X-E2 coming before X-PRO2? (new source)

I’ve received a rumor from a new source who told me that he already had the opportunity to see a working Fuji X-E2. If the new source is right, it could mean that Fuji is stepping on the gas and is planning to release the X-E2 earlier than expected.

Now, if it is true that Fuji is already testing the X-E2, then maybe it could be announced late 2013 / early 2014. But I’m working on reliable release dates (and specs) right now.

Well, it seems that we could see the X-E2 before the X-PRO2!

But please be careful with this information. Keep in mind that it does not come from trusted sources. It’s the first time I’ve received a rumor from this source and I can’t confirm it. So take it cum grano salis. I’m working with my trusted sources to check this rumor and will post an update once I have some news for you.

If there is somebody out there who could give me some more information about Fuji’s future cameras/lenses, do not hesitate to contact me via email at fujirumor@gmail.com or by using the rumor box to share your information absolutely anonymously. Feel free to contact me.


XF 23mm pre-order

(At Rico’s Flickr here you can see the first samples taken with the XF 23mm. On September 13 there will be an X-pert corner first look about his lens… so stay tuned)

USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPE: PCHstore / wexcamerasDE / wexphotographicUK

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X-A1 Czech press release at fotoskoda.cz! + XF 23mm available for pre-order at Pictureline too

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XF 23mm pre-order

USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPE: PCHstore

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Hi again! I don’t think the X-A1 press release was supposed to be published already now, but well, the Czech site fotoskoda just posted it here (translation) together with the XF 23mm announcement. Yep, the blue X-A1 (I still have to get used to it) leaked by Fujirumors here wasn’t a fake image. This camera will be the cheapest of the X-series. [UPDATE: The Czech site disabled the link of the leaked X-A1 press release… but luckily it’s all copied on Fujirumors :)]

all the best

X-A1 press release (google translated)

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

It will come: X100 firmware 2.0 on the way… and you’ll get focus peaking! + Live-blogging tomorrow at about 6-7 AM GMT

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it will come :)

To all those guys who waited until late August for the X100 firmware and wrote me on facebook, twitter and via email at fujirumor@gmail.com that they have lost their hope in the X100 super-firmware. I tell you, it will come! The firmware was planed to be released earlier (a new source said late August), but apparently Fuji needs a bit more time to make it work perfectly (it won’t come tomorrow… but it won’t take long anymore).

The 130,000 X100 owners will get…

– focus peaking

– 20% faster autofocus

– better start-up time

… and much more!

Now share this rumor with all the X100 owners via facebook and twitter!

 Live-blogging tomorrow at about 6-7 AM London time

The XF 23mm is ready to be unveiled officially by Fuji. Hands-on reviews, press releases and pre-order links can be found all at Fujirumors tomorrow at about 6-7 AM London time. I’ll continuously update the post so that you do not miss anything. And follow FR via facebook, twitter and RSS feed.

stay tuned for more

Fuji XF 23mm f/1.4 R US price is $849.95

Tomorrow (September 5) at about 6-7AM London time Fuji will announce the new XF 23mm lens. And I just got more details and US pricing of the lens. Here it is:

FUJINON XF23mmF1.4 R key features:

    • 35mm equivalent F1.4 lens
    • Fully compatible with FUJIFILM X-Mount
    • 1 lens group consisting of 3 cemented lens elements and 1 aspheric lens element
    • Built-in high-torque DC coreless motor
    • Seven round-edged aperture blades, which offer 22 stops in 1/3 EV steps
    • Lens elements treated with Fujifilm’s multilayer HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)
    • Weight: 10.6oz
    • Length: 2.84”
    • will be available in October 2013 for $849.95

Be sure to be online on Fujirumors tomorrow!

XF 23mm announcement tomorrow (September 5), shipped in October and price should be of 929€

 photo fuji_xf23_f14_01_zps258e0e38.jpg

A source just told me that the new (and long expected) XF 23mm will be released tomorrow, September 5. I don’t know at what time exactly until now, but the price should be around €929. So it seems that this lens could cost, at least in Europe, a bit more than the XF 14mm.

As soon as I know the price in dollar, I’ll let you know.

Follow FR tomorrow via facebook, twitter and RSS feed, I’ll give all the rumors, hands-on reviews and informations about this lens and also tell you when the stores are taking pre-orders in a special live-stream post. I hope this time Fuji will ship it faster than the XF 55-200 and X100S.