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New Fujifilm Camera Remote App to Be Called “X-App”… but Will it Really Come in September?


When we shared the rumor about Fujifilm working on an all new camera remote App, we got hundreds of comments of pure joy.

And if you were wondering (like me), if the new App would also get an all new name so that we can get over the “Camera Remote” trauma faster, I am pleased to report that it will.

In fact, I have been told that right now Fujifilm is likely going to call the new app “X-App”.

  • I CAN HEAR YOU SHOUT: “Who Cares!”.

I get it… but to me, the fact that the App will get a totally new name is at the same time a strong indication that it is an all new and totally re-written App, which is great news!

As the App is not yet out, I would not be totally surprised if the final name would be another one. But for now it’s “X-App”. And in any case, it will surely be a totally new App with a new name.

  • I CAN HEAR YOU SHOUT: “When Will it Come!”

I have heard some claiming it will come in September, based on what a German manager supposedly said here. But since I speak German, I can tell you that at no point of the interview the manager mentioned any new App coming at all. It goes without saying that therefore he also didn’t say it will come in September.

So what I can say is that I don’t know when it will be released. I can’t exclude September, but I also can’t exclude October, November, December or just anything at this point.

But I just want to make clear that neither any manager nor FujiRumors have announced a new App coming in September.

So please, don’t be disappointed if it won’t come in September… but know that it will come for sure and Fujifilm is working on it.

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