This Guy Broke His XF 10-24 (Again) Shooting Waterfalls… And Why That Fujinon XF 8-16mm WR Can’t Come Soon Enough!

The Fujinon XF10-24

The Fujifilm XF10-24 is one lens I always lusted after. I also almost bought it, but at the end went for the smaller and much cheaper Samyang 12mmF2.

Regarding the XF10-24, I remember how it was launched just a two months before Fuji’s first weather sealed camera, the Fujifilm X-T1. At that time, here on FujiRumors I already told you that a the WR X-T1 would come in January 2014. So, when Fujifilm decided to launch the XF10-24 in November, we all hoped it would be weather sealed… but it wasn’t.

Now, I know that there are tons of X-shooters out there enjoying this lens day after day. But if you are like Jim, and bring it out into some really tough conditions, then you might be interested to read to rest of the story :)

Why That Fujinon XF 8-16mm WR Can’t Come Soon Enough

Jim drove several hours to reach a simply stunning waterfall in Portland, at the Columbia river gorge. The gear he used is the Fujifilm X-Pro2, the Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 OIS, the Feisol CT-3442 Tripod, the Really Right Stuff ball head… all packed into his Mindshift Rotation 180 Horizon.

Now, Jim is completely in love with the X-system. He loves the image quality, the form factor, the size, the usability, the dials… just everything. He says it “fits my style of photography

But he also says that “photography is adventure” and that it is “completely unaccetable” that the only wide angle zoom lens in the Fuji system is not weather sealed.

In fact, after a while shooting in the very wet and humid waterfall envoriment, he couldn’t take pictures anymore, because “the lens gets wet and causes a lens communication error“. He says this is not the first time it happens to him. That’s why he owns two of these lenses and changes them, when one stops working. And once at home, he has to dry the lenses.

Jim apparently reads FujiRumors, since he knows about the XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR lens, which will come in early 2018 (I’ve shared the first rumor back in May 2016 (!) here). But he said he’s not sure he can wait that long for the XF 8-16. Hence, despite him loving Fujifilm’s image quality and usability, he is considering to switch to another brand.

At our immense future APS-C lens poll, with over 11,000+ voters, the XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR is the most wanted out of the 30 lenses in the voting-list.

Just a curiosity, on the way back, he uses a Beta version of an App, called “The Really Good Photo Spots“, which I think he’s developing right now. Based on your location, it shows you the best spots to photograph in your area.

See the video “I Broke My Lens….Again!” at Improve Photography Youtube


Of course, Jim is using the XF 10-24 in an enviroment it is not planned to be used (rainy/wet conditions). But if he wants to get the shot he wants with a Fuji camera, then he currently has no other choice than to go with the XF10-24. The next widest weather sealed lens in the Fuji line-up is the XF 16mmF1.4…. and evidently not wide enough for certain landscape photography.

So, Jim might do well to switch, because Fujifilm currently does not offer the lens he needs the most… unless he is willing to dry his two XF 10-24 for a few more months, until the XF 8-16 will be out.

Or, maybe, just use a plastic bag around your lens in the meantime ;)

And What About You?

So what about you? Do you own the Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 OIS? Did you have the same experience as Jim? Are you also waiting for the weather sealed XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR or are you just fine with the Fujinon XF 10-24?

Feel free to drop you thoughts and considerations in the comments :)

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Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and XF 23mm f2 Go to Cuba

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guest post by Serge –

Previous guest post by Serge

  • Just Another Fuji Convert, From Trying Every Other System – Read here


My name is Serge and I’ve written a guest feature before, about adopting the fuji system, in particular using the Fuji X-Pro2 my personal life, street photography, as well as concert photography.

This time I’ve had the chance to put it through an intensive, 1 week photo trip to Havana, Cuba. I paired my x-pro 2 with a fuji 23mm f2, creating a fast focusing, light, reliable, comfortable and even weather sealed combo.

What it created is really that feeling when youre not even thinking about the camera, when you can just be immersed into whats happening around you, which in turn appears to lead to better images. Gear annoyances can take you out of that zone, and fuji x-pro 2 with 23mm f2 allowed for an immersive experience. What is also interesting, is that i ended up using mostly SOOC jpegs or built in profiles for editing. Throughout the whole trip, I’ve only wished for a tilt screen for the x-pro 2. Now that I’ve purchased a fuji X100F, i still feel like the x-pro 2 combo was just a little more responsive and robust.

