s AF and EVF are completely unusable.
    Also, what can you say about overall speed improvement (and single-AF), compared to X-E1?

    • EVF seems to work as stated. AF has always been okay with me, but I’m very good at using it. ;)

  • marco

    Thanks Rico for the preview, any words about the shutter release behavour, and the use of arrows buttons in magnified mf mode?
    How they get a so fast predective af and evf, using the same processor as the xe2?

    • No use of arrows in magnified mode. Bummer.

      • marco

        And the shutter button keep the focus locked after an half release? Btw the new af assist can be a better solution than the old aflock?

        • If that was the case, I would have mentioned it.

        • There’s no connection between Focus Assist and AF-L. As stated in the article, F.A. simply replaces pressing the command dial.

        • marco

          Just read that aflock actually eork as expeced.. it would beeasier to wait the fix.for the shutter release actually :)

          Now waiting for the arrow button fix and for the cropped playback af vertical images :)

          • What cropped playback?

          • i am taloking about the playback of verticam images. when magnifying an area, it’s visualize on a vertical “crop” of the lcd, lcd isn’t fully used.

          • That’s not the case in the X-A1, X-M1, X-E2 and X-T1. Only X-E1 and X-Pro1, which isn’t the topic here, though. So I don’t see a problem that would need fixing. :)

          • ok! i never checked on a more recent camera, so was thinking if was the same as my XP1..

            so ok, one less thing to fix :D

  • Plextor


    Great response time/feedback from you!!

    Another question: I had problems on vacation in bright sun using the 35/1.4 because of the limited 1/4000 shutterspeed. In some models they have a build-in ND filter.

    Is this also build-in in the X-T1?

    • You can’t build ND filters into system cameras. You need to screw them on a lens. Future Fuji cameras might feature higher much shutter speeds.

    • MJr

      The ND was built into the fixed lens of the X100(s), but for a system camera to have it every lens would have to have one built in. And Fuji, built in a silent leaf-shutter too while you’re at it. ;)

      • Cheng K

        I believe that @plextor wants a built in ND filter a la Sony RX10. But then RX10 is as big as D7000. :)

  • Jack LeBoul

    How is the video?
    Any support for PAL?

    • As stated in the article, everything is like in the X-E2. Nothing new to report wrt video. :(

      • Jack LeBoul

        Many thanks Rico.

        Is there a technical reason for this?
        One would think that if the sensor and processor can do 30p surely it can do 25p.

        This is a strange situation.
        In the m4/3 system, Panny does 25/50p while Olympus 30p only.
        Nikon DSLRs do 25/50p while its Nikon 1 only 30p.

        I can only think of Sony and Canon who are consistent with frame rates.

        Anyway it looks like a magnificent camera!

        • MJr

          It’s not that simple, the (image-)processor built in has very specific tasks, so it isn’t as fast or versatile as any ‘ol computer or smartphone even. So far as i know video would use a separate hardware-encoder as it would otherwise be impossible to process and compress that much data efficiently, thus is locked to only specific framerates, sizes, and codecs .. by hardware, not software. So what they need is a new chip, but as Fuji is Fuji, they decided to spend their budged elsewhere. Thanks to that we now have a huge EVF. ;)

          • Jack Le Boul

            Could be.

            I do find it difficult to accept considering that the
            Sony NEX-5n (came out Sep 2011) had a processor which could do 50/60p.

            This is a while ago and both have same size sensor. (not to confuse with smaller m4/3 and 1 inch sensors).

            A top of the line 2014 Fuji camera does not have the processor capacity to do 50p or even 25p (but 30p is ok).

            You could be right, but I am suspect there could be something else.

          • MJr

            Well yeah, Sony is Sony, the technical marvel, if only they knew what to do with it all. ;)

            But again, it’s not about capacity, a video chip simply does or doesn’t do. It can’t think like a computer processor, it can only ‘do’.

  • 25er

    on the official fuji-website, on picture , a Long time exposure (here, 75s) seems to produce an incredibly high amount of hotpix…or how do you interprete this?

    • Hot pixels are usually brighter. I suspect dust on the sensor. Usually that is removed in post but for the official samples there is no custom post processing as far as I know.

      • 25er

        i do not think this can be dust…there are hundreds or thousands of White spots…..really Looks as is this was only due to the Long time exposure. however, i REALLY wonder why SUCH an image sample is posted by fuji itself!! :-/

        • Oh. I didn’t see the white spots, but only the dark ones. Maybe the feature of taking and subtracting a dark image after the long exposure was deactivated. That should remove the hot pixels quite well.

      • 25er

        and even IF it was dust….would be also a shame :D

        • MJr

          Definitely not dust. It’s a common problem with such long exposures, some sensors more than others. Indeed a strange sample to pick, but at least they’re honest. Apparently x-trans is not suitable for astrophotography at the moment .. At least not with jpg, maybe raw software automatically removes it. (certainly would to a week to do by hand!)

        • MJr

          Or well actually any kind of 30s+ exposure, for the one with the stars there is no way of telling which ones actually really are stars, and since that one was taken at ISO6400 rather than the other one at 200 it has a crazy amount of noise reduction. (seems the default amount of DNR was raised again, many of the samples are completely smudged at 100%, not good .. others a bit better, probably different photographers.)

  • Absolutely one of the best reviews ever done. Great job Rico. Your remark about the 56mm being an action lens has been more then adequately proven, and it is what I had expected when I read in the 56mm review.

    Thank you again for all of your efforts and sharing with us your eexcellent foto’s.

  • I am impressed by the manual focus mode, congratulations fuji

  • Paul

    What is the camera like ergonomically? Is the shutter button easy to press and reach? Thanks!

  • Ryan

    Would you be able to talk to fuji about the video.
    50p? 25p? 24p!!!?
    These should not be hard to do. At all.
    Just a meantion would be great.

    • Ryan

      This was to Rico

      • adi

        yes + better codec quality, GH3 like, would be perfect

    • You guys should always write to Fuji directly about new features. In the end, numbers do count.

  • Fatboyd

    Hi Rico,
    How do you select AF point with the x-T1? Is it the same with X100s?


    • xcm

      Yes, just a firmware update…. with manual controll …. but I do not think they will do it.

      • If we all write, they could easily add an option to free the selector keys of Fn duty, so they can serve as direct AF frame selector inputs.

        • yc

          can you assign the same function to more than one fn button?

          If so, theoretically, you could assign all 4 fn buttons to AF and start using the directional arrow directly with one setback, the first click will be null.
          its not saving the additional click, but you wouldn’t have to look for the down key to press. just press any of the directional arrow to begin.

          • Yep, that’s possible.

          • i think the main thing to fix here is about moving the enlarged area /af point when in MF mode..

            when in AF mode i find quite fast to press the af button, move the af point and push the shutter button to take your photo.

            but when you are focus checking in MF mode, actually you need to push the AF button, move the AF area, push again the af button or the shutter button, push the wheel to focus check.

            if you want to change point, when enlarged you need to push the wheel or the shutter button again..

            i mean, when enlarged you need nothing less than 4 clicks in different buttons and the arrow pad to move the af area.

            when you normally need only the pad..

