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Fujifilm China Says Reala Ace Firmware for X-T5, X-H2, X-H2S and X-S20 is Coming in August

During the presentation of the Fujifilm X-T50 launch event, Fujifilm China has displayed the slide you can see above.

It says that Reala Ace will come in August 2024.

Film Simulation Articles

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Fujifilm Says Bug Fix Firmware for X-T5(and X-H2/S) Should Come in July

A FR-reader contacted the Fujifilm support asking about the buggy firmware for his Fujifilm X-T5.

The reply he got is that if he sends his Fujifilm X-T5 in for support, they will install the older firmware on it.

But the Fujifilm support has also received the information that the next update will be released in July.

Now, this is for the X-T5. But considering that the X-H2 and X-H2S have the same issue, I guess that’s valid also for those cameras.

While I am happy to read that Fujifilm is aware of the issue and working on it, I hope they can release it earlier than July. Or at least make the older firmware available for everyone for download.

It’s All About the Latest and Greatest: Fujifilm X100VI, X-T50, GFX100SII, GF500mm, XF16-50mm Review Roundup

Today we are going to cover the latest and greatest gear launched in 2024 in this dedicated roundup.

We will cover the Fujifilm X100VI, the Fujifilm X-T50, the Fujifilm GFX100SII the Fujinon XF16-50mm and the Fujinon GF500mmF5.6.

Written Reviews

Video Reviews

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Fujifilm Film Simulations Beat All the Rumors about X-E5, XPan TX-3, X-T50, GFX100SII and Fixed Lens GFX – Top 10 Articles of May

May was a month rich in interesting rumors. So it is definitely worth to check out our top 10 articles for May.

But interestingly, no matter how big the rumor was, the most clicked article was the one about the new film simulation website.

This shows how much interest there is for it and how well Fujifilm does to focus on them as far as marketing goes and also to try new ways to push them, such as the dedicated film simulation dial on the Fujifilm X-T50.

  1. Fujifilm Launches Dedicated Fujifilm Film Simulation Website
  2. Fujifilm X-T50 Price and Main Specs Leaked
  3. Fujifilm Could Release This Unique Digital Camera in 2028
  4. Fujifilm X-T50 Full Specs and Images Leaked
  5. Fujifilm to Release This All New Digital Camera in 2025
  6. SURPRISE: Fujifilm X-T50 Coming with an All New Dial
  7. Fujifilm X-E5: The Truth!
  8. This is the New Fujifilm X-T50 Film Simulation Dial – VOTE: Better Drive or Film Simulation Dial?
  9. Size Comparison: Fujifilm X-T50 vs X-T5, XF16-50 vs XF18-55, GFX100S vs GFX100SII
  10. EXCLUSIVE: This is Fujifilm’s New XF Telephoto Prime Lens Coming in 2024!

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Gear launched in May

Latest Firmware Introduces Autofocus Bug to Fujifilm X-T5, X-H2 and X-H2S – Annoying but Easily Fixable

Autofocus Bug

In the past few weeks videos showing the bad tracking AF of Fujifilm cameras surfaced all over the web. And sometimes they come with catchy and clickbaity headlines that might grab attention, but in my opinion do not accurately represent what is going on.

So let’s talk about it in FujiRumors style: boring dry and sober ;).

The reported issues are:

  • when you are in continuous autofocus (not single autofocus) and you have set the camera to face/eye detection, the camera will track the closest thing it finds within the face detection frame and not the eye
  • when you do AF tracking, you get a low hit rate

The headlines that followed were like “Fujifilm AF is a joke” and “this suck” and what not.

But I believe that’s a way too general statement and does not represent the truth. Here is why.

The AF Truth

I have tested it on my X-T5. And yes. The issues are there.

But from here to say “Fuji AF sucks” is just maybe not the most accurate way to describe the issue.

Because the thing is: the issues appeared after the last firmware updates!

So a better headline would be “latest firmware introduces autofocus bugs“.

And also: the issue does not affect all cameras. Probably only X-H2, X-H2S and X-T5.

