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Fujifilm GFX50S MKII will NOT be Announced on August 27

Image shows FCC registration of GFX100S
Image shows FCC registration of GFX100S

Just a little clarification.

The fantastic folks over at Nokishita recently spotted the FCC registration for the FF210001 camera. The info we got from that was:

  • there is an FF210001 camera registered
  • it has almost the size of the GFX100S
  • marketing material release is on August 27

Prior to this, FujiRumors told you:

  • there will be a GFX50SMKII
  • same sensor of original GFX50S

So, what Nokishita tells you is 100% accurate. I mean, that’s really what the FCC registration says and as usual Nokishita makes a hell of job when it comes to spotting registrations.

But here is the thing.

While Nokishita reports accurately that the marketing material is currently scheduled for August 27 release at the FCC, it is also true that this is not the date for the Fujifilm GFX50SMKII annoucement.

So guys, on August 27 you can:

  • get badly drunk with friends for an end-of-pandemic party
  • bring out your better half to an elegant dinner (and in that occasion explain her/him why you really need that new lens)
  • do whatever makes you happy

You won’t miss any Fujifilm annoucement on August 27.

The date for the Fujifilm GFX50S announcement will be a different one (if Fuji keeps the date fixed this time, as it keeps changing). Once it’s final, I’ll let you know.

For the rest of the specs, some of them might come surprising to you (at least they were for me), all you need to do is to follow FujiRumors.

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