    • Yep. Like all the other cameras, especially X-E2.

  • I guess we can take the blank sd slot as a clue that fuji will use the same body for a future higher end model. Probably once they have the new sensor available.

    • Btw. great first look, Rico!

    • There is no blank slot. But yes, future high-end models could have 2 slots.

      • I meant the obvious free space next to the single slot. Looks like it is reserved for a second slot for different internal hardware later on. Of course I can only judge from the pics. ;)

        • This is no free space. It’s a processor/buffer, I’m told.

  • I do not understand Fuji. It was a opportunity to massively gain lot´s of wedding photographers like me. But without 2 card slots, no iso between 100-6400 and no 1/8000 speed no thank you. Other thing I do not understand: build lens with 1.4 and 1.2 and the cameras are not able do work with. To much mushrooms?

    • Raz

      The lack of dual card slots may be an issue but really you don’t need to shoot 1/8000 sec, you put an ND filter on your camera if you want super shallow DOF in bright sunlight.

    • MJr

      “build lens with 1.4 and 1.2 and the cameras are not able do work with.”

      What’s that supposed to mean, because it doesn’t do 1/8000? A little dramatic don’t you think.

    • I wonder why the lack of 1/8000 max shutter speed. Is it because they want to “save” it for the top of the line camera? It took Panasonic and Olympus forever before they finally had mirrorless cameras with 1/8000.

      • They need to develop a new shutter for that. Check back at Photokina time.

  • Josh

    Hi! Thanks for the great preview! One thing: how is the battery life?

    • Raz, easy to say, but when you do need to change light environment lost ´s of time in a day and using several lens to do the work it is just impossible or you loose precious work.

      • MJr

        Fernando, they’re probably saving it for the list of reasons to spend more on a future X-Pro2. It’s a commercial company after all, not a charity. ;)

        Dual-card slot would be a gift indeed. But Lexar is very reliable, SanDisk too really, if you get one of the top models that is.

        Great Lexar production video:

    • MJr

      CIPA 350 shots. Seems average. Not very high, but certainly not bad. It’s a small camera after all, and has a big EVF so you know. Good thing battery’s are cheap on Amazon e.g. and the small grip has a hole in it, and the battery grip … doubles battery life – as you have read in Rico’s text of course. :)

    • It’s as stated in the article and in the specs. I pretty much exactly shot 350 frames with one battery.

  • FmNYC

    Nice development; Would love to walk around with one of these, but it really still is not a DSLR relacement. As much as I dislike the comparatively ugly and large Canon/Nikon bodies, they still have better autofocus and lens options, as well as, sometimes, other features that, although I don’t often use them, are handy, e.g., touch screen or video, or the better flash systems. My question remains if I want to start buying $1,000 lenses for a 16MP system. (And while I appreciate that it’s a stills-first camera — and want it to be — some decent video would be appreciated for occasional live music filming — esp. If I’m buying $1,000 lenses.)

    • fmNYC

      (And I would add that I have an X20 and quite love it)

  • shadowc

    Many thanks! Rico.

    A question. How is the shutter noise? Is it like X-E1 or X100s? Is there a true silence mode?

    • shadowc

      Never mind. You already answered this question. I guess the silent mode is like X-E1, not totally silent.

    • Same shutter as in the other models. There’s a silent mode, which of course doesn’t change the shutter sound.

  • Sanguineus


    Great preview! If I may have request regarding the sample photos you are taking – would it be possible for you to do some test shots of AF tracking at some indoor sports events? Or maybe some rapidly moving objects (read babies or animals) in suboptimal light? I would be very greatful!

    • If you book me for a day, I’ll happily shot anything for you.You can even keep the RAWs. ;)

      • Sanguineus

        That was just a suggestion for future test shots ;) It would probably be cheaper for me to preorder the camera, rather than “book you for a day” ;) I was just curious about the capability of low light AF tracking as it seems to work just perfect in daylight. If it worked just as fine indoors, it would make a perfect gear for volleyball shooting. I’ll definitely be searching the fora for some shots like that, after XT-1 hits the market. Thanks anyway for the response :)

        • I guess I’d like to have a fast zoom for indoor sports. Or use the 56mmF1.2 if I can get close enough.

          • Sanguineus

            Yeah, I usually use 35mm f/1.4 on my X-E1. But I noticed that even wide open at 1.4 at ISO6400 I couldn’t get 1/500s all the time (that would be consinsent with what I’ve read about Fuji not being completely honest about ISO in their cameras). Sometimes it was around 1/250s, 1/320s, which leaves a blur and doesn’t allow for perfect sharpness. That’s why I’m thinking of X-T1 + 56mm f/1.2 combo. I’m shooting amateur games, so getting close to the action is not a problem :) But probably I’ll wait till the end of the year for some news on X-Pro2 – it may be an even better upgrade :)

          • I don’t see a X-Pro2 in 2014, but who knows?

  • Vlad

    Great review! At this point, I think I will definitely be adding Fuji as a second system.

    • TAZ

      Good choice!

    • you’ll be banned from SAR :P

      • Vlad

        Lol. Then I just add the E-M1, which I also like, and I will be banned from everywhere!

        • TAZ

          You’ll be welcomed here at least! :)

          • Vlad


    • Me too ;) !

  • Alex

    Thanks for the review!

    I’m disappointed mini-flash cannot be using for bouncing from the ceiling. Probably this small accessory can be modified by fuji later on.. ??

    This is the thing I most love on my x-e1, I can come up with bright images without any preparations as long as ceiling is white (very often indoors)

    Please fuji fix this somehow on x-t1

  • ronin

    There is an interesting phenomenon. Four and more years ago, we were reading in online forums and from major reviewer blogs about the pending death of the DSLR and the inevitable victory of mirrorless.

    Now that DSLRs have certainly not died, and mirrorless is in even in faster decline, the best effort the mirrorless makers have is trying to mimic DLSRs. An unacknowledged tip of the hat that DSLRs had it right all along. The new Fuji model has superior viewing (closer to that of a DSLR!), a fake prism finder (like a DSLR!) fast autofocusing (almost as fast as a DSLR!), a growing lens collection (sort of like DLSRs!). And: look at me, I’m almost as bulky and heavy as a DSLR!

    I have no axe to grind either way. I own both. But it’s interesting to see the mirrorless do what it takes to survive, and that’s to pretend more and more that its really a DSLR. Even that it’s a film SLR, as they seek to out-SLR DSLRs.

    I think it looks fantastic, but not as fantastical as its price. It will appeal to the small and shrinking group of affluent fans in affluent countries of yet one more mass produced consumer toy that takes the same pictures as the last one they bought six months ago, except the new one is more pricey.

    • apart from the fact that it is mirrorless ;) no mirror in it

    • fmNYC

      “It will appeal to the small and shrinking group of affluent fans in affluent countries of yet one more mass produced consumer toy that takes the same pictures as the last one they bought six months ago, except the new one is more pricey.”

      Yup, pretty much. It is pricey, and with lenses probably not much smaller than Canon’s smallest entry-level DSLR (SL-1, is it?).

