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Fujifilm Manager Teases Another Launch Event “Very Very Soon” and adds “Oh, I Should Not Have Said That” – Fujifilm X-T5?


The House of Photography in Sydney was packed with guests for the Fujifilm X-H2, XF56mmF1.2 R WR and GF20-35mmF4 launch event, when the whole presentation came to an end, and the Australian Fujifilm manager closes the event by saying:

Thank you everyone here, thanks to everyone out there in the web world for tuning in and watching us. I am sure we will be doing this again very very soon… oh, I shouldn’t have said that, shouldn’t I? Alright. Good night everyone. Thank you again!

So he just teased that another launch event is just around the corner.

What could it be?

Some might say he is referring to the only remaining gear Fujifilm already said would come in 2022 and we are still waiting to be announced: the Fujinon XF30mmF2.8 Macro.

But frankly I doubt that for this lens alone Fujifilm would set up a bigger launch event with guests at the House of Photography. And also, why say “I should not have said this“, when Fujifilm already announced it for 2022, so it’s all but a secret that it is coming.

He is probably referring to something we don’t know about yet… unless you follow FujiRumors of course. In that case you know what it is (hint: Fujifilm X-T5) ;).