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Fujifilm UK New Crazy Rebates on X-H2S (-£1,000), X-H2 (-£600), X-T5 (-£200), GFX100S (-£1,700)

Fujifilm UK has increased the offer on some of their current deals and you can now get some gear at an even deeper discount (end December 1st).

It is not listed under the official deals, but I notice some UK retailers are also offering the Fujifilm X-S20 with a £100 discount

List of Fujifilm USA + EU Deals
** updated Nov.23 **

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Black Friday is Getting Out of Control: Pay €100 only for XF56mmF1.2 (bundled with already discounted X-T5)

X-T5 Madness

The German store Calumet is offering a superdeal on this Fujifilm X-T5 bundle.

In short: for €100 only you get the XF56mmF1.2 R on top of your already rebated X-T5.

You pay a total of just €1,778 (X-T5 for €1,679 + XF56mmF1.2 R for €100).

Check out this crazy deal here.

Not bad of a deal considering that the X-T5 was launched last year for €2,000.

I don’t know, but this might be an error and might be removed shortly. So act fast if this deal interests you.

** UPDATE: Deal seems to have been removed

Other Crazy Fujifilm Deals

and (Much) more

  • Capture One: save 50% (ends Nov. 27)
  • Capture One Guide by Alexander Svet: up to 75% discount + addition 10% with code FUJIRUMORS
  • Godox (via Amazon): save 40% with Promo Code 4041Y41F
  • DxO: save up to 50% on all of their software (ends Nov. 27)
  • Viltrox up to 35% discount sidewide at the Viltrox Store here. On many products use coupon code “FUJIRUMORS” gives additional 8% discount (ends Nov. 27)
  • Luminar: Biggest sale of the year: up to -83% discount on Luminar Neo! Use our coupon code “FUJI” to get an extra 10% saving (ends Nov. 27)
  • Peak Design: up to 40% discount sidewide at Peak Design store (ends Nov. 27)
  • Think Tank: 25% off on some of Think Tank’s best-selling products (ends Nov. 27)
  • Pergear: 20% off on all lenses at Pergear store (use checkout code “BFCM2023PERGEAR”) (ends Dec. 1)
  • Topaz has just launched their best deals of the year for Black Friday with up to 60% savings (ends Nov. 27)
  • KEH: save 10% sidewide (ends Nov. 27)
  • Sirui: up to 20% off sidewide
  • X-T5 Tips & Tricks Book: Save 50% on Rico Pfirstinger’s Fujifilm X-T5 X Pert Tips book at RockyNook using code “Fuji50” (ends Nov. 30)
  • Adobe: Big Black Friday Savings (ends Nov. 24)
  • SmallRig (BhphotoAmazon): Substantial rebates on lots of products also for Fujifilm (ends Nov. 27)
  • FieldMade lens indicators now 30% off (ends Nov. 27)
  • Workshops in Italy: Fujifilm shooter Luigi is offering workshops all over Italy. Now you can get them with $200 discount with code FUJIRUMORS

Third Party AF lens Savings

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Big Fujifilm Winter Deals in Europe: Save BIG on X-T5, X-H2/S, XF150-600, XF50mmF1.0, GFX Gear and More

Fujifilm has launched big new X/GFX deals in Europe.

As for UK, WexPhotoVideo has a dedicated deal page for Fujifilm products here.

If you buy at AmazonDE or AmazonIT, then make sure the gear is also shipped and sold by Amazon to qualify for the cashback.

X Deals

GFX Deals

The Fujifilm X-T5: 134 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most out of Your Camera – Available Now with 50% Discount (Limited Time Deal)

You can now order the latest book of Rico Pfirstinger, “Fujifilm X-T5 – 134 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Camera” at Rocky Nook here.

Enter coupon code “Fuji50” to save 50%. The coupon code is valid in November only.

Next week the book should also be available at Amazon here.

However, we recommend to get it at Rocky Nook, as you will get it in multiple formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle) and also with a discount.

My past experience with Rico’s books was excellent and I found them very useful. So I have no problems to warmly recommend it to you too and I will grab a copy for myself.

The Latest X Series Reviews: Sigma 10-18mmF2.8, Fujinon XF8mmF3.5, Fujifilm X-S20, X-H2, X-H2S, X-T5

In this roundup we are going to cover lots of reviews focusing on the most recent X series gear.