      Of course I still like it. My last camera will soon make it to a year old, and is only 12MP (the X20). Was waiting to get the details about this one — I do like Fujifilm — but I’m still not convinced that my $ wouldn’t be better spent on a DSLR body, for which I already own a rather good, albeit huge and heavy, lens (24-70 2.8; my previous DSLR body was stolen some time ago and I’ve been making do with the X20 and, before, a G11, which I didn’t really like all that much).

  • Blame!

    Hello Rico,
    nice review. :)
    Maybe you know if the app “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” also supports the Fujifilm X-E2?
    best regards Blame!

  • John

    Rico, I have a suggestion for the upcoming (?) X-Pro2 to discuss with Fuji: the x-mount cannot fit a full frame (FF) 24x36mm sensor, but has a APS-C sensor 16x24mm, so a square FF sensor should fit. A square FF sensor becomes 24x24mm, and it would work beautifully with all x-mount fujinon lenses! And a square FF revolutionary sensor based on the upcoming (?) organic sensor would sell rather well I think! Here is for hoping!!

  • ronin

    Interesting to see that Fuji is trumpeting that this new model has awarded it the fastest AF of all time. So I guess it is faster than that of the X-E2 announced a few months ago, which at that time Fuji also announced had the fastest AF of all cameras ever.

    (Of course, all kinds of disclaimers were made later. But they weren’t at first. Just like with this new camera, the claims are unequivocal)

    • Flavio

      If you read the press release of both the X-E2 and the X-T1 the disclaimer about the AF says that it is the fastest among APS-C and FF mirrorless systems at the time of announcement…they never stated “fastest AF of all cameras ever” anywhere, thet put the disclaimer right from the beginning.
      Just take the time to read before judging!

      • TAZ

        Yes, just as Flavio mentioned, read the disclaimers!
        So many m43 users get all mad over Fuji’s claim, but no where did say Fuji was faster than the EM-5 or EM-1, so relax Olympus Fan Boys!

    • JK

      I guess you would’ve expected the AF speed to become slower? Really?

  • Carl

    I join others in praising your review – answered most of my questions about the T1. Also many thanks to Fuji for letting you use the camera before its release so that you could write such a comprehensive report. Now on the B&H site via FR…

  • Rico thank you for this write up, could you share any info about AF in normal single mode? Any improvements there?

    • Hard to tell. It’s certainly as fast as the X-E2, which was an improvement over all other X cameras.

  • jpuser

    Fuji is going to give a 16GB UHS-2 SDHC card or M-mount adapter to the user bought X-T1 in Japan.
    What a campaign is in your country ?

    • Mguel

      Nice promo!!

    • JK

      I do understand that the fast UHS-2 card is a nice promotional gift, but the M-mount adapter? Useless for most people that don’t have lenses to use it with.

  • Dis

    Hey, people. We must do something with it. “However, exposure compensation is still useless in manual mode with active Auto-ISO.” What?! Still there?! Now we finally have easy Auto ISO-ISO 200 switch but it’s useless the only two ways to get lower exposure in low light conditions with certain shutter are to roam in auto-ISO menu or setting iso manually for every single shot! That’s epic fail! Fuji has to know that it’s the only reason I keep carring my large, heavy D7000 with no bright 35mm equiv. lens instead of selling all that crap and buing Fuji (for more money). As I use exposure compensation D7000 changes the auto iso! I’m sure, I’m not alone. All Nikons and Canons do that OK, I can live without back button AF, only 3x1eV bracketing, hidden flash compensation and whatever we voted several days ago, but auto-ISO affected by exposure comensation is essential. Patrick, are you reading this? Let’s have a post with a message to Fuji that we claim this feature in next firmware update. Let Fuji prove again that they listen to their customers.

    • Philip

      + the low ISO 100 you can only use .JPG not RAW

    • By all means, write to Fuji and explain exactly what you want.

      • Dis

        Already. Unfortunately although we all know Fuji as a company that listens to their customers, I’m not sure that they take into account everything that’s being sent by their standard feedback form. They seem more likely to hear professionals that they give their preproduction cameras to or others well known professionals that have a blog or smth. I know people are talking about it on the internet for more than a year. And I’m sure there were lot’s of letters to Fuji from these people. Nevertheless nothing changed to this brand new model.

        • A lot has changed.

          • Dis

            I hope, you’re right. Nevertheless I belive that your review has much more chances to change this situtation than my and other’s letters.)

          • Dis

            Hey, Rico. Are you sure with this issue? Can you check it again? Just now I’ve recieved a letter from Russian Fuji support (I’m from Russia) where they write (translation from Russian): “According to the manufacturer’s info, this function is present both in X-E2 and X-T1”. That’s really strange. I’ll try to explain them the situation again. Probably they didn’t get me.

  • Pelle

    By far the least attractive camera from the x line. Price of this one will prolly fall quickly for you folks interested in this.

    • Flavio

      Attractive or capable?
      Because looks aren’t the only thing going for this camera, and probably there are quite a few x-users and wannabe users that might be interested in what this camera is capable of and it’s ergonomics, more than how it looks!

      • Pelle

        To each his own I guess.

  • Philip

    Please can some who tries it find out what is the size of a RAW file at the lowest setting you can take raw?
    Thank you.

    • EJP

      It should be in the neighborhood of 16MB but vary somewhat depending on the amount of detailed captured.

    • RAWs are 14 bit and about 33.4-33.8 MB in size on my Mac.

      • EJP

        Wow, that seems very large – similar in size to RAW files from the Sony a7R, which are about 35MB. Fuji must not be doing any compression at all to the RAW files.

      • EJP

        BTW I’ not talking abut the file once it has been RAW converted, just the base file as in the size reported when you highlight one of the files in the Finder and then hit Cmd-i

        • Philip

          Thanks for that, way too big 33 mb by any chance do you have photoshop if so converting to DNG what size do you end up with, if not thanks anyway.

      • Philip

        Rico Pfirstinger
        Thanks for that, way too big 33 mb by any chance do you have photoshop if so converting raw to DNG what size do you end up with, if not thanks anyway.

  • Thanks Rico, just ordered X-T1 and a bundle of other gear via your amazon link…keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  • Mattia

    Hi Rico, thank you for the great review!
    If you go to the european site of Fujifilm in the exploration page of X-T1 you can see what seems to be a pre-production layout of the back of the camera, as I posted in Facebook here:

    Rico what do you think? It’s possible?

  • Hi,

    I am wondering about the AF sensitivity in low light like at a wedding reception? Thinking about switching to the x series for wedding photography coverage but I still hesitate for the low light AF reliability.

    Thank you

    • TAZ

      I’ve only shot 3 weddings with the X-PRO1 thus far (2 more scheduled late summer, so I can justify pre-ordering the X-T1), but I have not had many issues with low light AF performance. The 55-200 actually gave me the biggest problems, but switched to manual and everything was good.

      If you search online, there are way more experienced wedding photographers out there that use the X series photos and you can read about their experiences.

