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Fujifilm X Summit on September 12: What Camera are You Hoping for to Come? VOTE NOW


So, we just leaked the date of the next Fujifilm X Summit, which will happen on September 12.

Now I am curious to know what you guys are hoping for to come.

That’s why I have now launched a survey that includes plausible, less plausible and borderline impossible options.

I’ll not include 110% impossible cameras, which would be for example a Fujifilm X-H3 or Fujifilm X-H3s, as those cameras are hardly 1 year old (or less). Or the Fujifilm X-T6 or Fujifilm X-S30.

What we will inlcude are the Fujifilm X-T5s (X-T5 with 26MP stacked sensor of X-H2S), Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X100V successor (X200, X100VI, X100 whatever), Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm XF20, Fujifilm X-T300, Fujifilm X-A8, Fujifilm X-A30, Fujifilm X-M2, Fujifilm GFX100 successor, Fujifilm GFX100S successor, Fujifilm GFX50R successor and Fujifilm GFX50SII successor.

I will give you two options to vote on, because Fujifilm has so far registered two yet to be released cameras.

Have fun voting :)

On September 12 I would like to Get the Following Cameras (max 2 votes)

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