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What to Expect from Fujifilm X-Pro3 (and Get Rid of Hybrid Viewfinder?), Why I Believe Fujifilm Will Release a Full Frame Camera & More – miXed Zone


Fujifilm Roundup

For the end of 2018, I have a rather big mixed zone for you. So grab a beer, sit down, and I am sure you will find some content down below you will enjoy.

Cover Stories

Speaking of X-Pro3, Sebastian asked me to launch the poll down below.

For the Future X-Pro3, what type of viewfinder would you like to have?

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Mixed Projects, Thoughts and Guides

Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

  • keithwee – The reasons why I always carry a camera with me
  • flemmingbojensen – Neon Duct Tape Cures Lens Mounting Disability!

Fujifilm X-H1

& More X Cameras