      I usually go here to read about other X news

  • Stef

    Great news and great review. I’ve dabbled with digital for the past 3 years, still use my old F3 and F4 for my personal work and have been waiting for the “perfect digital”. Before I get slammed, I’ve been a press photographer for the past 26 years.
    I’ve rented the X-Pro 1 along with the 14mm and 35mm, from all reports the 23mm and 56mm are as good. People saying that FF is the answer, better should only be saying this if they want to create a shallow depth of field…. but what these people need to understand is that there is a contrast that great lenses can give us, the numbers mean nothing unless they are sharp wide open. Fuji has managed to give us super sharp optics, fast lenses and most importantly, contrast and character which makes the need for FF obsolete.
    This new Fuji, just the basic fact of being one button or dial away, a magnificent viewfinder and the images that this sensor knocks out is all any GOOD photographer will ever need.
    We’re at the age in digital that SLR’s were in the mid to late 70’s and this camera is no fad like the hype that Sony has been shoving down our throats.

  • Carlos Lacroze


    Though, any news on the X30?

  • EJP

    By far the best retro implementation I’ve seen so far.

  • vkphoto

    Hi Rico, thanks for review.
    in MF mode on X-Pro1 a half pressed shutter release button cancels focus peaking (it disappears), very annoying for macro photography. Is it the same with X-T1? Thanks

  • Benji

    Face detection? Really? This looks like a camera with an identify crises.

  • El Caballero Que Dice Ní

    The Achilles heel of the X cameras has always been the slow autofocus, but Fuji is now claiming to have the world’s fastest autofocus. Is this a realistic boast or just Marketing hype? Does it work well in low light? How does it compare to a DSLR or to the E-M1?

    • Steve

      It’s also the Achilles Heel of the Leica system too….. Lord knows none of these people could take good photos with out the world’s fastest AF:

      William Albert Allard / Lewis Baltz / Werner Bischof / Robert Capa / Henri Cartier-Bresson / Larry Clark / Bruce Davidson / Wiliam Eggleston / Alfred / Eisenstadt / Elliott Erwitt / Robert Frank / Gisele Freund / Lee Friedlander / Ralph Gibson / Ernst Haas / Andre Kertesz / Wiliam Klein / Josef Koudelka / Jim Marshall / Inge Morath / James Nachtwey / Marc Riboud / Alexander Rodchenko / Sebastiaio Salgado / W. Eugene Smith / David Vestal / Roman Vishniac / Alex Webb / Henry Wessel / Garry Winogrand

      • Paul

        Steve – but they had good manual focus. Original fujis didnt even have that

        • Steve

          Normally I avoid these comments sections because its’s just a bunch of gear heads who really can’t operate a camera unless the camera does everything for them. I have an MFA in Photography. I shoot a Hasselblad, a Horseman 4 X 5, and a Leica M4 in addition to an X Pro and X100S. All of this equipment was paid for by prints I have sold. So yep, I know how to MF a camera, thank you very much.

          • Paul

            That makes no sense Steve? I said the reason why great photogs used Leica is that Leicas had a good MF system;the Fuji did not have that originally.

          • You sorta missed his point, then you bragged a whole bunch Mr. MFA. I would think in all those years of schooling you would learn to be a little more empathetic. True a lot of people overhyped the ‘deficiencies’ of the early X cameras, but he’s right that the XPros MF system was nowhere near as intuitive as a smooth short helicoid of an M lens. Nowhere is his post did he accuse you of not knowing how to manually focus a camera, so I don’t see why you’re so on the defensive.

            And if we’re swinging dicks here, I’ll raise your 4×5 an 8×10, and shrink down to my Super 8 cameras, and my Hasselblad, and my FE, and my TLR, and my 5×7. None of these cameras have anything to do with the somewhat clumsy feeling of the early X AF system. So yes, it is nice that both the AF and MF has improved, which was the point made by the OP. I’m sorry you’re so offended by this. Enjoy your MFA. My BA only lets me get so many commercial jobs…oh…wait…

    • TAZ

      Here you go.
      As stated about their AF: Fujifilm research as of January 2014. Compared with other digital cameras equipped with APS-C size sensor or larger, based on CIPA standards, and using internal measurement methods under high performance mode. Attached with XF14mmF2.8 R lens.

    • tim

      There is an Asterix on that claim, read the fine print …

  • Jos

    Comparing it with the Oly, how is the image stabilisation? Curious because it’s important for me and I know the Oly has a very, very good image stabilisation. It’s build in the Oly body so no need for lenses with IS and lenses without IS (and I) will have the benefit of the inside IS.

    • JK

      There is no image stabilization in camera, nor in the prime lenses. All the zoom lenses do have OIS build into them.

  • nwcs

    Any word on when the X-E2 will be able to use the remote camera app to take pictures? Right now it will only send images to the app. I want to see remote control on the X-E2. Will it be in the upcoming firmware?

  • Is the EVF and LCD finally separated? What I mean is can I just shoot with the EVF and set the LCD to just playback/menu? This is my biggest peeve with my X-E2.

    • I can set different view modes for shooting and playback on my X-E1. Shooting and shooting-menu are not differentiated though.

    • Sure, I did mention the View Mode button. ;)

  • mnhoj

    Thank you very much Rico.
    Look like it’ll be a matter of when and not if for me.
    $1300 seems pretty fair but it’s still $1300.

    It’ll be nice to see future PRO and E series versions get the new AF and EVF tech too.

    Go Fuji!

  • Peter

    When I first read about the Nikon Df, I had that X-T in mind! A dream of a camera!

  • DanM

    Rico, great review!

    Great job from Fuji not sitting on their butts too! Listening to feedback, making every new camera better than the last, so as not to hold back the technology. Damn I wanted to invest in a Fuji X as a back up for my full frame DSLR (which isn’t very old) and while the X-E2 really caught my eye, I knew it would never overshadow the DSLR in some areas. Now, they come out with this. It’s small, great EVF, much better AF tracking (love the predictive tracking), great lens choice, and great ergonomics. I’m actually worried to buy one in case my DLSR doesn’t actually get used!

    Hmmm maybe I’d have to get an X-E2 for that reason alone!

  • Wraith

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with all of this. Just pre-ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait until March when it arrives! Sold all of my Canon cameras and lenses last week and I’m not looking back.

  • Peter Gilbert

    How is the viewfinder for folks who are left eye dominant? Can you get your right thumb to operate the AEL and AFL buttons without jamming into your nose? What about wearing eyeglasses?

    • As stated in the article, it’s great for us lefties. As for glasses, it’s better, too.

  • Roger

    Based on sales rank, it appears that this is already a hot seller on Amazon USA and the first daytime hours on their site is just beginning.

  • Richard Franiec

    Thank you for detailed and no nonsense info from practical point of view, much appreciated.
    This camera’s concept and its execution excites me a lot more than the previous Fuji models.
    I’m in the process of deciding on capable, mirror less compact companion to my 1Dx. So far, X-T1 could be the front runner based on nicely maturing X system. Please, follow up on your experiences using this cam (and various lenses). I will definitely be watching that closely.



