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DPReview Fujifilm 2019 Wish List: Full Frame/Monochrome Fujifilm X100, Refresh f/1.4 Primes, Fujifilm X80 & More


Fujifilm 2019

DPReivew made the following 2019 Fujifilm wish list:

  • Make a full-frame X100 / monochrome X100 / 28mm-equiv X100. (We really like the X100)
  • Continue improving your face and eye-detection autofocus. The X-T3 was a great start
  • Make a proper X70 successor. The XF10 doesn’t count
  • Refresh your F1.4 primes
  • Don’t try to palm us off with 15fps ‘4K video’ ever again. For shame

Where I agree:

  • Yes, the Fujifilm X70 needs a serious successor, called Fujifilm X80
  • Improving (the already very good) eye detection never hurts
  • Yes, refresh some older primes! You guys told us in this survey already, which should be the next updated lenses
  • Why not, a monochrome X100 could be interesting

You can read the DRPeview article here.

What I don’t Understand:

The big Fujifilm boss said unequivocably here, that “Fujifilm will never go full frame“. This statement does not leave much room for interpretation.

Do you want full frame? Go elsewhere, there is plenty out there.

Fujifilm has a strategy. APS-C and MF. Some say they will fail with this strategy, some others say it’s a strategy that makes sense.

Who’s right? The next 2 or 3 years will tell.