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Fujifilm Managers Optimism: Potential GFX Customers Number Overwhelmingly Increasing, X-S10 Attracting Young New Customers, 5G and More


The Japanese website phileweb published an interview with Fujifilm managers.

They talk about the momentum the Fujifilm GFX series is experiencing, about the harsh COVID-19 situation, the introduction of the Fujifilm X-S10, the possibilities 5G might offer and more.

Overall, they seem very confident and positive about the future of their imaging division.

Worth to note is the part of the interview, where Fujifilm explains they find it a pity that people just store their images on their phones, and that they try to find ways to motivate people to print.

Once again, statements like these denote the huge photographic culture Fujifilm carries in their DNA, which among the others translates also into a wide variety of ergonomically different cameras that are crafted to be fun to use for different types of photographers.

I feel that for Fujifilm, photography is more than just getting hyperbolic specs on paper. It’s also, and mainly, about cultivating and incentivize our passion and fun for photography.

Down below you’ll find everything summed up, including some parts that I leave exactly like google translated it.


  • the market was significantly affected by Coronavirus
  • number of units sold decreased by 40% compared to the year before COVID-19
  • high-end cameras of every company went strong, and the decline was suppressed by about 10% year-on-year
  • family friendly sub- 100K yen cameras ($900) struggled noticeably
  • high end cameras sell much better, and Fujifilm does not expect this trend to change in the near future
  • Cameras are a mature business, so if you fall into functional competition, you will not be able to expand your customer base” (google translated)
  • Instead of functional competition, we need to provide a wide range of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat our customers can relate to.”
  • The customer base for purchasing medium format is steadily expanding
  • demand for photography in studio is increasing
  • thanks to price tag of the Fujifilm GFX100S, also the number of customer Fujifilm can reach with the GFX system is “overwhelmingly increasing.”
  • number of high end amateurs that can be reached by the GFX system is also increasing
  • due to “synergistic effect” also sales for the more affordable Fujiflm GFX50S and Fujifilm GFX50R are increasing
  • for people intimidated to operate three dials, Fujifilm made the Fujifilm X-S10. Low price, friendly operations
  • X-S10 attracted also a lot of young men and women as new customers in the X system
  • it’s a pity that so many images remain just stored on a smartphone. “We must responsibly propose to break the situation” and find ways to invite people to print their images with Fujifilm print services (Wall Decor, Photobook, etc)
  • Fujifilm has unified the two divisions, which were divided into imaging and cameras and lenses. The aim is to generate synergies from input to output
  • 5G will be one of the major changes in future. It might change the way customers use their cameras and how they save their images on the cloud
  • Fujifilm offers a storage service called “Photo Bank,” but the reality is that it is difficult to show differentiation from other services.The challenge is to create an easy-to-use form that is close to our customers.
  • For 2021 and beyond, Fujifilm will focus on products, services, and promotions to deliver them to their customers while firmly incorporating new technologies
  • The possibilities of the imaging world are endless. We will do our best to raise Fujifilm.
  • In the “X series” and “GFX series”, not only the body but also the lens is important
  • In the X series and GFX series, not only the camera body but also the lens is important, and although we have pioneered the APS-C market together with Sony, it is not enough to simply produce a large number of cameras; we must be able to gain the sympathy of our customers for the reasons, objectives, and aims of our products. We will continue to work together with our dealers to propose that Fujifilm cameras and lenses can take such fun pictures

via phileweb via digicame-info

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