Did Fuji stop the production of the X-PRO1?


I tell you, Fuji is doing a great job in keeping this secret. But I thought it’s time for an update to what belongs the X-PRO2. Here is what I can share with you for now:

Some FR-readers hunting for the X-PRO1 in stores all over the world told me that they were not able to find it because they were told by the stores that Fuji is going to replace it with the X-PRO2 next year.

If true, the aim of the stores now is to empty the X-PRO1-stock as soon as possible before the replacement hits the market in 2014. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some price drops on the X-PRO1 in near future.

But the big questions are: 1) When it will be announced and 2) what are the specs of the X-PRO2?

This is the complicated part of the rumor. The feedback from new / anonymous sources to what concerns the specs and release date is very different. So I’m right now trying to triple check everything with my trusted sources.

Therefore, take everything with a grain of salt until I get some reliable information from trusted sources.

I’m tirelessly working on the specs and the release date. Any help to dig up the truth would be appreciated. You can share rumors via email at fujirumor@gmail.com or anonymously via rumor box.

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X-E2 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / Fotomundus24 GER / PCHstore /

XQ1 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / PCHstore /

 photo d_zps613842de.jpg

Is this the back side of the XQ1? (and more images of the X-E2)

 photo BWx8Y-GIEAAjRNC_zpsd21c0e92.jpg

Is this the back side of the XQ1? FR-source dr. photo rumors (who already sent me the X-E2 images) said that this is the rear side of the XQ1, but that the button will be red and not pink. f1.8 – 4.9, WiFi, compact body, 2/3 X-Trans sensor… and ON/OFF button (it was missing on the XF1). The price in the UK should be of £349 for the XQ1 and either £799.99 or £899.99 for the X-E2.

And remember the X-pert corner special tomorrow at 04:30 London time: new firmware update for the X100, XQ1 and X-E2. I’ll collect every useful information on the web and share it with you on Fujirumors in a live-stream session!

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 photo BWdIyawIUAAImln_zpsfb5786e7.png

Also our friend at digicame-info was able to get more images of the X-E2 and XQ1
 photo fuji_xe1_silver_f_b001_zps0972d507.jpg
 photo fuji_xq1_silver_zps7628ec88.jpg

X100 super-firmware available tomorrow! + one new X-E2 pic!

 photo XPCleer_zpse87823f9.jpg

I already told it yesterday to you, but now I’ve received confirmation from 2 new sources: the X100 firmware will come tomorrow. The long expected improvements could be available for download the same day of the X-E2 / XQ1 launch. I said that this time I don’t believe it until I see it the download link on Fuji’s global page, but now I’m pretty confident that it will happen! Tomorrow it’s Kaizen day ;).

Spread the word via google+, facebook and twitter. Here is one more new X-E2 image via Digicameinfo:

You can rest this weekend, so don’t sleep tomorrow at 04:30 London time ;)


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Full Frame X200 coming 2014?

 photo x100s_zpsa7d55e5e.png

You can save $120 on the X100S here if you purchase the X100S at top rated eBay reseller camerland. Good deal also on a demo X100S at eBay seller kenmorecamera here. You will save $100 here.

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This could be Fuji’s answer to the FF Sony A7r  and FF Sony A7 ($1,700). According to xjrumo (translation) Fuji will go full frame next year. The fixed lens X200 will focus faster than the Sony RX1 and have in body image stabilization!

xjrumo has proven to be right in the past… and let’s hope also this time. I’ll immediatly contact my sources and try to confirm it ASAP.

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X-pert corner special this Friday + XF1 huge discount at AmazonUS

 photo firstlook_zpsafad789a.jpg

First of all, thanks to all sources, new, anonymous and trusted once who supported Fujirumors in these months. Thanks to you it isn’t a mystery anymore which cameras Fuji will launch on October 18 (X-E2/XQ1). But stay tuned for Rico’s first look in the next X-pert corner special on Friday 18th… there is still a lot to discover about the new X-cameras! The announcement should be at 00:30 NY-time, but I’m trying to confirm it with trusted sources! I’m looking forward to more rumors from you ;-)!

Rico just told me he’ll post a first look on a “new X-mount camera” on Friday. Now, if we look at the rumors shared on Fujirumors I’ve almost no doubts that it will be the X-E2.

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have a great start in this new week!

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You already know it: after just one year the XF1 is ready to be replaced by the XQ1. Now it’s time to empty the warehouses: AmazonUS is offering the XF1 for just $269 here!

found via dealsrunner
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