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RUMOR: The Fujifilm X100V Successor Will be Called…


Fellow FR-readers… welcome to the first rumor of 2024.

And while it might not be the most crucial rumor ever shared, it is one that triggered lots of guesses and speculations on the web: the name of the Fujiiflm X100V successor.

Today we can finally give you the answer to this questions. The Fujifilm X100V successor will be called Fujifilm X100VI.

Now, don’t ask me how we have to speak it out.

Maybe “X100 Mark 6” or “X100 six” or “X100V-one” or maybe even “X100 the sixth”, following the path of Fujifilm USA, who is calling the GFX100II the GFX100 “the second”.

I guess we will have to wait the official announcement to find out how we should correctly call it.

Stay tuned on FujiRumors, as this is just the first of many rumors that will drop in 2024.

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