RUMOR: No Fujifilm X100V Successor in 2023 (X200, X100VI or X100W-hatever)

Everything is Possible (almost)

FujiRumors broke the rumors:

But we also know one more thing. Fujifilm two registrations filed so far: the Fujifilm FF230001 and FF230002.

Now, assuming that one of the two will be the Fujifilm GFX100 replacement, this leaves all possible options open for the second one.

Well, not really all options. I mean, I simply can’t see a Fujifilm X-H3 or Fujifilm X-H3s coming in September, as those cameras are hardly 1 year old (or less).  And also not the Fujifilm X-T6 or Fujifilm X-S30.

But other than that, we can hope for:

  • a Fujifilm X-T5s with 26MP stacked sensor of X-H2S
  • a Fujifilm X-Pro4 maybe with some curious solutions as many hope for example a monochrome sensor
  • a Fujifilm X-E5 which is not a dead line according to Fujifilm managers
  • the long awaited Fujifilm X-T40
  • the much wished Fujifilm X80 or Fujifilm XF20
  • the revival of Fuji’s entry level cameras with the Fujifilm X-T300, Fujifilm X-A8, Fujifilm X-A30 or Fujifilm X-M2
  • less likely in my opinion the Fujifilm GFX100S successor, Fujifilm GFX50R successor or Fujifilm GFX50SII successor, as I can’t see Fuji launching two GFX cameras on the same day (they never did that in the past, but never say never)

And in fact, I asked you to vote on which camera you’d like to get on September 12 and you can see the results here.

X100V successor is NOT possible

At this point you’ve noticed something: there is no Fujifilm X100V successor (X200, X100VI, X100 whatever it will be called) in the list.


Well, because despite being one of your top wished cameras (second only to another camera), and despite fake rumors already being shared about the X100V to come on September 12, I can now tell you with 110% certainty that there will not be any Fujifilm X100V replacement coming in 2023.

Trust me on this guys. No X100V successor in 2023.

I guess Fujifilm has no hurry at all to come out with a successor, given the fact, explained by Fujifilm managers, that if the world would stop to order X100V today, it would still take them 3 months to be able to ship all X100V orders placed until yesterday.

Seen from this perspective, the biggest problem of the Fujifilm X100VI (or whatever) is the terrific success of the X100V.

Feeling Lucky?

I feel lucky and will click the links to see if the X100V is in stock” :)

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Fujifilm X Summit on September 12: What Camera are You Hoping for to Come? VOTE NOW

So, we just leaked the date of the next Fujifilm X Summit, which will happen on September 12.

Now I am curious to know what you guys are hoping for to come.

That’s why I have now launched a survey that includes plausible, less plausible and borderline impossible options.

I’ll not include 110% impossible cameras, which would be for example a Fujifilm X-H3 or Fujifilm X-H3s, as those cameras are hardly 1 year old (or less). Or the Fujifilm X-T6 or Fujifilm X-S30.

What we will inlcude are the Fujifilm X-T5s (X-T5 with 26MP stacked sensor of X-H2S), Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X100V successor (X200, X100VI, X100 whatever), Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm XF20, Fujifilm X-T300, Fujifilm X-A8, Fujifilm X-A30, Fujifilm X-M2, Fujifilm GFX100 successor, Fujifilm GFX100S successor, Fujifilm GFX50R successor and Fujifilm GFX50SII successor.

I will give you two options to vote on, because Fujifilm has so far registered two yet to be released cameras.

Have fun voting :)

On September 12 I would like to Get the Following Cameras (max 2 votes)

View Results

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New Fujifilm Camera FF200003 Registered: Fujifilm X-E4, New Fujifilm GFX or Surprise Camera X-T40 or X80?

Nokishita has just spotted the registration of a new Fujifilm camera.

Fujifilm’s unreleased digital camera “FF200003” has been registered with an overseas certification body. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. (X-S10 is FF200001)

They do not share any other detail, but thanks to exclusive leaks here on FujiRumors, we know that for early 2021 we can expect for sure:

But of course there can be always surprises. A Fujifilm X80? Or a Fujifilm X-A8? Or maybe even the long awaited Fujifilm X-T40? Or is another camera that will surprise us? Maybe even the Fujifilm X-H2 (although I doubt that, as Fujifilm said they want to achieve a breakthrough with the X-H2)?

I will investigate, and see if there is another camera coming up in addition to the ones we already rumored.

In the meantime, feel free to speculate, dream and wish in the comments :)

patent registration here – via nokishita

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Fujifilm X-A7 Discontinued after Only 11 Months: Fujifilm X-A8 Coming or X-A7 Failure?

The Fujifilm X-A7 is actually a lovely little entry level camera launched just almost a year ago and hit the market about 11 months ago.

But now it is already marked as discontinued at BHphoto here, it’s on low stock or backordered at Adorama here and it’s unavailable also at AmazonUS here (where you might find some via third party only) and FocusCamera.

For a long time, the Fujifilm X-A line was an absolute best seller in Asia, especially in Thailand. In fact, pushed by the X-A line, Fujifilm was able to outsell all other camera brands (Canon included) and reach an incredible 50% mirrorless market share.

Don’t believe me, but check out the official Fuji-data leaked by FujiRumors here and other Fujifilm manager statements listed below.

Now the options are two:

  1. the camera is going to be replaced already and we will soon get a Fujifilm X-A8
  2. the X-A line lost its magic appeal in Thailand and sold terribly bad

Looking at the Fujifilm X-A line release timeline, we can see that there was a successor about ever 16 to 18 months. If Fujifilm would stick with that, then the Fujifilm X-A8 should come in early 2021. So in my opinion, it’s a bit too early to discontinue the X-A7, but maybe Fujifilm doesn’t think so, or they are really going to replace the X-A7 earlier than expected.

More likely in my opinion is that the X-A line just lost its magic in Asia, especially in Thailand, and that it fell victim to the rise of smartphones and to COVID-19.

Fujifilm X-A line success story:

  • Fujifilm managers said in March 2018 to dpreivew: “In Thailand, our market share for mirrorless is over 40%.”
  • Fuji Guys Billy said in February 2017, that “Fujifilm is Nr.1 brand in Thailand“. He does not specify if DSLR is included, but it seems from the video he is including DSLR cameras, too.
  • in 2016 a source told me that “Fujifilm was the best-selling MILC in 2015, outselling all the Canon interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR and those EOS-M lines) combined
  • a Manager said to Spanish website in 2016, that ““there is a little known fact: in Thailand, for example, X-A series outsells Canon!”

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