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FAST DELIVERY: Fujinon GF23mmF4 Takes a Delightful 6 Feet Drop – VIDEO


Here is a little weekend curiosity.

A fellow FR-reader ordered the lovely Fujinon GF23mm F4, but the courier had the brilliant idea to give that $2,6K precious box a delightful 6 feet drop. You can see it all captured in the video. He tested the lens, and so far it seems the lens survived jump. And yet, things like these should not happen.

And do you have a horror delivery story to tell?

My worst, was a courier, who simply left my new computer in front of my door, right on the street, where all the people pass and it could have been taken away by simply everybody. Lucky me that I live in a super small village where everybody knows each other, and I think the last “crime” we saw in our forgotten village was a drunk guy pissing on the walls of the church a few years ago ;).

I mean, I understand we all want our package as quickly as possible, but I prefer to arrange a delivery for another day and a wait a bit longer, rather than having my gear flying around or abonded on the street.

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