I have tried to duplicate the issues my X-T5 has with the latest firmware also on my X-E3 and GFX100S, but the X-E3/GFX100S have not the issue at all, and also the Fujifilm X-S20 has not this problem.

So the true realistic headline should be:

latest firmware updates introduce autofocus bugs to a limited number of Fujifilm cameras“.

But who’d click something with a headline like that, right? ;)

Easy to Fix

All this means just one thing: if Fujifilm is aware of it (and they should be aware of it at least now that we talk about it on FujiRumors), then there should be an easy and quick firmware fix.

An emergency solution could be to offer the previous firmware for download, get the new one right, and once fixed, offer the new firmware for download again.

Thanks for Reporting, but

Don’t get me wrong: if there is an issue, it is great that people on YouTube report about it.

But maybe, in future, try to resist the temptation of clickbait and give a more sober and complete view on the issue.

Because these videos will stay online forever. And once Fujifilm addresses the issue, those older videos that don’t clarify the AF was working much better before and that the problem is limited to the latest firmware will remain online, misleading viewers into thinking that Fuji AF is always bad and there is nothing to do about it.

Also: please do not call out other guys and say they are paid shills if in their past reviews they said the tracking works just fine. They made those statements before the latest firmware update.

Final Word of Fujifilm AF Truth

Final word: besides the bug we have now I also want to say clearly that I believe that, when at its best (hence, not with broken firmware), the Fujifilm AF is not yet on par with the best in class (Sony and Canon).

So I am not saying all is perfect. Fujifilm has to keep working hard to go that little extra step and make its AF just as good if not better than what we get on Sony and Canon cameras.

But from here to say that Fujifilm lags behind 10+ year old cameras in terms of autofocus might be great for views, but it is not true. Bugs can happen, sadly. It happened this time apparently. And I hope Fujifilm is working on a fixing it as soon as possible.

But also in this case: every day the fix is not released, is a day too much. Hurry up Fujifilm!

FujiRumors Independence

And to the guys telling me I ignore such reports because I am paid by Fujifilm: well, here I am, reporting about it.

And not only I report about it, but also tested it on my own cameras and try to give you a more complete report about on which additional cameras might be affected and which ones not.

Look guys: in 12+ years of blogging about Fujifilm I have received zero money from Fujifilm, zero freebies, zero discounts, zero invitations to events, zero gear rented, zero nothing.

I am 100% free to say what I want and Fujifilm has no power over this blog.

And since I pay full price for my precious gear, I want it to work perfectly. And if there is a potential flaw, I have no problems to report about it, because I want Fujifilm to fix it and my expensive gear to work at its best possible performance.

I am not a Fujifilm employee. I am just like you, a guy shooting with Fujifilm cameras. And I want my X-T5 autofocus to work better than my GFX100S and X-E3, because that is what it is supposed to do.


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Adobe Can’t Wait and Adds Reala Ace Support for X-T5 & Co Already!

Now, I can’t verify it myself, because I switched 100% to Capture One a long time ago because I did not like the way Adobe was taking (just as I don’t like what’s going with Capture One lately and I am not sure I will stick with Capture One much longer… but that’s off topic).

Anyway, since I don’t own Adobe products, I rely on reports I am getting via email from fellow FR-readers. And those reports say this:

Reala Ace now available in Adobe Camera Raw – I just upgraded to the newest version of Adobe Camera Raw, and I noticed that Reala Ace is now available for the RAW files from my X-T5 when processing them in Adobe Camera Raw.

Fujifilm itself will give us 5th generation X shooters Reala Ace via firmware update this summer. But it’s great to know that, if you are editing your RAW files, you can enjoy that film simulation already on Fujifilm X-T5 and I hear also other 5th generation cameras such as the Fujifilm X-H2.

Is the Fujifilm X-T50 the Best Looking Fujifilm Camera? – VOTE NOW

Somewhere in the comments somebody claimed: the Fujifilm X-T50 is now the best looking camera among X series cameras.

And while I totally agree that Fujifilm X-T50 has gained in sexiness with its new rounded design over the more boxy design of its predecessors, I am not sure if I’d call it the best looking one.