So we will cover:



The Roundup

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SmallRig Leather Half Case for Fujifilm X-T5 Prime Deal and New Kaza X-T5 Leather Case

There is currently a nice Amazon Prime deal on the SmallRig Leather Half Case with Wrist Strap for Fujifilm X-T5.

So far this SmallRig Prime Deal is available at Amazon USA here, Amazon DE here and Amazon CA here.

And yet, there is an even more affordable option (from another brand) out there, and it’s this one.

And given that also Kaza recently launched their new leather case for X-T5, I thought I give you an overview of available leather half cases for the Fujifilm X-T5.

More Leather Cases for X-T5

List of available leather half cases for the Fujifilm X-T5.

Fujifilm X-T5

Best Amazon Prime Deals

FUJIFILM Related Amazon USA / CA / EUROPE Deals


Instax Deals at Amazon USA

More Amazon USA Prime Deals You Should Not Miss

Amazon Prime General Deal Pages

X-T5, X-H2, X-H2S Autofocus Improvement :: New X100V Rumors :: This is the Next Fujinon XF Lens :: Nikon Zf vs Fujifilm X :: Top 10 September Articles

Here are the top 10 most read articles for September.

  1. Nikon Zf: Well Done Nikon, Retro is the “Innovation” that Will Boost Your Sales, but…
  2. New Firmware Updates for Fujifilm X-T5, X-H2, X-H2S and X-S20 (includes AF improvements)
  3. EXCLUSIVE: This is Fujifilm’s Next XF Lens!
  4. RUMOR: Fujifilm X100V Successor Coming with a “New” Lens in Early 2024
  5. Fujifilm to Launch a “Very Small Digital Camera” in September
  6. LEAKED: Fujifilm GFX100 II Price – Surprised?
  7. Live Blog: Fujifilm GFX100 II, GF55mmF1.7, GF Tilt Shift Lenses and More Officially Announced
  8. Sony World Photography Award Winner Tests Fujifilm GFX100II “I was Dubious, but GFX100II is Bridging the Autofocus Gap with Full Frame”
  9. SIRUI Sniper f/1.2 Autofocus Prime Lenses for Fujifilm X Mount Unveiled
  10. Why Fujifilm’s Film Simulation Matter also for RAW Shooters (Including the New REALA)

Lots of rumors shared over at our YouTube channel, mostly brought to you from STUNNING location in the Dolomites!

If you want me to keep going also on YouTube, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

YouTube does not like it that I post so few videos, and hence does not give my channel proper visibility. But I don’t want to spam you with random videos just to please the algorithm. I want to bring you relevant Fujifilm news and rumors only. Less videos, but with content that matters. And if I can, also from stunning locations you’ll enjoy to see.

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Best Memory Cards for Fujifilm GFX100 II, X-T5, X-T4, X-H2, X-H2S as Recommended by Fujifilm

Fujifilm has updated its list of recommended UHS-II SD-Cards and CFexpress Type B cards for Fujifilm GFX100 II, Fujifilm X-H2S and Fujifilm X-H2. You’ll find the detailed list in printed format below as well as in downloadable jpeg format also for Fujifilm X-T5 and X-T4.

But beware!

Not all CFexpress Type B cards are made equal.

Out of all the CFexpress Type B cards listed by Fujifilm, only the ones we highlight now give you access to the best performance without any limitations (longest bursts, access to all video codec, etc).

Overall Best CFexpress Type B Cards according to Fujifilm (no performance limitations)

Best SD-Cards

As far as SD-Card goes, depending on the camera you own, the recommended cards are slightly different.

For example, some SD-Cards recommended for the Fujifilm X-T4 (for example the Toshiba Exceria Pro) are now no longer recommended for the 40 megapixel Fujifilm X-T5. The updated list for X-T5 contains:

The detailed list of recommended cards for X-T5 can be found here and for X-T4 here.

Down below the SD-cards and CFexpress recommended for GFX100II, X-H2 and X-H2S.

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Fujifilm X-T5 Shortage Continues

Back in November Fujifilm annonuced shortages on Fujifilm X-T5 cameras.

The shortage affected mostly Asian countries and the X-T5 stock in North America and Europe has been pretty stable until now, where you can easily find the X-T5 in stock.

Only the silver X-T5 is market as temporary out of stock at BHphoto, but they expect itback in stock in 1 or 2 weeks.

Sadly in some Asian countries the situation is not as good, where, as reported by asobinet, the X-T5 is still very hard to find in stock.