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Why “Fujifilm X100VI” is Best Name for the New X100 Camera


Fujifilm X100VI – The Best Choice

So we told you that the successor of the Fujifilm X100V will be called Fujifilm X100VI.

Now, according to our survey, 80% of you thought that other names would have been more appropriate.

And you know what?

I agree that Fujifilm could have been more creative with the name. And certainly they had lots of creative options on the table.

My new favourite (as suggest by a FR-reader): X100-00S, where “00S” stands for “out-of-stock” :).

But why did they go with “Fujifilm X100VI” then?

Well, because at the end of the day, from a business (and not creative) point of view, it’s by far the best choice.

Let me tell you why.

For you and me, the iconic part of the name is “X100”.

And little matters what follows, X100-S, X100-T, X100-F, X100-V, X100-Z, X100-R…

Fujifilm could pretty much put anything behind “X100”. Important is only that X100 stays X100.

But that’s just for you and and me. And I am sorry to tell you: we are the minority.

We have to face the truth here:

there are TONS of people out there, who now want an X100V, but until a short time ago did not even know that Fujifilm makes digital cameras.

They are not long time Fujifilm fans and often not even long time photography enthusiasts. Most of them just want it, because some influencer told them it’s a cool camera. And that’s a good thing, because now more people will understand how beautiful it is to take pictures with a proper camera.

But for all those people, the true iconic name branded into their brains is “X100V”, not “X100”.

And because “X100V” it’s so iconic for so many, from a marketing point of view it just makes sense for Fujifilm to keep the letter “V” also in the next iteration of X100 cameras.

In fact, right now, all over the world, lots of people who still take images only with their smartphones, are searching for “Fujifilm X100V” on google and online stores in the hope to find one in stock. Sometimes even desperately buying them hugely overpriced.

And look, those people don’t read this rumor site and they are probably not even aware that a successor is coming. The Fujifilm X100VI will be announced, but they will still type “X100V” on Amazon and Google, unaware that a successor has actually just been announced.

Well, by calling the successor X100VI, Fujifilm will make sure not only that the X100VI will show up more easily as a result of their search, but also that they will associate it directly with “this must be a newer X100V”.

Names like X100R or X100Z could be potentially more confusing for them and the “R” or “Z” would get lost in the bunch of other letters already used by Fujifilm.

What’s an X100R? An older model like X100F, X100T or X100S?

And since they are not familiar with Fujifilm and everything they know is just that there is a camera called X100V and they want it, they’d have to start to google, search, compare, investigate and figure out the naming scheme. All additional steps that Fujifilm does not want the TikTok crowd to do.

Fujifilm wants to keep it as simple as possible for them.

Because there are so many potential customers among young people not familiar with Fujifilm, that it makes sense for Fujifilm to keep the name as similar as possible to the one camera, the X100V, that triggered their interest in the first place.

That’s my take on it.

Would I have preferred other names. Maybe. But I also don’t really care that much anyway. I am fine with X100VI.