Confirmed: crazy X-deals start tomorrow, August 25! Save up to $1,050! (+ just two X100S in stock at eBay)

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AmazonUS: the black X-M1 with 16-50 kit lens is now $21,5 cheaper + you can add the 4% reward. Check it here.
eBay US: save $70 on the silver X-M1 with 16-50 kit lens at eBay here (only limited number available)

Act fast and let the love affair begin now! Only two X100S are in stock now at normal price at eBay store cameraland here

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Confirmed: crazy X-deals reloaded

They will be back. As I already told you a couple of days ago, Fuji will offer instant rebates on the XF lenses. Switch to the X (X-E1 or X-PRO1) and here is what you can save (the lens-deal is stackable, so the amount of savings depends on how many lenses you purchase):

XF 18mm: save $300
XF 27mm: save $150
XF 35mm: save $150
XF 60mm: save $250
XF 18-55mm: save $200

As soon as the deals go live I’ll notify you also via facebook and twitter. Stay tuned!

X-A1 leaked image: here is the source!

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I’ve read with interest all your comments about the leaked X-A1 image here. Some say it’s a fake, other believe it’s true. Now, here is the whole story:

In the mid of August Keitaro (General Manager for Middle East of Fujifilm Electronic Image Decision) visited South Africa. On the 14 of August he had a meeting with Marc Sweeney. In this occasion the Fuji manager showed him the X-A1. Marc took an image of the X-A1 and shared it on his google+ profile here… and this is the image I shared with you here.

That’s all. I got the image, I got the story and I shared it with you. As the image was taken back on August 14 it’s possible that the X-A1 shown here is a dummy and not the final version.


Hot! First image of the new Fuji X-A1 X mount camera!

What you see on the picture is the soon to be announced Fuji X-A1 camera. It will be the new entry level X-mount camera. Unlike the X-M1, it won’t have an X-Trans sensor (and also not the X100 sensor), will come in a lot of colours and will be sold by big retailers on the web and big general stores.

The camera should be announced very soon. Stay tuned!

They will be back: X-deals reloaded starting August 25… save up to $300!

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If you plan to switch to the X but you missed the crazy X-deals in June then maybe you could soon have another chance to switch cheap to the Fuji X-system.

According to an anonymous source Fuji will launch a new deal starting August 25: you could save up to $300 on lenses when purchased with X-Pro1 or X-E1.

Stay tuned on Fujirumors that day and let’s see if the rumor is correct. As soon as the deals go live I’ll notify you also via facebook and twitter.

Remember that you can use the rumor box to share absolutely anonymously rumors. If you want you can give yourself a fake name so that I can recognize you in future.

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First organic sensor to be used in cameras from late 2014 early 2015.

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Fujifilm press release

Fuji innovated the camera industry by developing the X-Trans Sensor. But the future seems to be a based on the “organic sensors”. The new technology promises among the others “Industry’s highest dynamic range of 88dB”, “higher sensitivity than conventional sensors” and “ range of incident angle expanded to 60 degrees for faithful color reproduction“.

One source told us that this is still far away from being implemented in X cameras. If all works fine we can expect the first camera to feature that sensor in late 2014 early 2015 only.

Last year in a Lenstip (Click here) interview Fuji said that the super high quality organic sensor (that we hoped to be inside the X PRO 1) will not be find any use in the short term. It’s still too early for a real use on cameras.