It would certainly be very high in the ranking for my taste, but I believe the Fujifilm X100VI still holds the throne as best looking Fujifilm camera.

Is this essential to know which X series camera is the best looking one?


Does it change the fate of the photography universe?

I don’t think so.

But it adds a bit of uplifting lightness into a discussion that is often way to heated in the photography forums, where we battle about the curve quality of the bokeh balls in the top right corner of the image and where we count the number of false color pixels after a 27 stops shadow recovery.

So, feel free to add lightness to this world by telling us in the survey and in the comments which camera you consider the most beautiful one.

The cameras you can vote on are:

The Best Looking Fujifilm X Series Camera is...

View Results

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Fujifilm X-T50 Now Available for Preorder at Amazon Europe

After Amazon Germany, now also other Amazon Europe branches are taking preorders on the Fujifilm X-T50:


Size Comparison: Fujifilm X-T50 vs X-T5, XF16-50 vs XF18-55, GFX100S vs GFX100SII

Camerasize has added the latest Fujifilm gear to their database (although they call it the XT-50 there, so use that term to make your own comparisons).

I will share three comparisons in this article. You can see them below.

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Fujifilm X-T50 Enjoys Strongest Preorders (by FAR) among ALL X-T** Cameras

A Winner?

Ahead of the Fujifilm X-T50 launch, many had a cold reaction to all the X-T50 rumors and predicted it’s failure.

Now, I do not know what the future will bring for the Fujifilm X-T50. And I also do not know how it is right now selling all over the world.

But what I can do is to look up at the current FujiRumors affiliate sales, and this is what I see (data coming from BHphoto starting from 2016).

In just a few hours, the Fujifilm X-T50 demolished all preorder numbers of previous Fujifilm X-T** cameras.

The previous bestseller was the Fujifilm X-T30. Well, the X-T50 is getting 412% more preorders in just a few hours than the X-T30 had in its entire first preorder week.

Always on BHphoto, the X-T50 is already beating the X-H2, X-H2S, X100F and GFX100S in terms of preorders.

Only 5 cameras had stronger preorders than the X-T50. The Fujifilm X100V, the X-T4, X-T3, X-T5 and the undisputed and unreachable king of preorders, the Fujifilm X100VI.

The data on BHphoto goes back to 2016 and I can’t track what the sales were before. But everything before does not really matter anyway, as Fujifilm back then was even more niche than they are now, so numbers are very small for anything they launched until 2016.

Amazon Best Seller Ranking

Also at Amazon the Fujifilm X-T50 is selling strong according to their ranking:

At the time of this post we have:

Sales seem to be strong enough for Amazon to remove from order some X-T50 variations, for example the X-T50 black and X-T50 charcoal are no longer available for order. You can still get the silver X-T50 at this time.

Final Word

So was the X-T50 a winner?

It is way to early to say. But it’s better to have a good start rather than a bad one. And if I look at the current preorder status at BHphoto here, Amazon US here and Adorama here, the numbers are better than anything I have ever seen on any X-T** camera.

So, for now, it looks like the Film Simulation dial, the more rounded look, IBIS etc payed off. And btw, I publicy expressed my approval for the Film Simulation dial as soon as it leaked, because I’d personally use that one way more than the drive dial.

And looking at the sale start the X-T50 is having, it might turn out to be a winning choice for Fujifilm.

But again, it’s still very early to make any delcaration of victory or failure. Only time will tell.

The True Final Word

But my true final word, and thanks, goes to every single one of you who has preordered any of the gear annouced yesterday (or any day of the last 12+ years) using my links.

This whole thing here, the rumors, the almost thousand artciles a year, the constant non stop 24×7 Fujifilm coverage would simply be impossible if there were not some of you guys out there who decide to support my work using our affiliate links.

Without your help, I’d have to shut down FujiRumors tomorrow morning. Unless I’d start to pay the costs for this site with my teachers’ salary, which I guess is something my wife would hardly approve :D.

So, thanks so much for your help.

I hope to be able to be worth of your support also going forward. Certainly I will always try to do my best.