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Fujifilm X-Pro3: Massive Leaks, Facts and Compared to Fujifilm X-Pro2


Fujifilm X-Pro3 – Everything we Know

The Fujifilm X-Pro3 will be announced October 23 at 1 AM New York time (7AM Berlin time). Of course there will be a live blogging on FujiRumors :).

So what do we know about the X-Pro3 so far?

The recent nokishita leak confirmed what we already rumored, and adds more details:

X-Pro3 vs X-Pro2

X-Pro3 X-Pro2
Size 140.5 x 82.8 x 46.1mm 140.5mm x 82.8mm x 45.9mm
Weight 497g 495g
EVF 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel 0.48-in TFT color viewfinder Approx 2.36 millions dots
EVF Refresh rate 100 fps
new “Smoothness priority” for equivalent refresh rate of approx. 200fps
85 fps
LCD 1.62-million-dot
Yes, Touch Screen
1.62 millions dots

No Touch Screen

Low Light AF -6.0EV -1.0EV
Connection USB-C USB 2.0
Grain Effect Strong/Weak Strength/Size (more precise control)
Clarity Setting Yes No
Tonal Curve Yes No
Ratings Compatibility with 3rd party software Not Compatible with 3rd Party Software
Q Menu Choose the number of icons to be displayed in the menu from 16, 12, 8 or 4

– – –
Transparent Background Option

Fixed to 12 itmes


– – –

No Transparent Background Option

Film Simulation Classic Negative No Classic Negative
AF Range Limiter Yes No
Computational Photography New HDR Feature

multiple exposures of up to 9 frames in the Additive, Average, Comparative Bright or Comparative Dark mode


The Facts

  • coming October 23 at 1 AM New York time
  • hidden LCD screen
  • no D-Pad
  • some buttons re-arrangements
  • mini screen for camera data or film simulation display
  • coming with new Classic Negative film simulation
  • made out of titanium
  • coming in 3 colors, Black, DURA Black, and DURA Silver
  • complete hybrid viewfinder re-design
  • OVF has increased clarity, reduced distortion, and wider angle of view
  • EVF re-design: higher resolution, brighter, wider color space, faster frame rate

The Rumors

  • X Processor 4
  • X Trans 4
  • In Camera Tone Curves and Clarity Adjustments
  • “Clarity setting” has been included as an image quality parameter to complement the existing Highlight Tone, Shadow Tone and Sharpness
  • no IBIS
  • ISO dial has a “C” instead of “H” (confirmed by leaked images)
  • leaked hands on images
  • leaked hands on video
  • 4K video
  • autofocus at the minimum luminance of -6EV
  • new HDR shooting function, which combines multiple continuously shot images of different exposure levels to expand the dynamic range. It produces natural tones without causing exaggerated amplification of colour tones
  • multiple exposures of up to 9 frames in the Additive, Average, Comparative Bright or Comparative Dark mode to combine images taken from multiple viewpoints or at different times into a single image
  • exterior made out of titanium, interior of magnesium alloy
  • 70 points of weather sealing. Works at -10℃
  • AF range limiter function – select from two preset values or use the focus ring to specify any focus range. This gives the focus preset function available to all XF lenses
  • EVF: 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel with high contrast ratio of over 1:5000 and the maximum luminance of 1500cd/m2 to display the finest details even in shadows and highlights. It covers 97% of the sRGB colour space
  • EVF has a “Smoothness priority” for equivalent refresh rate of approx. 200fps (recommended when you are taking pictures of fast moving subjects and need to track the erratic motion)
  • 1.62-million-dot high-resolution tilting LCD touchscreen display (tilts down 180 degrees)
  • rear 1.28-inch colour Memory LCD, protected with toughened glass, displays shooting settings regardless if the camera is turned on or not or Film Simulation, white balance and other image settings reminiscent of film cameras
  • Updated Black & White adjustment function called “Monochromatic Colour” function: choose the key colour from a matrix of Warm / Cool tones and Magenta / Green hues, incorporating the rich gradation into your images
  • The Grain Effect function, which simulates the photographic film, has been evolved so that you can adjust “strength” and “size” to attain a more precise control over graininess
  • Compatibility with 3rd party software has been improved so they can now read ratings given to pictures using the “Rating” function.
  • Q Button: You can now choose the number of icons to be displayed in the menu from 16, 12, 8 or 4. “Transparent” has been added as a new background option, allowing you to change the settings but ensuring you won’t miss a photo opportunity
  • USB-C
  • Size : 140.5 x 82.8 x 46.1mm
  • Weight : 497g

X-Pro3 Reactions & Mixed

3 things you should NOT forget:

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