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Look at This: The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Hidden Screen Gets Our Love Again :)


The Fuji World is upside down!

When we first leaked the Fujifilm X-Pro3 tilt screen, I asked you if you liked it. The result can be seen down below.

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As you can see, I myself voted “I don’t know”.

I was very skeptical, didn’t understand it, but decided to wait until I have it on my hands, to form my final opinion.

And then something happened.

Over the last few weeks, more and more of you guys in the comments said something like “the more I look at the new screen, the more I start to like it!”

I felt that something changed, and so yesterday, after the massive X-Pro3 leaks, I launched the same survey again here. And look how you voted.

It’s basically the exact opposite result of 1 month ago.

So what happened?

Well, I think we all just needed time to “understand” the idea behind the screen.

We had heated discussions about the screen:

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And at the end it seems that, while surely still a divisive feature, the majority of us decided that Fujifilm’s attempt to create a different photographic with the X-Pro3 just makes sense.

And FujiRumors?

Well, over the last few weeks, I paid attention more consciously on how I use my X-E3 (the best camera ever made btw ;) ).

I noticed I use the EVF almost all the time anyway (even to review images). However, in those occasions I wanted a tilt screen, it was never to shoot from high angle, but always to shoot from the hip or low angle.

Seen from this perspective, the X-Pro3 screen would, for me personally, not be any limitation at all, on the contrary, it would give me what I need.

In fact, as I said in the comments to earlier posts, I honestly dreamed of selling my X-E3 for an X-Pro3. I’d get back a lovely ISO dial, have the option to tilt screen for low angle shooting, get a hybrid viewfinder, a massive firmware improved camera over my X-E3 and lots more.

I know… it’s called GAS… and I’d never have expected the X-Pro3 to be able to trigger it. But it did.

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