VSCO FILM 03 for Adobe Lightroom 4 and ACR


film03 photo film03_zps18c42a4a.png
Product description:

“Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to streamline your workflow and produce beautiful post-processing results. VSCO Film 03 introduces the beautiful tones and magical tints of instant film to the digital realm. Built from the ground up, VSCO Film™ 03 for Lightroom [and ACR] 4 utilizes Lightroom’s [and ACR’s] new 2012 process, as well as RGB curves resulting in even greater realism in film emulation. Improved control of color tones and contrast mirror the subtle nuances of analogue film. VSCO Film 03 also includes new custom camera profiles for Fuji, Canon and Nikon, as well as custom tools like Clarity Down, Sharpness Down, Old Lens and various Toning looks tailored to achieve an accurate & authentic Instant film look.”

You can download version 03 at the price of $119 (£75/ €90) here. If you buy it until February 26th you save 25%. Those who already own VSCO Film 01 or 02 will save 50%. If you don’t own it, you can buy version 01 or 02 for the full price and then save 50% on the purchase of VSCO Film 03. So hurry, offer expires on February 26th!

via dpreview

A tutorial video here. First impressions and samples at jeremy cowart here and laroquephoto here


Review: RAW processing with Oloneo PhotoEngine


oloneo photo newconverter_zps94881c5e.jpg

image courtesy: thistonybridge.com

I’ve found this interesting review made by Tony Bridge (read here) about the Oloneo PhotoEngine (click here). Antoine Clappier, the principal developer, said to Tony Bridge that

“Our goal is to set Oloneo as a recognized provider of professional software products for photographers. Looking at our customers today, we see that we have a large proportion of professional photographers. This is rather unusual for HDR and Tone Mapping products! Our competitors’ focus is to deliver images with a heavily processed “HDR look”. This can please the hobbyist but certainly not the pros. Our goal is exactly the reverse: creating natural images with invisible processing. The fact that many pros have added HDR/Tone Mapping to their workflow thanks to PhotoEngine shows that we are heading in the right direction!”

Click here to read the whole, comprehensive review. From the conclusions:

“If you are Fuji film X series owner, then you are going to want to have a hard look at this application. It seems to exhibit none of the bad habits prone to its competitors, yielding smooth tonal transitions, remarkable rendition of micro-detail, and superbly natural sharpness and edge detail. You can create a file which is both true and natural, or take its HDR abilities to the max. Files I made with the X-Pro1 show a level of quality so far unmatched by the Big Two (Adobe and Capture One).”

You can purchase the Oloneo PhotoEngine (website) for $149 / €125 or download the free trial version here. (no Mac version available. :-( d’oh!)

(thanks Paul for telling me of Oloneo via facebook)


Fuji X-deals overview


I thought it’s time to put a bit of order in the jungle of deals.


X-E1 offer photo Xe1offer_zps55379e70.png

If, together with the X-E1, you purchase also the XF35mm or XF18mm lens, you save $300 (silver version offer/ black version offer)

If, together with the X-PRO1, you purchase also the XF18-55mm, you save $300 (click here to go to this offer)


ADood photo Xe1ado_zpsf9460c18.png

You can save a lot if you buy, together with the X-E1, the following Fuji X-mount lenses (black version offer / silver version offer). [Fuji XF18mm (save $300) / Fuji XF35mm (save $300) / Fuji XF60mm (save $175) / Fuji XF18-55 (save $200)]. On my computer, when I click on “Buy together and save” the page can’t load the offers. I had to open the link in a new tab to see them.

You can save a lot also if you buy, together with the X-PRO1, the following Fuji X-mount lenses (click here to go to the offer). [Fuji XF18-55 (save $300) Fuji XF18mm (save $150) Fuji XF60mm (save $175)].

There are also two bundles:

1) X-E1 with SD-card, spare battery and more with a $120 rebate  (X-E1 silver bundle / X-E1 black bundle)

2) X-E1 with Bag, spare battery and more with about $110 rebate (X-E1 silver bundle / X-E1 black bundle)


Fuji authorized reseller Cameralnd has a deal on the X-E1 kit in Silver (Click here) and Black (Click here). You save $200. For $1160 you can purchase it also at bigvalueinc here. I’ve found this deals via slidoo (click here). I would recommend you to use it if you want to look for more offers at ebay. It will take you just a few seconds to find exactly what you’re looking for. Nofilmschool posted a nice article about slidoo (read here)

… and what about AmazonUS?

There are some 3rd part reseller that offer the following bundles:

– X-E1 kit bundle offer. Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens (Black), Deluxe Gadget Bag, Battery, Flexpod, Filter Kit, 64GB SDXC (for $1.400 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer: Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens + 16GB, Filter Kit, Case, Full Size Tripod, Cleaning kit Accessory Package (for $1.320 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer: Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens (Black), LowePro Case, Battery, Flexpod, Filter Kit, Wide Angle, Telephoto Lens + 64GB SDXC (10) Deluxe Bundle (for $1.450 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer:  Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens 64GB Deluxe Bundle Kit (for $1.350 click here)

See them all here.

P.S.: And if you are waiting for the new Fuji X-cameras…

X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK

X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / ebayITA


Brilliant! riflessifotografici XF14mm review (Donato Chirulli)


street sun photo streetsun_zps8ca1a57e.jpg

Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400(Auto) f/11 1/550 sec.

image courtesy: riflessifotografici

The long expected 14mm is finally in the hands of the talented photographer Donato Chirulli of riflessifotografici who immediately put it on his X-E1 and began shooting with it in the streets of Rome.

This lens is of course perfect for architecture and landscape photography. But the 14mm is also important in some particular aspects of street photography. You’ll have to face some challenges, (as the light that a wide angle like this can capture from different sources)… but Donato will tell you how to deal with it.

And, once you tamed this lens, be creative! Sometimes you should forget all the good “composing rules”. This focal length allows you to play for example with perspective, stretching and distorting the image and add new “forms of expression” in the “language” of photography! And that is what Donato did, turning imperfection into beauty!

It’s a review, it’s a photography lesson, it’s art… brilliant work!

Ah, I forgot, you want to know about chromatic aberration, distortion, aperture ring, backlight performance, see 100% crops and more… so just read the whole review here (translated version)… and enjoy the pictures. (If you want, tell us your favorite shot in the comments)!

[ XF14mm in stock status check: AmazonUS/ B&H / Adorama / Amazon GERMANY / Amazon ITALY / or on ebay worldwide via slidoo ]

Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso 320 (Auto) f/4,0 – 1/30 sec. -0,3EV

floor photo floor_zpsf43c1552.jpg

 Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400 (Auto) f/8,0 1/30 sec.
distortion photo distortion_zps3250b0ab.jpg