  • I hope that Fuji will provide a choice of eyecup that protubaretes more from the rear of the camera. It will shield more efficiently from the sun coming from the side and will allow the nose to be further away from the LCD in order to avoid smearing!

  • Rap

    Thanks for sharing !

    Happy to here the AF performance. Hope it works well with 55-200 as welll

  • Manousos

    I will take advantage of the exciting news, to ask something not directly related to this article. Do you think that the release of X-T1, will lead to a price drop in X100s?

    • JK

      Since both products are in different categories of cameras I don’t think so. The price will drop as soon as a X200 will see the light of day. Certainly not earlier.

  • decineper

    I don’t see Rico’s mention of the T1’s GPS, but I presume it’s the standard wifi-based GPS through someone’s API — probably Google — meaning that GPS exists only in specific wifi-capable urban environments. One bit of awesomeness for hikers/travelers would be GPS tagging via tethering to a mobile device, enabling GPS tagging anywhere in the world. Do we really have this new feature with the T1? Or upgrade path for an E2? Does the T1 make my Eye-Fi card obsolete?

  • Arsalan


    Is it possible to face detection and AF selection on at the same time? In X-E2 it was one or the other. If you turn on face detect, you are left with only the middle AF point.

    Also, are there any UI changes?

    • No. Business as usual.

      I hope/think I covered all GUI changes in the article.

      • Arsalan

        What about face detect and AF point selection?

        • Business as usual. I would have mentioned any improvement. Really! ;)

  • Rap

    Question to Rico: Does the hand grip affect the tilt LCD operation?

  • leocat

    Hello: Rico
    Great review, I ordered mine list night. If it is as good as your review as regards to auto focus and EVF refresh rate, my Nikon equipment my go up for sale.
    Thanks; Again

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Great (p)review Rico! As you wrote, the use of some dials (ISO) is a little bit awkward..

    By the way, was that you shooting in Venice?! If so, next time drop a message somewhere! ;)

    • Nope, I’m almost never involved in anything official from Fuji. I even declined to become an X photographer. I love Venice, though, shot there with a Fuji S100fs. Maybe I return with an X-T1 in spring, who knows? So please drop your contact inromation at rico at Thanks!

  • Marcus

    Is it your feeling that the AF now rivals DSLR’s or would you say it’s still a step or 2 behind?

    Also, you don’t like the ISO dial. Can you still adjust the ISO with menus that limit max iso like on the previous X versions?

    • It’s better than the AF of the Sony SLT-A55 I had 2 years ago. There’s still an Auto-ISO menu, of course. I put that on an Fn button.

  • herstal

    SOOC JPEGS show the same ultra noise reduction and smearing. Am I wrong?

  • Armanius

    Rico, you’ve done it again! Awesome first-look to the XT1. The most informative and best first-look out of all the ones that came online today (yesterday night). Thank you!!

    Have you mounted the EF-X20 on the XT1 yet? I’d love to see how what that looks like!

    Rico, with all the references to the EM1, am I correct to assume that you have your hands on one? How does the AF-S speed and accuracy of the XT1 compare to the EM1, and especially under low light situations?

    Very excited about the XT1. My only cons about it are 1/4000 shutter speed, and the EVF on the DSLR hump format. I like the rangefinder look better, it’s also nice not to smear my facial grease all over the LCD.

    Bring on the XPro2! Thanks Rico!

    • Nope, I have no E-M1. I am more than busy using my X series stuff. I am just quoting sources that are hopefully correct. And even if I had an E-M1, how could I accurately measure its frame rate or EVF lag here in my living room? ;)

      • Armanius

        No, I wasn’t expecting you to measure frame rate or EVF lag. Just your subjective “feel” of the auto focus speed. :)

        With the nice improvements on the XT1, one can dream of what the XPro2 will have …

  • Ricci

    Thanks Rico! Another great review, as always.
    There are so many reviews out there, but yours is always pleasant to read, back by pleasant images. They really demonstrate very well the capabilities of the reviewed item that most people care.

  • Armanius

    Maybe I missed it, but can ISO control be assigned to one of the front or rear command dials?

    I love the “look” of ISO top mounted dials, but I find it much more practical to control ISO via a front or back dial.

  • Marcus

    Thanks for the quick answer to my last question .One more for you. What about focusing with fuji’s slower lenses like the 60mm?

  • peter

    The most annoying “feature” of the camera is that you still can’t just use arrow keys to move focus point. A need to press some other button first is outright infuriating considering that there are lots of other customizable buttons now. :(

  • Clinton

    Is there any improvement in regards to AF-S? Over the X-E2? When the X-E2 came out, it claimed to have a .08 response time with the 14mm. And many wrote that it didn’t live up to that claim, especially once available light dropped.

  • Dear Rico!
    Thanks so much for all the valuable information!
    Besides many other great qualities of the his camera there is this opportunity to use third party lenses via an adapter ring.
    Question: because you need to close the diaphragm physically to the required value, does that have an influence on the brightness of the EVF?
    As long as the camera is not in stock in any photo shop it remains guessing “how big” the view in the EVF actually is. If I take my Canon EF 35 mm 24×36 camera and look through the viewfinder, can I say that the X-T1 EVF gives me the same format or will will it be some 2/3 of the size or whatever?
    Thanks in advance for your reaction and looking forward to your book about the X-T1 :)

    • Too big for me, actually, so I prefer using normal mode, not full mode. Stopping down always has an effect on live view (there’s less light), but the T1 is perfectly equipped for that. It’s Fuji’s best camera for adapted lenses, as it keeps the frame rate up even when EV goes down.

  • Please for a future FW, ask Fuji to enable the exp comp wheel to be functional in Auto ISO in M mode !! It’s a very useful feature on the Sony A7 (though not very well implemented on that camera).

    • Dis

      Very useful on all cameras! Why not Fuji? Mystery…

  • Andy

    1/4000 shutter – bad for sunny days( need 1/8000
    min ISO 200 – bad, we need ISO 100

  • Fabio Amodeo

    Dear Mr Pfirstinger,
    thank you for the great job on the new camera, by far the most informative text available. I like the camera, and I think the most valuable asset is the wireless function. It opens a new world of possibilities in all kinds of photography where the camera is better separated from the photographer: architectural photography with the use of a pole, photography from a drone (it is not useful only for aerial photography: it can also be used for the reproduction of artworks difficult to be reached, like frescos or sculpture works at great heights), and I think wildlife punters and sport photographers will find many uses as well. Separating viewing from the camera is a big step, doing it wireless is a revolution. Now my question is: do you know the maximum distance of usability of the system? And will it be able to reproduce some other information, like the artificial horizon or the framing lines?

    • It depends on your wifi device, I’d expect 30-50m max. Less with walls. There’s no artificial horizon and there are no framing lines. Yet. All this can be added by upgrading the app.

  • David B

    I hope some of the changes like multi color peaking comes to my XE2.

  • Bonny W

    I love my X-E2 – just took it to New Zealand over Christmas and enjoyed shooting with it so much. But the weather-sealing on the XT1 would have come in handy several times on that trip – this looks like a beautiful new offering from Fuji. I just really, really wish they would improve their bracketing so we could do more with HDR. The current set-up just isn’t good enough to really take advantage of all that HDR can offer now. In any event, I love my Fuji cameras, and the lenses are superb – could not be happier with those.

