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“The X100T electornic rangefinder? It’s fun, but you’re probably not gonna use it.” Hands-on at TheCameraStoreTV


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One of the amazing features of the new X100T is the electronic rangefinder OVF. Since now we have read great things about it. For example Kai (digitalrev), who called it a “bloody brilliant feature“.

Now it’s time for Chris (TheCameraStoreTV) to test the X100T, and he is not so enthusiastic about this new feature:

The electronic rangefinder OVF is a nice little feature. That being said, a lot of people who looked at it found it very distracting […]. It’s fun, it’s a novel, but honestly you’ll probably gonna turn it off, because that full EVF is just so good. I don’t know even use the OVF, the EVF’s are getting so good now, that they basically make optical viewfinders redundant.”

But the end of the hands-on test, Jordan, the Video-Guy, says: “I have to say, my favorite thing in the Fuji line are the cameras with a HVF, because they are fun to shoot. You know, are they practical? Lot of the time, no. But it does really remind me of the old rangefinder experience.” Chris: “Fair enough, it’s really about the charm of it.”

Chris also misses a tilt screen, would have liked a new sensor, but there are also many things he appreciates, like the new ergonomics, the controls and how customizable the camera now is (7 function buttons and customizable Quick Menu):

What they did is to keep all the things that worked well, change all the things that didn’t… it’s fantastic, it’s a big plus on this camera. Of course the great thing about Fuji is, if you are an X100S user or have an older X-camera, they’ll probably update and fix those things on those cameras as well through firmware updates… it’s fantastic that way, a big bonus as well for using this company

The video includes also an untechnical AF-speed comparison between the X100S and X100T. “Not a big difference, but the X100T focusses a little bit faster.”