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RUMOR: Fujifilm Working on a New Camera Remote App


We all complaint about it at some point. But our complains might end in a not too distant future.

In fact, a trusted source just told us that Fujifilm is working on a new camera remote App. And by “new” I don’t mean a simple and small software update, but a major change.

And while it’s OK to be cautiously optimistic, I remember the last time Fujifilm gave the App an overhaul it was actually for the worst!

In fact, it was mostly just a stylistic redesign that made things worst, as it passed from a clearly visible white background with black text to a black background with a sometimes small gray and hardly readable text. Fujifilm’s goal was clearly to annoy us even more with their App.

Let’s hope this time it will bring substantial interface improvements as well as be more feature packed.

C’mon Fuji, you can get it right!

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