Although it sounds a little hokey, i really enjoyed walking around Havana with the x-pro 2 and 23mm f2, feeling as much of a bond as one can have with a piece of equipment :).

Please find the images from my trip below!

Click READ MORE To Enjoy More Images

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Fujifilm Officially Announces New Firmware for X-T2 and X-Pro2 with 33 Improvements – FULL LIST

Just as rumored, on March 23 (in Tokyo) Fujifilm announced the 33 improvements that will come with the next Firmware udpate for X-T2 and X-Pro2.

The first update will come late March and the second one late May.

Thanks a lot to the sources… and now, dear X-T2 and X-Pro2 owners, enjoy the long list of free updates. You can soon download a complete new camera :)


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Fuji Guy Billy: “4K in X-Pro2 is Possible. I’m fighting with Japan for that” :: Fujifilm GFX, X100F, X-T20, FREE Tethered Fuji Software & More

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Bigheadtaco Interview with Fuji Guy Billy

Bigheadtaco had a 1 hour talk with Fuji Guy Billy. If you have no time at the moment to watch it all, I made a summary for you guys (you’re welcome ;) ). For the full video click here… but you should really check out the whole interesting interview as soon as you find some time.

Fujifilm X-T20/X100F/4K

  • X-T2 has huge demand [NOTE: we noted this… it’s still backordered at a lot of stores :( ]
  • X100F sensor is more power-hungry, hence they needed to put in the bigger NP-W126s batteries
  • the WCL/TCL MK II has magnets that allows the camera to detect if the WCL or TCL is attached. The old converters also work, but you have to select in the menu if the WCL or TCL is attached
  • 4K: to get close to the F-Log profile for color grading, dial down highlight + shadow tone to -2 and sharpness down to -4, it’s pretty close to the flat F-Log profile (for max. dynamic range recovery capability you still need F-Log)
  • 4K on X-T20 you lose some resolution, because it has no crop (X-T2 has crop) but has a half line skip (min 14:55)

Firmware Update for X-Pro2?

  • The half line skipping when shooting 4K allows the X-T20 to shoot 4K without overheating. Take asks Billy if this could be implemented to the X-Pro2 via Firmware update. Billy answers: “I hope so, it’s something I’m pushing all the time. I don’t understand why the X-Pro2 has no 4K like X-T20, since there is a solution for that. I’m fighting for that in Japan.
  • Personal Note: Thanks Billy for your efforts to support us and make pressure on Fujifilm… we all send you a virtual hug :)

Fujifilm GFX

  • 2.5 years ago Fujifilm sat down with some key Medium Format photographers, and started developing the G-system from their input.
  • increased tonality + 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Hopefull down the road Capture One will support GFX RAW’s
  • GFX will hit the market at the end of February
  • Fujifilm will launch a free tethering Software (Fujifilm X-acquire) that you can use also with X-T2 & X-T1 at the end of Febraury. (min 29.03)
  • When they talked about the focal plane shutters, Fuji Guy Billy says that they know which sensor technology will come in future, and that “certain technology won’t be needed anymore“, and hence they decided to make future-proof non-leaf shutter lenses. Billy already talked more clearly about the global shutter in the interview with Luminous Landscape
  • Expect to see much more adapters. Fujifilm is very open to speak with third-party manufactures.
  • All 3 lenses are amazing sharp from center to corner, even the zoom lens.
  • Mid 2017 2 more lenses will come: 110mmF2 and 23mmF4. End of 2017 will see the 45mmF2.8
  • Fujifilm changed some of the curves for Astia and Provia, because of the new sensor and its great dynamic range.
  • Focus Bracketing (min. 29:45)

Mixed Stuff

  • Future APS-C lenses: they look at the demand. MarkII version of existing lenses, but also longer primes for sports [I’m sure they saw our poll results :) ]
  • Fuji Guy Billy says he’s aware the WiFi app needs improvements, and he seems confident that it will come. Not sure if you will have to pay for it.
  • Fujifilm is Nr.1 brand in Thailand, especially because of women liking its skin tones.

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