  • Fascinating times we live in. The problem I have had with EVF and LCD screens equaly to date has been the viewfinder lag. I shoot animals…and they move about alot and do not pose, so WYSIWYG is my most important criteria in chosing camera bodies. I ventured out and tried the G1 Panny shortly after it was released, and realized in three captures that I could never use the body for animal portraiture. I would try cameras at shows…and at stores. My simple test is to have a person swing their head from right to left counting “one one thousand, two one thousand” at each ohpposite end of the swing. I try to capture the nose facing directly towards me. Take say 20–30 shots, and see how well you do. Try the same with a pro DSLR with OVF (45-70 ms shutter lag) and see if the EVF does as well. If it does, let me know the camera model and I will get in line to buy one.

    I have purchased 10+ PS/Bridge/mirrorless cameras with EVF or LCD, and so far none can do real time captures as it appears to me their viewfinders are showing you the past…and when you make the capture….you get the present time….which is NOT what the viewfinder was showing me, and not what I had intended to capture.

    Cameras I have used/tried which failed the test:

    Samsung 4/3s various models 100/200 series
    Sony DSC-S70,SLTa33, nex7, SLTa77
    Fuji S7000,F30, F100fd, F40fd
    Olympus OM-D E-M5
    Panasonic FZ10, FZ20, FZ7, G1, G3, LX5, LX7
    Canon G2, G9, s100

    I realize and look forward to the day when an EVF will be able to match my results with OVF, and my efforts to find a camera that might…investing my own money in that search should make the doubters realize that I am NOT an OVF fanboy who is unwilling to try the new technologies. It is just that so far, I haven’t found an EVF model that will work for my work.

    In the past I have shot with the following OVF models which worked OK:

    Canon 10D, 20D, 40D, Xti, 5D, 7D, 6D
    Nikon D100, D3, D90, D700, D 7000, D600, D800
    Fuji S1

    and the following OVF cameras that did NOT work OK due to shutter lag issues:

    Canon 300D,
    Fuji S2
    Nikon 3000 series bodies…..

    generally…any shutter lag over 100 ms is not usable if you want to capture what you see in the vewfinder….while many of the mirrorless cameras do have shutter lags in the 50–70ms range, I think they have EVF lags of a similar amount, which if added to the shutter lag, means total lag of 150ms or so…..totally unusable for moving subjects.

    Interesting note….my LX7 has a shutter lag after focus of 10 ms. If you look over the top of the camera and base your timing on what you see with your naked eyes…it is incredibly fast and highly usable….if you watch the LCD you will miss the shot.

  • Rico, thank you for the review. It’s getting harder to wait for the X-Pro 2 with X-T1 announced.

  • Eisenvater

    Nice Camera! … Better dials than Sony A7… old fashion but that’s a best practice design. I would switch the ev dials with iso dial… that’s all. Thumb up!

  • Tom

    Congratulations on helping with the launch of another X series camera, potentially their most successful to date! You’ve been at this 2-3 years and it seems to be a labor of love, at least in part. Not sure how lucrative the Rocky Nook deals are. :) Have you given thought to how long you will continue this path? You have been a valuable resource to enthusiasts and pros alike. Thank you once again from myself and if I may, all Fuji users who have benefited from your efforts to date.

    • Thank you all for your kind praise and thoughtful feedback. Sadly, it’s true, I am losing money with my work, so it must be a labor of love. I guess that’s something I have in common with Fuji’s digital camera division. :) I will keep it up it as long as I can sustain it.

      It’s really nice to read all the supportive notes from fellow Fuji users here on FR and in other forums. My Flickr account had more than 650,000 hits today, a new personal record, and in less than a day, this First Look has already reached about 25,000 readers in less than 24 hours. That’s not too shabby for a niche brand with niche products for a niche audience in a niche market.

      • Kaushik Parmar


        You are so lucky to have your hands on new X-T1, you have done great job, thank you very much. Photos looks stunning, so clear and soothing to eyes!

        I am huge fan of Fujifilm and using Fujifilm cameras since so many years now, I am really exited about this new X-T1 it is so tempting, I am dreaming about it!

        I am very much of fond of video, do you think video has improvement? I wish Fujiiflm deliver video features like Panasonic GH2, I also have GH2 and it is word’s best video machine!

        Do you have any video recorded clips? Did you shoot simultaneously video? I would love to see video performance, if you can share with us, many of others will be interested.

        I made some videos with Fujifilm X100S, if you would like to see them here are they:

        And this is my exclusive facebook page on my city Ahmedabad, all photos are taken by Fujifilm X100/ X100S:

        Kind Regards,
        Kaushik Parmar
        Ahmedabad (India)

        • Since video is supposed to be the same as in the X-E2, I didn’t test it. I had about 8 hours to learn the camera (w/o documentation) and take all samples. The camera arrived on Saturday, and I had to write the article on Monday. So video simply wasn’t on my radar.

          • Kaushik Parmar

            Thanks for your reply.

          • Kaushik Parmar

            And Rico, if you get chance to see my work, would be really good for me, feedback & suggestions are welcome, thanks again!

          • I looked at the videos. Great colors, captures the atmosphere very well. I have seen professionals producing great videos with the X100, X100S and X-Pro1. If you know what you are doing, you can overcome most technical deficiencies. That said, video still is a weak spot, at least compared to other brands and cameras.

          • Kaushik Parmar
          • Kaushik Parmar


            I am glad you like videos, yes Fuji’s colors are so nice soothing to eyes!

            See these more:



            This you will like, do not miss this:


            And give your feedback on my this page: All photos are clicked by X100 & X100S:

            And I would really appreciate if you can provide me video links of X100S and X-E2, I am really interested, please if you can share.

            My facebook page has flavor of incredible India, spare some time and I am sure you will like some photos, I am looking forward to have your feedback on my photos this is page:

            And this is my personal facebook page, would love to be your friend so then I can be in your touch:

            Thanks you very much dear friend.

            Kind Regards,
            Kaushik Parmar

          • Ver nice! It really makes me want to revisit India, such a great country to take pictures at. When I was there, everybody wanted to be photographed. Anyway, I may have found a minor video improvement in the X-T1 over the X-E2: You can also use custom white balance in video mode

          • Kaushik Parmar


            I am glad you like my videos, and I am glad that you have been in India, yes India is an incredible country, and I know how you would have spend your time here, be here again if you get time, now it is changed much.

            Oh, you found better videos than X-E2, this is improvement, I am looking forward to new X-T1.

            Thank you very much for taking out time to see my work, really appreciate.

            Kind Regards,
            Kaushik Parmar

      • X100s

        Rico, I think Fujifilm should seriously think about employing you. Your honest take on reviewing, knowledge and communications skills would be useful to them.

