X-PRO1 to be replaced by the X-PRO1S?


I told you, this is a really complicated rumor. I’ve heard several versions, all from new and unconfirmed sources. But which is the correct one?

Take it with a grain of salt, but here is what I think could be the correct version after working on this rumor for some time now:

The successor of the X-PRO1 could be called X-PRO1S and remain APS-C.

If it’s true that there will be “just” an “S” update, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it coming in the first half of 2014.

This could also mean that an eventual X-PRO2 could be something radically different. Full Frame? Organic sensor? I remind you that a new source told me here that there will be an FF X-series camera with interchangeable lenses coming late 2014 early 2015. Could this be the X-PRO2?

I don’t know it now, but I’m working to dig up something more for you.

Now, looking at the comments in the X-dreams post here, opinions are differing a lot on the question if Fuji should go Full Frame or stick with APS-C. Rico suggested to launch a poll so here it is:

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Weather sealed X body design inspired by the Fujica ST

 photo fujci_zpsed61407a.jpg

So, I told you that I would have some spare time today. Therefore, as promised, here is an update about the weather sealed X coming at the CES in January.

A source, who was right in the past, just told me that the new weather sealed X coming in January will have a FujicaST-like design.

Now, a new source previously compared the design to the one of the OM-D E-M5… which one do you like more? Vote the poll at the bottom.

So here is an updated rumor list about the weather sealed X, all launched by Fujirumors.

  • bigger and better EVF
  • APS-C X-Trans II
  • double SD-card slot
  • weather sealed body
  • launch in January (CES)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line
  • FujicaST-like design
  • work in progress :)

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Here is the poll. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a design comparison and NOT a size comparison.

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XF10-24 not coming until February 2014? + XF10-24mm photos (dummy)

 photo 24_zpsaf97db89.jpg

[UDPATE: You’re thinking to switch to the X? Then save up to $1,400 on the XF lenses and X-E2 (or X-E1, X-PRO1,X-M1). See this crazy deal here.]

Now, where is the 10-24? Back in October, at the photoplus in New York, Kayce Baker from FujifilmUSA said that the 10-24 would come “very very soon“, and the 56mm in the new year… check out  this video (0.51). And also according to Fujifilm’s website, the lens should be available in winter 2013. Last but not least, a new source told me that it should have been announced a couple of days ago (you may have noticed that I never was able to give confirmation from trusted sources about the release date). Anyway, a lot of signals for an imminent announcement.

But nothing happened yet… and now things are getting even more complicated:

– 5 days ago an Austrian FR-reader told me that he had the opportunity to talk with a Fuji employee. According to the rep, the 10-24mm will be released at the end of the first quarter of 2014!

I took this information obviously with a grain of salt, as Kayce Baker from Fuji USA and also Fujifilm’s website claimed it will be released this year. But then another X-shooter, from Sweden, shared on Dpr the following information:

– a Fuji-rep told him that the XF10-24 would not come until February 2014!

Confused? Well, lemme see if I can dig up the truth for you. As for now I still trust Kayce Baker and the official information at Fuji’s website: release winter 2013 (as shown also on the roadmap)! But I’ll keep an eye on the website and see if there will be some changes… maybe, for whatever reasons, Fuji decided to postpone the launch.

As always, if there is somebody out there who has some useful information to share, feel free to contact Fujirumors at fujirumor@gmail.com or also completely anonymously via rumor box.

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image courtesy: alybaba (Dpreview)

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Samyang says: “All our existing lenses will have X-mount in future”

 photo samyang_zps62100f9b.jpg

Now, time for a rumor update to what belongs Samyang’s X-mount lens lineup.

In late August photorumors said that there would be a Samyang 12mm f/2.0 lens for Fuji X-mount. I checked Samyang’s website and there was another lens listed, the 10mm f/2.8. Anyway, photorumors confirmed: the Samyang 12mm will come too. That’s good to know.

But what is the situation now? The 10mm f/2.8 disappeared from the Samyang lens lineup (as you can see from the screenshot here, it was still up in late August).

But here is the good news: According to a facebook comment of Samyang Asia all the existing lenses will have X Mount in future! At Trenton’s question if there is any release roadmap for the X-mount lenses, Samyang answered: “Will be available soon!”

At the moment, the X-mount lenses of Samyang are:

Samyang 8mm: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Samyang 300mm mirror lens: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Samyang 16mm f/2.0: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Samyang 24mm f/3.5 Tilt Shift: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

To see the whole interchangeable lens lineup of Samyang visit their website here. Check it out and tell us which of the existing “non X-mount” Samyang lenses you’d consider to pruchase once it gets the X-mount!

thanks Trenton!

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P.S.: Sigma, where are you? ;)

Weather sealed X: double SD-card slot and OMD shape?

 photo 32_zps6e246d6a.jpg

X-E2: just 2 silver X-E2 with kit lens available at ebayUS at kenmorecamera here / A FR-reader told me that he just received his silver X-E2 (body only) from pictureline

_ _ _

and now the rumors ;)

A quick rumor update before I go back at work: a trusted source told me that the weather sealed X coming in January will have double SD card slots.

The design? A new source said that the camera body will be “something like OMD (E-M1 – E-M5) shape“.

I remind you that previous rumors I’ve shared with you said it will feature an APS-C X-Trans sensor II, have a high performance EVF… and cost more than the X-E2. Now I’m curious to see if the XF 10-24, that should be announced November 20, will be the first weather sealed lens.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more… and spread the word via facebook, google+ and twitter! And I don’t mind if you quote the source ;).

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