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Five Reasons to Switch to Fujifilm for Weddings, From Full Frame DSLR to Fuji X, Worth it? and More Switch Stories


Fuji X Switch Stories

FujiRumors is a 100% independent space.

I don’t get free or discounted gear from Fujifilm, I don’t get special customer service, I don’t get invitations and free flights/hotels to launch parties, I don’t get free t-shirts or hats… and that’s good so.

I wake up, I go to work, I come back home, I blog and I write whatever I want.

This independency allows me to write for example articles like the ones below, that Fujifilm surely did not appreciate:

So actually I don’t think there is one brand out there, that we attacked more than Fujifilm ;).

But my job is not to make Fujifilm happy, but to be loyal to those of you, who decide to read this blog. And hence, I will report everything. Fujifilm does not pay me a penny, and if this blog runs at all, it’s only because you decide to support it.

On the other hand, I can’t hide that I simply fell in love with Fujifilm many years ago, and it’s a love that gets stronger as the years pass by.

So, while I will keep up delivering you everything, every now and then, I also feel like sharing some good switch stories of people, who talk so passionate about Fujifilm.

It’s the same enthusiasm that caught me many years ago, hence, I will share a few of these stories today.

Check them out or not, it’s up to you.

Enjoy your weekend, love you all (even if don’t shoot Fuji ;) )

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Switch to Fuji X

Ian Worth – Full frame DSLR to FUJI-X – 2 years on, was it the right decision?

  • professional full time photographer
  • DSLRs were heavy for his weddings, and started with Fujifilm
  • Initially he shoot weddings with Nikon D800 and Fuji X-T2 together
  • He prefered the look of Fuji images
  • Then he had to make a decision, Nikon or Fujifilm
  • He compared the images, and saw that he was not going to lose any image quality. He does not print above A2, and Fuji’s 24 megapixel are more than enough
  • He sold all his Nikon gear and went all in with Fujifilm
  • Initially autofocus was his main concern. But the X-T2 got better with firmware updates. Now the X-T3 autofocus is lightning fast
  • For studio work he misses the optical viewfinder, looking thorugh the EVF for long time makes his eyes a bit tired. But EVF in Fuji cameras is fantastic overall, and you always see your exposure, and he gets more keepers
  • The Fujifilm system is also cheaper than a Nikon full frame system
  • Looking back, he thinks it was completely right decision. And the X-T3 is also a good quality video camera.

John Branch IV Photography – Wedding Photography: 5 Reason I Switched to Fujifilm for Weddings

  1. Weight
  2. Perfect color profiles, less editing
  3. Bokeh is overrated, and enough bokeh with some Fujinon lenses
  4. crazy low light performance and shadow recovery
  5. super fun to shoot with

KentuckyMan30 – Why I Shoot With Fujifilm

  • Main reason is functionality and usability. it’s simpliefied and makes sense
  • Inspiring camera and lens system
  • Great design. Fun to use
  • Image quality of sensor and lenses delivers what he needs for his professional work (weddings etc)
  • Difference to full frame is negligable at best
  • Has plenty of dynamic range and good ISO performance. Enough resolution. Fantastic image quality
  • Fujifilm is a joy shooting and has the image quality he wants
  • Lenses is also a reason to shoot Fujifilm. Small and fast primes. Lenses are on par if not better than Canon L lenses
  • Firmware updates is another reason to shoot Fuji
  • Fuji holds his heart and he does not have any desire to shoot anything else

Peter Barnes – Why I Almost Left Fujifilm for Canon

  • lock-up issues with X-H1, but lots firmware updates fixed the issue
  • The he got an X-T3 and it was rock-solid and worked perfect
  • happy he sticked with Fujifilm