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Fujifilm X Summit: Recap of A Unique Event and One More Reason to Fall in Love with Fujifilm!


Fujifilm X Summit

What crazy days we had, triggered by the wonderful Fujifilm X Summit.

Fujifilm managers, engineers and designers explained their work, gave interesting insights and answered live questions of their customers.

Fujifilm even publicly asked us which lenses and firmware we would like next, letting us vote on various options (with overwhelming response by the FujiRumors community).

The X Summit shows, that the way Fujifilm interacts, listens and follows to customer needs, is more unique than rare, and it’s one more reason to fall in love with Fujifilm!

In case you missed it, make sure to check out our compact Fujifilm X Summit summary.

Fujifilm did an amazing job, customers answered in the best way possible, and for what it’s worth, I’ve also tried to honour the event by working restlessly and publishing 14 articles over the last weekend.

However, it seems that not everybody was able to keep track of it all, since I start to get emails from readers notifying me about news I have already published.

So I thought a quick recap could help:

Fun fact: at the X Summit Fujifilm said they will cooperate with Adobe for better X-Trans support, and four days later came this news:

  • click here – First Looks at ADOBE‚Äôs New Enhance Details Feature for Sharper Fujifilm X-Trans files
  • click here – ADOBE Improves Detail Rendering for FUJIFILM X-Trans RAW Files in Camera RAW 11.2

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