Here is the “low-cost” X-E1!

A month ago we have been told that there would be a lower and a higher end X model. These are the pictures of the entry level X camera! It comes in Black and in Silver and there is also the picture of the new XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS. Cool!

UPDATE: As you may have noticed from the pictures the cameras has an Electronic Viewfinder and a Built-in Flash.

Source: Digicaminfo.

Fuji X PRO 2 to be announced soon?

Current Fuji X PRO 1 owners know well the strengths but also the quirks of the camera. And those quirks are a major problem as it seems that they can be fixed by hardware changes only.

UPDATE: We know got some info from reliable sources saying that a new X PRO 2 camera is about to be announced soon. The camera will feature a new sensor too. We heard it will be priced above the current X PRO 1. But it has to be really good to convince me to spend more than you have to do for the X PRO 1 :)

I hope to receive some more info soon!