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PRICE ATTACK: Fujifilm GFX50SMKII and GF35-70mm for $4,499 (body $3,999 and lens $500)


Let’s recap some if the GFX rumors we shared:

The price of the Fujifilm GFX system is really falling down rapidly, attacking full frame more aggressively than ever.

Soon Fujifilm will offer a GFX camera with a sensor 70% larger than full frame along with a kit lens capable of resolving 100+MP for a price of $4,499 when purchased in a bundle.

Given the direction Fujifilm is so quickly taking with the GFX system, I can see why they see no need to go full frame. We are really reaching a price point, where you can get a high resolution GFX camera plus a lens for a cheaper price than a 50MP full frame body only camera or at the same price of the 45MP Canon R5.

Sure, those FF cameras have other strengths, like super high frame rates and and amazing AF tracking. But if you shoot mostly in single AF and don’t do crtical wildlife or sports photography, the current GFX system is more than capable.

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