        • Since they get all my advice for free, I doubt they have any plans to throw money at me. But it’s a nice thought. Of course, being employed would mean that I would lose credibility as an independent “X-Pert”, so I’d have to stop blogging and write in forums. Sure, I could publish “official” stuff, but aren’t the Fuji Guys, Brandon and the cool Australian already doing this? So be careful what you wish for. ;)

  • Marco

    I jumped into the Fuji X system last October, when I decided to buy the newly introduced X-E2 together with the must have 35mm 1.4R. Since then, I’ve been planning carefully the next steps to take to acquire additional Fujinons and put together a coherent lens system. The XF 23mm 1.4 was the second lens I picked.

    Although the X-T1 is undeniably a fabulous camera, I guess it would be more advisable for me to keep investing my money in additional lenses, rather than switching already from the X-E2 to the X-T1. In particular, It will probably make more sense to confirm my preorder for the 56mm 1.2, which is expected to be available soon and postpone any camera upgrade later in the year.

    That’s what I will most likely be doing, even though the X-T1 is quite tempting and provide the convenience of wide range of controls/dials readily accessible to setup the camera with no efforts.

    It’s quite hard to refrain from reaching to the wallet and go for the X-T1, but at this stage I believe the purchase of new lenses should remain my priority, with the 56 1.2 mm being the very next one on my personal list… In the meanwhile, I will keep enjoying the X-E2 and try to get the most out of it.

  • Thanks for the great “First Look”. Do you have any idea if there will be a Windows version of the Camera Remote app at some point in the future? Thanks!

    • So far, Fuji hasn’t released anything for Windows Mobile, so sadly, I have no idea.

  • Alvin

    Wow, the colors! They look even better than what I’ve been seeing on X-pro and XE2
    What film mode are you using?

    • It’s pretty much all Provia. I think I used Pro Neg. Hi for the castle shot.

  • EJPB

    Being an X-Pro1 owner, I can only conclude – except for the weather sealing – that a lot now promised with this X-T1 was even promised when I bought my X-Pro1. I’ve gone back to a pro-DSLR (for many reasons) since a lot of those marvelous capabilities and features proofed in the field to be very average or non-existing, Certainly not if you’re on a professional mission, everything has to be the first time right. So this is for sure not the camera I will buy. When the far-too-much-postponed X-Pro1 will be featured with some kind of spectacular organic sensor or would even go FF, the according mainstream RAW support has no longer artifacts and this camera concept would make the same kind of changeover as the X-T1 seems to do in many fields I might eventually change my mind. But dear Fujifilm, keep in mind that from those 700000 X-series buyers, there are quite some of the first wave still being very disappointed in the X-Pro1’s AF-behavior, shutter lag and other very disturbing quirks.

  • X-E1 User

    Do all the improvements over the X-E1 in focussing speed and tracking also apply when using the “old” 35mm lens?

    • I already found that the CDAF of the X-E2 worked faster than on the M1/E1 with several primes.

  • Mickey

    Does the built-in RAW converter, when I use the tablet and camera wifi connection?

  • jpuser
  • Anthony

    Hello Rico,

    One more question about the EVF : I’ve read in various reviews that the X-E2 ‘s EVF framerate was at least 50 fps in low light (huge step up from the X-E1). However I don’t know if that’s true since I couldn’t find anything precise on fuji’s website. Anyway Fuji now claims that with the XT-1 it’s 54 fps, which is not that much more…

    What’s your input on that matter ? Is the EVF framerate in low light really different between these 2 cameras ?

    Thank you !


    • As mentioned in the article, it is very different at 1.6 EV. So it totally depends on how low you actually go, and of course the brightness of your lens.

      • Anthony

        I understand, but I don’t know how 1,6 ev translate in real life… And is the X-E2’s transition from 50 to 20 fps progressive, or is there a threshold ?

        I’m trying to figure out if the difference in frame rate in everyday use is real, or if I’ll only see in with lights totally off ;-)

        Thank you very mch for all your work !

        • The X-E2 is already much better than the X-E1 in this regard, so it’s hard to tell if the X-T1 will be required for your particular task and situation.

          • Marco

            I’m of the opinion that the most notable enhancement in the X-T1, when compared to the previous X camera, is the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. Looks like it really works very well! Thanks for providing an extended coverage of this feature in your review, although you had a very limited time to test the camera!

            In my personal list of “Likes”, the extensive number of dials and on-camera controls are easily the second best improvement, which will certainly make the X-T1 a joy to use and setup according to the different shooting conditions.

            Third place to the size/magnification of the EVF, rather than its pure performance.

            Thanks again for your nice review!

        • It doesn’t really matter practically, because both cameras work in WYSIWYG mode and up to ISO 6400. As long as you keep the shutter speed at 1/30s or faster, you will have a smooth display with both cameras.

          The only mode where there could be a practical difference is setting the camera to M exposure mode and setting SCREEN SETUP > PREVIEW EXP. IN MANUAL MODE > OFF. This is the only remaining non-WYSIWYG mode.

  • I’m trying to grasp the remote release situation on this camera. The threaded shutter release button was removed for weather sealing, but in order to use a remote release you have to open the USB door and doesn’t that take away the weather sealing? Is there a way to plug a remote release into the exterior of the camera or is the only way to do it is to open that USB door? Also is there an IR remote or only a smartphone remote?

    If there’s no way to use a remote release without compromising the weather sealing significantly, then it seems pretty limiting to shooters that use remote releases. And in the weather that you’d want a remote release without opening the USB door, you probably also wouldn’t want to use a smartphone.

    Seems to me that this is a big flaw in the camera. What am I not getting about the remote release situation?

    • Marco

      Hi Brian,

      as I understand it, it will be possible to fully control the camera via the appropriate Fujifilm app installed on any supported iOS/Andorid device. Alternatively, it looks like that a wireless remote should also be available in the forthcoming months. These wireless controls will be handy in all those situation where the use a USB cable is not practical, like in the examples you’ve provided.

    • Anthony

      Thanks Rico for your fast and detailed answers…

  • Craig

    Thanks Rico, AWESOME report! Thank you for an overwhelming amount of time and hard work you put into this to benefit we X-Shooters! Cheers

  • Lumen

    Hello Rico,

    The buttons/controls on the rear of the X-T1 seem all flush with the body (because of waethersealing as you stated before). They also seem rather small. How translates that in shooting experience compared to X-E2 ?

    Thanks for your fantastic practical review !

    • I prefer the buttons of the X-E2. The entire weather sealing is a marketing gimmick for me, as I also use all my other X cameras in any weather, on the beach, near the sea, in the mud, in the snow, in heavy tropical rain etc.

      I am ruthless, and the cameras always deliver.

      But as I said before, plenty of users appear to get instant orgasms when they read “weather sealed”, so I guess it sells more cameras, even though I personally think it isn’t necessary.

      • John

        Remind me never to buy a used camera from ya…. *grin*

        • Hey, at least they have proved that they work. It’s like a toughness test. Only the best survive. And wouldn’t you want to buy the best? But no worries, nothing is for sale. Ever.

