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Fujifilm FF230002 Registration Found – Expect X-Pro4, X-E5, X-S30, X-T6, X-T40, X-H3, X-H3S, X80, X100VI (X200) and GFX50R Successor Rumors to Magically Appear ;)


Fujifilm has registered the FF230002, so we now have a total of 2 registrations:

  • FF230001
  • FF230002

One of them will certainly be the Fujifilm GFX100 successor, which we already rumored months ago here.

Now, I can see the “rumors” about the Fujifilm GFX50R successor, the Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T6, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm X-H3, Fujifilm X-H3S, Fujifilm X100VI or X200 and more pop up. But those “rumors” appeared also ahead of the X Summit on May 24, and of course none of it materialized. But I guess misleading readers for traffic and good SEO is a great deal for them.

FujiRumors will let you know what the real deal is… clickbait and misleading free as usual ;).

  • FF230002
  • 5.8GHz/5.1GHz/2.4GHz
  • ≤20ppm
  • 5725-5850MHz 5150-5350MHz 2400-2483.5MHz
  • 2023-06-19

The patent has been found at cmiitid by the Japanese website asobinet.

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