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Two New Fujifilm Cameras Registered to be Launched Separately – May 26 and September 12 According to FCC


We told you that Fujifilm has now two camera registered:

So far FujiRumors has rumored two cameras to come in 2023:

To be clear: I don’t know if these will be the only two cameras in 2023 or if there will be more. If there will be more, then those codenames could stand for other cameras.

Now, thanks to the help of a fellow FR-reader, we are able to tell you also when, according to the registration, these two cameras will be made public (see screenshots below):

  • FF220002 = May 26
  • FF230001 = September 12

Now, we know that Fujifilm has very recently announced the Fujifilm X Summit on May 24, which is old news if you follow FujiRumors, because we already told you about it a couple of weeks ago.

So at least the May 26 date is not really accurate, as the FF220002 camera will be announced on May 24.

That’s why we should take also the second date, September 12, with a grain of salt.

But what we can assume pretty safely at this point is that there will be separate announcements for the FF220002 and the FF230001 cameras, with one coming in May and the other one probably in September.


Keep in mind that Fujifilm can change plans anytime (I mean, the X Summit in April has been canceled, right?).

So especially in regards to the camera that according to the registration might be planed to come in September, we must take that date with a grain of salt, as there is simply too much time between now and September and Fujifilm can change plans a couple of times until then. Assuming they even really have set a date for that announcement already.

So, I share the dates with you now, because that’s what the official registrations say, but don’t take them as something rocksolid.

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