X-E2 leaked image: wider screen, Fn2 button and new position for the Q button

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And here it is: the look behind the X-E2. It seems to confirm what trusted sources told me: a new position for the Q button and a Fn2 button!

Thanks a lot to the anonymous source who shared it with Fujirumors.

A trusted source just confirmed that this image is not a fake.

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cheers and thanks for the pics Dr. Photo rumour and also to MJr who compared the screens of the X-E1 and X-E2. “Turns out the screen is not ‘bigger’, just wider. Buttons on the left a bit smaller. I liked how the 4:3 screen left room for info under 3:2 images. This way it all has to be overlay … which doesn’t look very good imho. But oh well, the image is nice and big. At least it’s not like 16:9 like some m4/3 with black bars on the sides! and info half over the image half not, now that is horrible !

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First image of the X-E2 and additional specs of the X-E2/XQ1? (anonymous source)

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Take it with a grain of salt, as it has been sent to me by an anonymous source:

This could be the first image of the X-E2. [UPDATE: to see the rear side of the X-E2 click here]

I’d love to see an image also of the back/top of the camera, as trusted sources told me that there will be some changes there, as the new position of the Q button.

The anonymous source also sent me some specs. Here is his list:


16mega pix
3 inch screen
Lens modulation optimizer
0.08 sec autofocus speed
Exr II


4 optical zoom
12 mega pix
12800 Max I so
0.06 sec AF

I’ve already shared the image/specs with my trusted sources and if I’ll post an update if I can confirm or not this rumor.


You can contact me via email at fujirumor@gmail.com, facebook, twitter and also completely anonymously via rumor box.

Will and Louie testing a Fuji “top secret camera” (video). First (blurred) image of the X-E2?

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We can’t talk about it, but we are talking about it“! It seems that photographers Will and Louie are right now testing “a top secret Fuji camera” (X-E2?) in the streets of New Orleans… and they are impressed by it. They shared a 6 minute video about “how do you test shoot a camera BEFORE it’s released?“! Check it out here.

Thanks Raf for sharing your finding with Fujirumors… every help I get from FR-readers is very appreciated! Keep it up! You can contact me via email at fujirumor@gmail.com, facebook, twitter and also completely anonymously via rumor box.

all the best

P.S.: Rico told me that he is preparing a first look for October 18th about “a new Fuji X-mount camera“. So stay tuned that on Fujirumors that day!

P.P.S.: pre-order the X-A1 now also at AmazonDE (via DR)

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X-E2 rumor update: better WiFi (than on the X-M1), no tilt/touch screen, new position for the Q button and more!!

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Hi guys,

I’ve done my homework and here is an update about the X-E2 :)!

A long time trusted source just confirmed the rumors previously posted on FR… and told me more.

1) the WiFi on the X-E2 will have more options as the WiFi on the X-M1 (what option would you like to have?).
2) it will have face detection as the X-M1.
3) the Q menu moved to another, better position (where would you like to have it?).
4) video mode will be improved and allow full manual control.
5) no tilt screen / no touch screen.

we already know from the Japanese source that it will also have:

6) the second generation X-Trans sensor with phase detection AF
7) faster EXR II processor
8) better LCD

Which are your most welcome additions/changes of the 8 listed here? Is there something you’d like to add? From the rumors you’ve heard until now, do you think is it worth to upgrade? If you don’t think so, but want to switch to the X, then check out the X-E1 deals at AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline

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X-Pert Corner Tomorrow

After the first reviews (ephotozine / photographyblog) of the X-A1, X-Trans shooter felt disoriented: How is it possible that a $600 camera (with lens) delivers better images than the $1,200 X-PRO2 (body only)? Was it all just a hype and clever marketing? Is it time to get rid of the X-Trans sensor?

But we had to wait for more feedback in order to compare better the real performance of the sensors (RAW) and the software engines (JPEG).

1) It started with Rico’s shootout X-A1 vs X-M1 here.

2) Then it was the turn of Max to take a closer look at the X-A1 performance compared to the X-Trans cameras (riflessifotografici hereEnglish version). I also shared this forum thread here at dpr.

3) But, as you know, everything that has a beginning, has an end. The final word in this trilogy could be spoken tomorrow in Rico’s XPC special! He is using a pre-release version of Photo Ninja that supports the X-E1 and the new X-A1. He developed both RAW files and uploaded them on Flickr as maximum resolution JPEGs (check the links). Stay tuned tomorrow, will the final word be spoken tomorrow?

Here’s a direct comparison of 100% crops. Here’s the full-size X-A1 image. Here’s the full-size X-E1 image.

Lightroom and PhotoNinja Integration for X-Trans here.

But make up your own minds, feel free to check the links, and vote the polls:

Should Fuji drop the 2/3 sensor X-series camera line?

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Which images was taken with the Fujinon XF35mmF1.4?

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X100 firmware update available October / November (source Fujifilm France)

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Just a quick rumor-update: for all those waiting for the X100 firmware: Fujifilm France said via facebook that they are still developing the firmware and it should be available October / November. (thanks for telling me via twitter and email Bug)


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