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EISA Awards: Fujifilm X-T4 Best Camera of the Year and X100V Best Compact Camera



Let’s start with the news. The following photography products won the EISA award 2020/2021.




The Awards Business Exposed

Now, I’d love to highlight this as an incredible good news for Fujifilm, as the X-T4 has been declared the best camera you can get on the market today.

But truth is you should take these awards for what they are. And to know what they are, you have to understand how they work.

When a few years ago TIPA did not give a single award to Fujifilm, I contacted a couple of sources, and I got an interesting insight into the Awards business, that I shared here.

In short: the whole point of these award commissions is to make money by selling award licenses, meaning the right for companies to use the award logo to promote their products.

It’s a big business! Which isn’t bad per se, if done fairly and professionally.

But now imagine Fujifilm winning a couple of awards in 2017, but the company decides not to pay for the expensive award licenses, because they prefer to use the money for product R&D, what do you think will happen in 2018?

Do you understand?

I mean, if an award company sees that Fujifilm stopped paying in 2017, who will they award in 2018? Fujifilm? Or maybe other companies, which they know for sure are willing to pay for the use of the award logo?

Of course, the lack of awards for Fujifilm in 2018 resulted in lots of bad press (“Fujifilm empty handed, all other companies win“), and hence the order is back, to pay for award licenses.

So all back to normal. And today the Fujifilm X-T4 and X100V win the “prestigious” EISA award.

Ignore these awards.

All that matters, is how the gear performs on the field. And the awards that matter are this ones:

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