  • Thanks Rico for another awesome review :) Two main Q’s:

    1. What is the best address to write to Fuji, to maximise chances of getting our voice heard? Is there a particular person we should address it to? (Dale Carnegie in his classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” said, people love hearing their name, hehe). I just reeeeally want Exposure Compensation, in Manual + Auto ISO mode, instead of finding creative ways around it.
    2. Is it true on the X-T1 that, unlike the X-E2, you cannot save various Auto ISO configurations (with different MSS – is highest still only 1/500th?) in the Quick Menu? Thanks Rico!

    • 1) Always write to your local office.
      2) Yep, I foresaw that when I handled a mockup in November and urged the development team to consider this loss of functionality. As expected, that didn’t help. But don’t worry, they care about shitstorms, and there’s always at least one in those “nice” dpreview forums. So you never know, maybe a firmware update will change the ISO A position on the dial with a fully electronic ISO mode like in the X-E2. OTOH, that would mean that the quick menu is one position short, as there’s now the face detection option. Of course, I have already suggested a second quick menu level that can be fully user customized. They actually seemed to like this idea, so maybe later…?

      • JP

        At least you can set a Fn button to access the Auto ISO menu directly I believe. Maybe they could tweak the menu so that MSS is at the top and you can change it directly without pressing OK? Or the Auto ISO menu could maybe save custom settings.

        Also maybe when both ISO and Shutter speed are on Auto the electronic dial could switch to fine-tuning the MSS ?

  • Bemused

    I wasn’t really that interested in the X-T1 until I read the previews… now I’m sorely tempted.

    • Steve

      Thanks Rico :)

  • Kilika

    I wonder who else is waiting for or want a silver version of XT1.

    • Marco

      As I’ve already written many times, I do prefer by a good margin the silver/black versions of all the Fujifilm X series cameras … I hardly believe it possible for people to like an all black X100s more than the original silver version! But it’s just me (and quite possibly some others) and an exquisite matter of personal taste!
      That’s what it should be: a specific matter of personal preference. I cannot stand all those people (not many luckily) who writes on the forums that all black cameras are the real PRO ones. It’s totally non-sense…

      As for the X-T1, although I’d love it to be also available in silver, I tend to believe that there’s some production costing issue that Fuji considered before deciding whether to offer it in two color variants or just one. It’s undeniable, as many have pointed out many times already, the Fuji has limited margins on their cameras and this is possibly even more true for the nicely featured X-T1.

      If they wish to gain more market share, it was certainly a necessity to place the X-T1 on the market at a competitive price… and this would have been quite difficult if Fuji had to maintain two production lines for the X-T1, at least for the body components (silver and black).

      Standardized manufacturing process helps maintaining the production cost at the minimum level, thus allowing for a reduced retail pricing of any product.
      Had Fuji introduced the X-T1 in two different two colors, its price would have probably be at least USD/EUR 50 higher than what they managed to achieve. In this regard, I really believe the current price of the Fuji X-T1 to be competitive… I might actually think about getting it some day, although I’m perfectly happy with my X-E2 (silver, of course…).

  • Rico,

    Thanks for the informative article. One thing I’m curious about is the iOS app: can you set a defined exposure length? I do a lot of long exposure work and, while I know I could buy (another) remote for this, the app seems like the perfect alternative – want a 4min exposure? Just punch it into the app…

    Looking at the mockups and screen shots, I don’t see any obvious way to do this, so I thought I’d ask you directly. Thanks in advance.

    • 30s is the maximum. No bulb.

      • Ah… No Bulb on the app or no Bulb on the camera?

        • LOL! No B on the camera would be really bad…

          • That it would! OK, thanks for the info :-)

  • Kian

    Would you recommend replacing a X-Pro1 with the X-T1?

  • Gil

    I’m an X-Pro1 shooter and the biggest issue I have with that camera is it takes 2 hands to switch the AF points. (AF and Dpad). My Nikon defaults the Dpad to changing the AF points and it is way faster.

    Does is still work that way on this camera?

  • ZCAI

    If the refresh rate is 54 frames/sec, how can the display delay be 0.005 sec? 1/54=0.018 sec, which means each frame would remain on display for 0.018 sec. If the view changes at the beginning of this period, it has be wait for 0.018 sec before it gets reflected in the next frame. Am I not understanding this correctly? Someone please explain to me.

  • fstop

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned….i am extremely interested in the X-T1, but am hoping that it will have some sort of “Quiet” or “Silent” mode (as my X10 does)…does anyone know if the camera can shoot with limited or silent operation? I’m a photojournalist that regularly doesn’t want to use my (loud) D4 for assignments such as court trials, etc.

  • fstop

    No reply? Rico? Can anyone comment (who has seen/used the X-T1) as to the shutter/drive loudness? Is there any Quiet or Silent modes on the camera??

    • patrick
      • fstop

        Thanks, Patrick.
        Hopefully that is just close-mic’ed though ;)

        Have seen a “Silent” mode mentioned in the spec sheet, but not sure what it is referring to. Am hoping there could be an actual Silent mode (such as X10/20) particularly as there is no mirror slapback. But it could just be turning off the beeps/confirmation sounds and not the shutter/drive. Really hoping someone could shed more light on the Silent mode.

        • John

          My understanding is that there is no way to silence the focal plane shutter and it will be either the same loudness as the X-E2, or perhaps slightly less loud. This means it will not be nearly as silent as the X100s or other leaf-shutter models.

          • fstop

            @John__Thanks. Kinda what i was thinking, but still had hopes for the silent mode, as i sometimes even use my X10 for such times.

            X-T1 still sounds like a great camera though–if it had a higher x-sync speed and silent mode it might be about perfect for me though ;)

  • You guys are funny. :)

    Great first look, thank you for that. At first, the hump was a turnoff, but then I fell for the features of this camera, hard. Looking forward to holding on in my hands – I cannot wait to try out the new viewfinder, and the smartphone app. :)

  • Volker

    hi, does the x-t1 have a focus mode that the cam automatically focusses on the eyes (portrait af), and if yes, does this work only in single af mode or also in continuous af-mode?
    thank you for any infos! regards volker

    • Face Detection works in all focus modes.

      • Volker

        thank you very much!

  • Alex

    Why there’s a limitation of 1/180s max flash sync speed?
    Is there any innovative reason behind, or using HSS is out of date technique so far?
    What kind of body do you guys recommend for studio photography and outdoor HSS ?

    What if newlyweds want a photo away from trees in a beautiful panoramic view at midday? Should I rely on trigger trap via my mobile phone!! or diffuser (being at the same time very compact and silent fuji style photographer)?

    Honestly, I can’t believe fuji are proud of lack from HSS on their absolute best body in 2014.
    Too sad if this is has been marketing decision… Personally for me no HSS on X-T1 would be a bitter purchase

    • Alex

      If fuji wants people not to look back to nikon, they should give us the MAXIMUM!

      We as fuji customers are enough patient already with the lack of lenses! For HSS reason only I will save my cash until marketing department decide to “unlock” this feature for the next bodies…

      Good luck modern guys

  • Justin

    Hi Rico. With belated thanks for this excellent introduction to the X-T1, I now have my own one and would like to ask (while awaiting your book on it) if your suggested settings for a “JPEG profile for RAW shooters” in your X-P1 book will work just as well on the X-T1? Many thanks.

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