5 Things You Will Love & Hate About the Fujifilm GFX … … But It’s Frankly Fujifilm’s Best Product Launch Ever ;)

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5 Things You Will Love and Hate about the GFX

Holy Moly! That was a heck of an annonucement.

And after the massive live blogging (that still continues!!!), I’m slowly finding the time to go through the various first look reviews. And I invite you to check out the live blogging, too. A lot of great stuff to find there also about the X-T20, X100F and XF50mmF2.

But now I want to focus on the GFX, and make a list of 5 things you are going to love & hate about it. I’m basing the list on the first looks I’ve read.


A hard list, because there is so much to love about it.

  1. Image Quality “deserves to be printed“: Astonishing Sharpness (see for example the video at minute 3:30 at thedigitaltrekker). Excellent high ISO (Read also High ISO… Noise, What Noise? at Damien Lovegrove’s prophotonut) and great dynamic range.
  2. Dual Operation: Command dials or dedicated Shutter/ISO/Aperture Dial? You can use whatever you prefer. Extremely customizable camera overall.
  3. Despite the Beta Firmware, the AF speed is snappy and seems to be already as fast as the X-T1 (read ivanjoshualoh).
  4. EVF: A “monster of a viewfinder“, says jonasraskphotography. Huge (0,85x magnification), high resolution, tilting… awesome!
  5. You can create TIFF files in camera


I think that, with the GFX, Fujifilm made the best product launch ever (much better than when they launched the X-system). It comes with tons of features and 6 lenses in just 1 year. So it’s hard to find the “Hates” and I’m streching the list quite a bit. The GFX is an awesome camera, but I’ll challange myself and pick out 5 points:

  1. Price: You get the kit for $8,000. Considering that we are talking of a Medium Format camera, this is actually a more than fair price, but it’s still $8,000… and most of us won’t be able to afford it.
  2. There is an adapter for HC lenses. So you can get the leaf shutter. And there are electronic contacts for aperture. But no Autofocus.
  3. The file size is big. And with the new Super-Fine JPEG setting, you have little compression. But when it comes to workflow, rendering a preview can be cumbersome (up to 10 seconds according to thedigitaltrekker – Video minute 4:25)
  4. 14 bit color depth. That’s what the specs say. But a Swiss Manager, who said it would have 16 bit color depth, was wrong. But from all the samples I could see until now, I think we might easily get over it ;)
  5. 1/125th sync speed (but you can adapt leaf shutter lenses on it… and HSS can help here, too)

And how would your “5 Loves & Hates” list look like? I’d be curious to read it in the comments.

Oh, and remember you can win $3,000 if you pre-order it at BHphoto after clicking on the GFX BH Link on FujiRumors ;)

Fujifilm GFX: BHphoto – Win $3,000 by pre-ordering at BH via FR*, Adorama, AmazonUS
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*Pre-order the GFX at BHphoto using the FujiRumors B&H link to enter the contest. Price: $3,000. Sweepstake Overview & Rules can be found here. Full Terms & Conditions here.

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Fujifilm X100F, X-T20 and XF50mmF2 Shipping Mid February

The Fujifilm X100F, X-T20 and XF50mmF2 will start shipping in mid February. That’s the current shipping embargo. However, as you know, you should take these kind of rumors always with a grain of… sodium chloride mineral ;)

I’ve alreay told you, that the Fujifilm GFX shipping embargo is set for February 23.

Ready for the big X day on January 19? Stay tuned on FR :)
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Fujifilm GFX :: The Exact Fujifilm GFX 50s vs Hasselblad X1D and Pentax 645Z Size Comparison + GFX Price in Yen Leaked

We have it in $ and €, and now we have it also in Yen: the price for the Fujifilm GFX body and lenses.

  • GFX 50S: ¥ 804,060
  • GF 63 mm F 2.8 R WR: 193,860 yen
  • GF 32 – 64 mm F 4 R LM WR: 291,060 yen
  • GF 120 mm F4 R LM OIS WR Macro: 339,660 yen
  • VG – GFX 1: 75,060 yen
  • EVF-TL1: ¥ 69,660
  • NP-T 125: ¥ 15,012
  • BC-T 125: ¥ 9,936
  • AC-15V: 12,420 yen

And also some more size comparisons :)

via mirrorlessrumors via nokishita via Photoksu

The Fujifilm GFX… A Winner or Not? For Pros or Also for Enthusiasts? – POLLS

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These must be quite nervous days at the Fuji HQ, since in just the next few weeks and months the market (so, we, the photo geeks ;) ) will decide if the GFX was a winner or not.

Now the big question is: Will the Fujifilm GFX sell well?

Another interesting one is: With a price tag of $6,500/€7000 for the body, will the Fujifilm GFX appeal “only” to professional photographers, or also to the much larger enthusiasts crowd?

If the Fujifilm GFX will make it also into the camera bags of many enthusiasts, then this will be a great success for Fujifilm. And this is what Fujifilm hoped, when they said they will price the GFX “as affordable as possible“. Honestly I think they kept their promise, if you consider that Sony’s Medium Format sensor alone should cost Fujifilm a few thousand dollars (IIRC, Hasselblad, who uses the same sensor in the X1D, said that the sensor alone costs $4000).

And now the surveys, which I’ve split in 3 categories: Polls for Pros*, Enthusiasts and Amateurs. Please answer only in the category you feel to belong to.
*Pros are photographers, who make money out of their photography

Happy voting… and something tells me that this might be a Poll that the Fujifilm management will look very closely at ;)

Fujifilm reads you… and how you even influenced decisions of the managment in the past.

Fujifilm GFX – Full known & rumored specs list here

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Fujifilm GFX Hands On Impressions :: “A Compact Workhorse, That Will Find A Place in My Bag… and In My Heart”

Fujifilm GFX Hands On Review

Fujifilm GFX facebook member Florian shared his Fujifilm GFX Hands On Review at the Fujiiflm GFX Facebook group here. It’s in German, but you can use the Facebook translation tool to get the English version. He also shares 3 images of the GFX.

I’ll highlight in short some of his findings:

  • BODY: Boxy, very pleasing handling, great ergonomics. Not too big. He loves the joystick. Great build quality, but if you look at the size of body, the camera feels almost too light. It’s like something is missing in the inside, since it’s so light.
  • MENU: It’s still in Beta, so it didn’t run flawlessly
  • EVF: Still in Beta Firmware, but already much better than on the Hasselblad X1D. Information was displayed in white, which he considered not ideal
  • AUTOFOCUS: (Consider it’s an early Beta-Firmware) Absolutely OK. Felt so fast like the AF on the Sony A7, or a bit slower. Definitely faster than the Hasselblad X1D. There was not much light, when he tested the camera, so he expects it to work faster in good light.
  • DISPLAY: On the GFX he handled, there was no touch screen (ADMIN NOTE: or maybe it was not working due to the preliminary Beta-FW? At photokina Fujifilm indicated that it will have a touch.)
  • LENSES: The 63mm is compact. It contributed to the overall lightness of the camera. The zoom lens was quite big.
  • IMAGE QUALITY: No comment. The test condition at the photography fair were not good (bad light) and the Firmware was still a Beta.
  • PRICE: Body: €6,999. 63mm: €1,500 (ADMIN NOTE: This confirms this rumor)
  • CONCLUSION: Awesome. It arouse emotions. Overall very good first impression. A compact workhorse he could use for portrait work, that will find a place in Florian’s bag and heart :) .

For any other questions, just join 4,500+ members at the Fujifilm GFX facebook, and drop your questions in the comments of Florian’s facebook post.