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Fujifilm X-A10 to be Announced in November :: 16 Megapixel, No Touch Screen… and Cheap!



Fujifilm X-A10

Ok, let’s be honest… how many of us thought that, when Fujifilm announced the X-A1, this new line of X-series cameras would become extremely successful? Personally I also wouldn’t have bet much on it!

But the X-A line is a winner for Fujifilm. And as I shared in the past, a source told me that in Thailand the X-A2 is the best-selling MILC in 2015, “outselling all the Canon interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR and those EOS-M lines) combined“.

So it just makes sense for Fujifilm to continue to offer new X-A cameras. The latest one is the Fujifilm X-A3, with Selfie Touch Screen and 24MP Bayer sensor.

But apparently Fujifilm wants to offer a camera that is even cheaper than the X-A3, so they are going to launch the Fujifilm X-A10. Here are some Fujifilm X-A10 details:

  • no touch screen
  • 16 Megapixel
  • cheaper than Fujifilm X-A3
  • announcement in November

And yep… this is the “never rumored before” X-series camera that will be announced in 2016.

Fujifilm X-A3: USA: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUSEUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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