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EXCLUSIVE: Date of Next Fujifilm X Summit LEAKED


X Summit Date Leaked

Thanks to our amazing sources, we have now received the date for the next Fujifilm X Summit.

But before I share it, one important disclaimer.

You know better than me at this point, Fujifilm X Summit dates are nothing 100% sure, even if it’s Fujifilm itself to tell you the date. In fact, the officially proudly announced April X Summit has been canceled and on the last day of April Fujifilm announced its cancelation.

So, I am going to share the date with you today, but I can’t 100% exclude that there will be changes. And if there will be, I will let you know.

With that said, here is the date.

According to our trusted sources, the next Fujifilm X Summit will take place on September 12.

Yes, that’s still quite far away. And yes, that makes it even more “risky” for me to share, as there is lots of time until that date and changes can happen anytime.

But if I share the date anyway with you, it means that I have good reasons to be confident about this date. A confidence that is given to me by our trusted sources.

Déjà vu Anyone?

Some of you guys might have some Déjà vu now and remember that date from somewhere.

Well, I actually have reported about that date a while back here, when thanks to our reader, who digged in the depths of the registration, we spotted the registrations for two new cameras, the FF220002 on May 26 and the FF230001 on September 12.

In that article I warned you though that usually registrations don’t actually fit with the real announcement date. I’ve checked back and here are some examples:

  • X-S20: registrations says May 26 / reality May 24
  • GFX100S: registrations says January 29 / reality January 27
  • X-T200: registrations says January 24  / reality January 23

And in 90% of the cases registrations don’t even give any date at all (or even become public only AFTER the camera has already been announced, as it was the case of the X-E4 registration).

But this time around the registration could well fit the real announcement date according to our sources.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

Don’t miss out on the fun ahead of the X Summit, with LOTS (!!!) of rumors to come (I promise ;)) only here on FujiRumors and, if you want, also on my YouTube channel, where not only you will get all the rumors, but often also some travel tips as I will show you around one of the most beautiful places the world has to offer.

Because new gear is nice and good. But investing in experiences and travels is just as gratifying if not more. And it’s one of the best ways to make good use of our awesome gear.

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